reviewing my *iconic* middle school outfits

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Ah, 2009. The Black Eyed Peas were still together, Nigahiga was the most subscribed YouTuber, our parents hadn’t found out about Facebook yet, and I was just about to enter middle school, aka the most awkward years of my life. Join me for a fashion journey through late 2000s and early 2010s memories, from dougieying at bat mitzvahs to diy t-shirts to Abercrombie and Aerie logos to side swept bangs to a time before fedoras were cringey, as I review my style evolution.

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the year 2009 the Black Eyed Peas were still together nigahiga was the most subscribed youtuber our parents haven't found out about Facebook yet and I was just about to enter middle school aka the most awkward three years of my entire life now I never shy away from an opportunity to embarrass myself publicly in front of millions of strangers on the Internet so today I thought I'd do a fun little video where I review my truly iconic middle school style now I haven't looked at photos of my middle school self in quite some time because I kind of just wanted to erase those three years selectively from my memory because they were painfully awkward but recently on a weekday afternoon my mom just sent me like 50 photos of me as a kid so I thought today would be a great time to dig up those formatic childhood memories together also reminisce about a time before ticked-off when the 13 year olds were actually ugly as hell and didn't look hotter than me okay so my first photo is technically from the end of fifth grade but I just wanted to show this photo because it is such an iconic look the aquarium t-shirt the khaki shorts the Crocs these are actually not real Crocs by the way I think these are fake ones from Payless because they were like 20 bucks cheaper than real props like the bougie kids at my school head you guys will also get well acquainted with this haircut throughout all the food photos if I'm not wrong this is like the classic Asian kid haircut every Asian mom for some reason thinks this is the most flattering shape on my bulbous ass head I remember having to get my bangs cut like every six weeks to and I just hated talking to the hairdresser cuz like I'm fucking 11 years old I don't have a life there aren't boys to talk about or like career plans I'm just sitting there like waiting for the haircut to be over so I could play Nintendogs again overall though this photo is definitely still in like cute little kid territory and I haven't gone into my atrociously awkward stage yet so let's