Shoe Haul | Featuring Jimmy Choo

Shoe Haul
hey guys missed Enosh one here and this video is my shoe haul yay um if you know me you know that I love shoes it's no secret if you come i'll get my house the first thing you notice is this massive shoe rack that i had custom-made to store my shoes I think that it's important to keep in mind that we are in a recession and you need to shop smart even if you may have extra money left over it's good to always save and you know put money aside for a rainy day so when shopping for shoes I always keep that in mind for me I wear size 10 and when you go to the store and try to find a size 10 there's no size 10 for me it's easier to shop online all of these shoes are what most of them are off of amazon these are DKNY oxfords ah they are gold and leather and they have cute little hardware along here and i paid 38 97 for these off of amazon um you guys always hear me mention pour la victoire that's my favorite shoe brand they are really expensive but I always manage to get them on sale now these i got from buffalo exchange for twenty-five dollars i changed the shoelaces I didn't wear them with a green one in the blue one but I'm I was just playing around and I wanted to see how they look with the shoe laces but very cute guys and I'm awkward Oxford's always look good when you change the shoe laces as a little flair the next pair are loafers pour la victoire and I am in love with glitter and sequins see the inside in the bottom these were I believe 2999 off of amazon and for me um I only buy from amazon when the shoes are like seventy or eighty percent off so these were 199 and I got him for like twenty nine dollars these are also pour la victoire and those were loafers and these are oxfords oh look at that guys that's freakin beautiful look at the sparkle these were also I believe 20 I got these for 2795 and I believe they were a customer return but there's nowhere to the bottom and of course I had to get them in brown and I have worn these several times i got these before the black ones and these were a little bit more expensive because the black ones were a customer returning these I believe where I got them for 4343 dollars and some change beautiful guys in these oxfords the brand is Bronx I think my camera is letting in too much light I don't know if it's showing the true color but these are like a taupe brownish color and you know most of these shoes are wear to work and I'm still on that glitter thing these are silver glitter shoes so much light is coming in right now silver I have not worn these yet but um I got these for 1637 off of amazon these were a customer returned and the brand is report yeah and I got these Oxford's also around Christmas time I ordered them I've warned of a few times pour la victoire and i also love these I just wore these with some black tights and a black blazer and then I had on like a green shirt under it it was so cute like I get so many compliments on the way that I dress at work and these i got from ross they are by report and they were 1399 they have jewel jewels right here and I'm not like a big sandal fan because I feel like my toes are too long for sandals and I got a pair of Jimmy Choos shoes are cool Jimmy cool Jimmy Choo I don't know but whatever his name is um that's been done oh can you see that look at that I got these from buffalo exchange leopard print Jimmy Choo these are freaking awesome guys I get so excited about shoes I have not worn them yet i still have the price on them they were $55 and these retailed for I think 475 dollars beautiful I was so excited about these shoes so now I'm going to move on to heels so I'm going to start with this pair luxury rebel and they have white pearl detailing all around the shoe and luxury rebel is known for their pink bottoms so I got these shoes for about 37 or 38 dollars and they retailed for either 250 or 284 and their infamous for their pink inside as well these are leopardprint luxury rebel pink button and uh these are in european sizes this is a size 40 um I'm close to i'm a 41 but the 41 when i order them they're too big and if there's one thing that i can't stand is heels when you have space in the back so i actually purchased some shoe stretchers and the way that you do it is you just um stuff it down in there and you turn this and it expands so luxury rebel i got these uh they were under forty dollars they had to be about 37 or 38 dollars as well i don't remember exactly but you know ballpark these are luxury rebel as well these are booties and i pay the most for these these were probably around 300 but i paid fifty dollars off of amazon and these were customer returned other ones were just reduced if they don't sell shoes during particular season they really reduce the price these are so cute they're like a grayish greenish color I love these guys I haven't worn them yet but I'm going to be doing an outfit of the day with these boots and I don't care if it's summer and I'm wearing boots this is still luxury rebel these booties look a little odd but let me tell you these are so cute i already have an outfit of the day in mind with these booties so so cute and comfortable the exaggerated like ankle part that hangs down i freakin love these so let's move on to pour la victoire these wedges they are like a taupe color really cute and I pick these up a few months ago I just never showed you guys these pour la victoire hills this is the Irina pump I remember the name of these and I got these for $43 a retails for 250 a gray color these are just little booties nothing special but I got these for work the brand is en and yet is very very very expensive um never mind it's up there I was going to show you the box the box is beautiful it's like the lady's face anyway is I got these for about I want to say 50 some dollars maybe like 52 and they retail for about five hundred dollars yeah it is a very expensive brand and the color these are like a grayish blue I got these I've actually worn these because it's been raining the last few days but these are boutique 9 and these wedges are so cute I got so many compliments at work and they fold up if you want to wear them up but I like the first showing here's the other side the inside but a lot of compliments they're not as comfortable as they look but they're still relatively a wearable it's just that these fit kind of narrow and I have a narrow foot so anybody with wifey these would be a no note for you and I got these a few months ago too but I just never showed you eyes they are purple and pink the brand is sparrow Robin Farrell Robin and these are cute i wear these to work and i got these from buffalo exchange for about twenty or twenty-five dollars and like i said i'm not like a seasonal shopping or shopper to where I focus on stuff I focus on deals and if it's a deal i buy it no matter what season it is so next I got these boots a few months ago though I just didn't show you guys um these are guests and these are by high boots but I got them off of amazon for $43 guys I think these boots for either two hundred or two hundred and fifty dollars but I got them for $43 they're freaking beautiful when I put them on I have been wanting a pair of cognac color boots and I got these for twenty-eight dollars off of Amazon the brand is nine west look at the color awesome so that's all for now folks um those aren't all my shoes those are just the shoes that I've been picking up over the last few months if you guys have any questions please leave them below um if you want to know a particular style name please specify and i'll look for the name so um until next time bye guys

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  1. Hello, how do you find deals on amazon/amazon marketplace? i have googled and searched amazon and just cannot seem to find a centralized place to search the amazon marketplace. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

  2. Dang! My secret is out. I love, love, love Amazon. I have been shopping for shoes and other goodies on Amazon for at least 8 years. Amazon Prime (receive your items in two days) is the way to go!
    @gerisbeautyworld – The used shoes are not worn, correct?

  3. GHreat haul, I love your taste in shoes. I'm a shoe addict as my channel is titled and I'm about to do my first shoe haul this week. I also have a website where you can show off your shoes, it's free to do and there's nothing to buy so stop by my channel and check it out (there's a link).

  4. I asked where you work because I've been having a really difficult time styling my hair for work. When I put my hair in twist myself they look awful and getting it done is pricy here in Jamaica not to mention the fact that I can't find anyone willing to care for my here the way I do. I've been wearing a high bun to work for 2 weeks now. It's really cute but I'm already noticing breakage around the hair line. I sell financial products for a living so I have to keep it neat. HELP ME!!!

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