Hey Guys!!

I recently sold three bags that weren’t working out for me, and purchased two new bags. One of the bags I sold I am just replacing it here…you’ll understand once you watch the video. The other one is a cute little surprise that I stumbled upon.

The bags I just sold are:
Givenchy Antigona (small) in shiny black with silver hardware
Fendi Peekaboo in the mini in the elephant grey
Fendi defender
Gucci Marmont Flap (small) in the nude

I am excited to show you my latest handbags, one from Givenchy and one from a new fashion house to me, Saint Laurent, both purchased from Fashionphile.

Hope you enjoy!!

hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video I have a nether unboxing but let me explain okay so you guys know that I did sell a couple of my handbags recently I sold well if you follow me on Instagram you would know that I sold my Fendi peekaboo in the elephant gray and I sold my defender the defender the Fendi peekaboo defender so I sold those two bags but then I was trying to sell my Gucci Marmont in the nude size small and for some reason that was the very first bag for some rays it was kind of weird it was it was strange to me that I had it on my Instagram page for like the full eight hours and I did have maybe like two people asking to buy it but for like $300 less that I was asking and so I passed I wasn't really used to that to be honest I mean might when I sell a bag on my Instagram that's how I sell all of my bags that I'm no longer reaching for when I sell anything it's on my Instagram everything has pretty much sold within a couple of hours at the most so that was a little shocking but then I thought okay I'm kind of glad that it didn't sell because I don't know the more the longer that it went on that day the more I started thinking do I really want to sell it this was my second time repurchasing that exact bag and the reason why I wanted to sell it for it for starters I know there's some people out there that will sell bags in order to buy a bag and that's to maybe save money so they're not constantly you know throwing away money on handbags maybe that's how they feel maybe they have so many handbags that they don't want to keep you know getting you know more and more so everybody has their reasons mine personally I personally would not sell a bag that I'm reaching for that I love that I use just because I'm excited to buy another bag and so now I have to force myself and pick a bag you know in my closet to sell in order to get one that's not what I do because for me personally I would regret that because I would be selling a bag that I love and that I use and I would want to repurchase it I would think of course so no that's not what I do I only sell a bag if for some reason it doesn't matter what the reason is but for some reason I'm not using it whether it's the color you know the shape I have other bags in my collection that are very similar and I'm you know ignoring this particular one so for whatever reason I am not using that bag and also I think about kind of the future do I see myself using it because there might be a bag in my collection that yeah I'm not using it too too much right now but I love it and I know I'll use it again you know maybe in the springtime or whatever I only sell bags in my personal collection when I am just honestly not using them and or maybe I'm just not absolutely loving them like I you know I did at first I mean things change and I'm getting better and better at that you know knowing what I love what I think I will keep loving in the future so that I'm not you know buying something and then selling it six months down the line or a year down the line but sometimes you just don't know and to me it's really not that big of a deal I sell my bags pretty easily and I normally don't lose too much maybe a hundred two hundred dollars at the most sometimes I even make a couple of hundred dollars because when I bought the bag it was at a lower price and they've raised it a hundred by by the time I sell it or whatever and yeah I've even made up to $1,000 on a Chanel that I sold I made exactly one thousand dollars so I don't lose a whole bunch and again at the most maybe 200 and to me that's worth it because I did enjoy the bag for a while and I found out what I like what I don't like the reason why I have today's unboxings are because like I said I did end up selling my Fendi peekaboo that one in particular because I know I'm gonna get a lot of questions on why I sold that one and I didn't get a lot of questions on my Instagram already that I sold because it was honestly just a little bit too small it was smaller than my Kappa scenes my Louboutin Kappa scenes BB that trapezius BB is the ultimate most perfect size bag for a small bag it's perfect I actually don't have to downsize anything in that bag and it is so easy to get in and out of the Fendi peekaboo is smaller than that one and it was just too tad bit too small for me and then on top of it that bar in between it was a little bit hard to get things in and out because of that bar and it would scratch up my hand quite easily that's the reason I sold that one the reason I sold my different dip defender my Fendi defender was because I have no longer had the peekaboo that makes sense right and this you don't do not know though I did have two girls send me messages asking me after you know I decided not to sell the good cheap Marmont flap in the nude the next day I had two girls asking me if they could buy it for the price that was listed and the one girl she was first asking and I told them both no I changed my mind I think I'm going to keep it at least for now and then the one girl that was actually first sending me that message actually sent me two other messages during the next few days so she actually sent me a couple more messages during the next few days saying just to remind her just in case you know I really really want to buy that you know I'm ready I will send you payment through PayPal and so I just thought about it more more and I thought you know I originally put it up for sale and there was a reason why because I don't grab that back and for that one I will tell you that I didn't grab it for a couple of reasons I have so many flat bags in my collection which are my favorite type of bags so I have a lot of those number one number two I have plenty of beige bags and that particular beige bag I actually sold it the first time because to me it was just it is so beautiful that color but I always somehow for some reason and I don't understand why but I always felt it a little difficult to match with like this beige right here you know how it has like a yellow you know to it and then other beige is you know like my Kappa scenes has it's very cool well that Gucci Marmont nude had more of a gray into the beige it was very gray toned it wasn't really cool and it wasn't you know warm like this so if I had that Gucci bag on today I don't I wouldn't like it with what I'm wearing today so it was just very very hard for me to match that color so I would always grab a different flap I would always grab a different beige bag when I wanted you know a nude or beige colored bag so yeah I decided to go ahead and sell that so I ended up selling my Fendi peekaboo the defender and the Gucci Marmont and the nude and so because of that I was able to purchase a couple Oh oh my god I can't believe I forgot like my number one the very first one I sold I sold my Givenchy Antigona in the black shiny leather with the silver hardware and that was in the size small and the reason I sold that is because I have that exact bag but in the pebbled leather in the cognac in a size small okay this is kind of a long story but I'm gonna make it really short when I first bought that black Antigona in a small I really wanted the cognac in the pebbled leather and I was looking for it everywhere they had it at Nordstrom I remember they had it there I remember going online and I was going to purchase it and then for some reason I don't know why I didn't I honestly cannot even remember but when I went back when I decided to purchase it it was sold out then I contacted the my ese in Las Vegas from Givenchy that was helping me try to locate that she was looking everywhere could not find it for like a good three weeks I was looking everywhere it couldn't find it finally she found one it shipped to her and it had a big dent in it so she looks again for another two weeks she found a second one it shipped to her another dent in it and it was really really weird I mean she was like I can't believe it sending me these bags looking like this so then like another two weeks later I finally found it on Farfetch'd I believe it was far fetch or Selfridges one of the two and so yeah I finally found it but because I thought I looked for so long I wasn't going to find it and even the essay in Vegas at the Javan cheese store told me you know that it was limited you know the colors come and go and once they're gone they're gone and that was a really popular color – cognac I thought okay my second choice is the black shiny so I'm gonna get that one so she sent me that from Las Vegas and I loved it used it and then like literally three weeks later that's when I found the pebbled one in cognac because I was still looking so when I finally found it I grabbed it and I was so happy that bag is absolutely stunning gorgeous beautiful but because I am so so into not having the exact same bag because I want just more versatility and I want my collection to just be you know just as as versatile and as as different as possible I decided to sell my G Ponte Antigona in the size small shiny black yet and this one instead so you probably know what this is let me go ahead and show you what I got so I picked up the exact same bag but in the mini crossbody from fashion pile so this bag came in excellent condition there's not a scuff on it at all I looked this over especially this type of leather you know very shiny and smooth I looked it over with a fine-tooth comb and it is absolutely perfect perfect perfect the handles the zipper everything but yeah I loved my black did you vote you the size small but I did want to get a little bit more versatility in my collection because now I had this ice small in the cognac pebble leather and now I have the mini crossbody in shining black so it could not be happier with this purchase again it's from fashion file and it came with the Givenchy dust bag as you see and the strap and it said it was from 2018 which is really great I love that part and it did not come with the box I absolutely love this bag I'm so happy to have it it is the newer model because it's 2018 and there is a zipper and it is like the linen inside if it was the older model I think the inside is not linen it's more of a satiny material and also the straps are removable and adjustable and yeah I just I could not be happier with this purchase and super excited to add it into my collection but when I was looking at that I came across and neather a little goodie and it comes in this box Saint Laurent so my very very first date Lorant bag and I have been looking through Saint Laurent you know going into the boutique I go once in a while when I'm at the mall near my house and I've also went every time I'm in Hawaii I visit Saint Laurent and there was just nothing even though I love you know the bags I think every single time I would look at a bag that I was even kind of interested in I either thought it looked very very similar to all my Chanel bags that I have or I didn't like the leather on the the collage to be exact that bag I was really interested in and I looked at while I was in Hawaii but they were all very very not slouchy but the leather on the sides were always very well I guess yeah smokey but that's not the word I'm looking for I am looking for like the structure loss if there was structure loss on it and I even asked them who was actually helping me the SI he was the manager he said that is one of the bad things about the collage bags that they will lose their structure no matter what and he brought out like literally like six and they already had structure loss before you know even being purchased and he did say it's gonna get worse and worse you know with with time so that was a big like absolutely not but then also it did remind me an awful lot of like my boy bag or kind of the Pichette Matisse it was just very very similar to bags I already had on top of it I didn't like the structure and then another thing about the wire cell bags that I'm not a huge fan of is the hardware the hardware tends to be very very the first word in my mind I think of is gaudy like very very shiny very bold very very very shiny silver very very shiny gold and kind of big and thick so I'm kind of put off by that a little bit but I would still go in and check out bags and I still you know I like the YSL or the state Lorant you know look in general but there were always things that kept me from buying a bag but this bag I had always been looking at and I had thought you know from time to time I think I want to get it and then I would change my mind I would see something else that neo Louie baton or somewhere else Gucci and I would end up you know wanting that bag a little bit more so when I saw this on fashion file and it was in new condition I have never bought a bag from cash the file that was in new condition excellent yes those are the bags I always you know try to look for and somehow find at fashion file in excellent condition and then they show up you know looking brand new but this one was actually marked as new so it came with the box and let me show you what I got and this is the dust bag and when I take this out the ribbon is that here as well and so yes that's the dust bag okay you're ready to see what I got it the cutest little thing ever get help keep this is okay so this is the sack de jour in the size Nano in the croc embossed leather how beautiful is that is that not absolutely stunning okay so first of all I have always always wanted something croc embossed I just think it's so stunning it's so beautiful it's different but just not too different not too flashy not too much but I just love it and I love that shine where it almost looks like it's patent leather but it's not I just absolutely love it because sometimes also patent leather can be very very hard to manage you know – for the the wear and tear is a little bit hard on patent leather and sometimes Pat mother will have like creases that I don't like it kind of looks yeah like it like it's creasing so patent leather can be very very iffy and I just love how this kind of has that look but it's not patent leather and yeah I just think it's absolutely beautiful now okay this is the size Nano like I just said and I'm a little confused so I'm actually going to call the Saint Laurent store down the street and ask them about the sizing because I have watched so many videos on this bag in the past and I just you know came across it just a few days ago on Castro file and some videos on YouTube we'll call it the Nano some we'll call it baby and some will call it mini to me they all look the same so I don't know if these are actually all different and they're just coming off as looking the same on you know on film on the video or yeah so is there really a baby is there really a mini and then a nano or are all three of those the same and you know how some stores will call it a nano and then you get it from Neiman Marcus and they call it baby and then you get it from Selfridges and they call it mini so I don't know so I'm gonna call and the st. Roch store and ask because I want to know I want to know if there's a difference I want to know if there's something smaller than this something a little you know one step larger I know that the size small that to me looks very much like a work bag that doesn't look like a handbag to me so I would not want this in the size small because again that's just to me looks like a work bag beautiful work bag but a work bag I wouldn't wear that you know just as a handbag but I believe that this Nano and I know for a fact that this is called the Nano I believe that this is just one size below the small but I'm not a hundred percent so if I call Saint Laurent today and they say no the baby is one size from the size small and your Nano is one size from baby or whatever then yeah I just want to know that because maybe I will hold off on putting this tag and go into the store and just see if the next size up is what I want because when I tried this bag on I actually did try it on in Hawaii and you know I I thought no I'm not gonna get it and I just can't remember if it was the Nano I just can't I know it wasn't the small I know that it was like the mini version but I don't know again if you if there's three different versions so I'm just gonna hold off on cutting this just in case the person tells me the sales associate says yeah there is one size bigger than this but smaller than the small so I know for sure what I want and I'll go you know try it on just to play it safe but yeah if she says no this is the size that is right below the small that I'm keeping it a hundred percent for sure I love it and the only color I would want this in is black or the gray the gray is really really pretty I did see somebody's video YouTube video and she had the gray Nano she called it the Nano yeah banana and I loved it so I would only want this in black you guys know I love black that's my number one favorite color it has the silver feet it has tape on all of the feet every single ones still it comes with this little closure oh and it comes with the see yeah here's the key or the clochette it comes with the actual does not have any compartments it doesn't have even a zipper I don't believe no and it's just all leather no lining just leather and again just one compartment and then just the d-rings for the crossbody strap or shoulder strap and yeah again silver hardware just look at that I love these pleats I just think this bag is the cutest little thing ever and again like I was saying I love black bags personally I don't think you could have too many black bags just because number one it's my personal favorite color I think black looks so chic I think it looks just the best you know it just not only does it wear well and you don't worry about color transfer I think that you know it stays looking new longer versus like say a white bag or a beige bag because we've got color transfer and wear and tear you can tell a little bit more on that but yeah just in general Black is my favorite color so I absolutely love it I love it so much um but yeah you guys that I think does it for this video yeah so cute um so what did I save I saved what did I save I saved let me think let me think this is normally two thousand two ninety brand new and obviously not including tax but two thousand two ninety and this was I believe 1895 from fashion file so that's about three hundred dollars savings on this bag that's pretty good and this one oh I forget what it retails for what is this one like 19 1980 I believe this retails the mini and this one was 15 84 at Fashion Files so yeah another what's that let's see 15 84 that's like 16 17 18 19 yeah almost I think almost $400 savings for this one so not bad not bad at all so that's it you guys I hope you enjoyed this video I will use them do mod shop videos for you guys and do a first impressions on both of them fairly soon and yeah that's it hope you enjoyed this video I will see you in my next video take care you


  1. I am french and just wanted to say that the letter โ€žTโ€œ is not prononced in french by saying Saint Laurent (both T) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท
    Both are great bags, congratualations! I particulary love the Givenchy antigona in this black leather version. I always wanted to and it to my bags collection but since I have already 2 speedy, I think they are too similar. Your pickeboo was also very stunning, what a pity that you sold it…Great reveals, great YTube channel ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜

  2. I almost sold my Gucci Marmont flap bag and matching belt but I feel like Iโ€™ll need to replace it with another black bag… I keep going back and forth with myself. The Fendi peek a boo was beautiful but I understand getting rid of it. I canโ€™t wait to get my YSL bag it should be here Tuesday! And I agree with you about the hardware and Iโ€™ve heard it fades as well which is a huge turn off .. both bags are GORGEOUS!

  3. Hello! Both bags are gorgeous!
    I wish you would talk about the โ€œno/limited buyโ€ year you were going to have. It has obviously not been easy and it would be great to hear your thoughts. I completely support that it is your money and you can do what you want with it, but you are the one that made an entire video describing how there would only be two luxury purchases in the year, and you have purchased 3 bags and we were not out of February. I would argue you have purchased more in January and February than a lot of people buy in the entire year. I want to reiterate that I LOVE your channel. I LOVE your unboxings, but I would love if you would talk more in depth about these purchases and your thoughts on continuing the โ€œno/low buy year,โ€ if you are even planning to do that. Thank you!

  4. I'd love to see a video on how you select bags from fashionfile. I'm thinking of saving for a luxury bag, but I have no idea where to start, and saving some money would be good. The bags you get from them always look so great, but I know you comb through very carefully first.

  5. Love both especially the Antigona! Iโ€™m curious to see the other colours the croc comes in as I limit how many black bags I have- donโ€™t gravitate to them as much as other colours. Congrats ๐Ÿ’—

  6. So bad you did sell the Fendi mini peekaboo. My opinion the peekaboo is more practical ,gorgeous and luxurious than those 2 bags. My mistake last year was a purchase of a Givenchy bag. It looks cheap compare to Fendi.

  7. I love both of your new bags. I think the grey Fendi you sold was gorgeous. If you found it too small, but loved the bag, did you consider getting the same bag just in a larger size? I am trying to limit my shopping this year too…although it is hard…and because it takes one to know one, I am going to ask you a question. Deep down, are you sure you are not selling bags just to justify getting new ones, because it is so much fun to look for a new bag and get a new bag, the whole process, the whole cycle.

  8. Both are beautiful bags. ๐Ÿฅฐ
    I just donโ€™t understand, why if you really love de SL, what the other sizes are important in your decision to keep it or not?

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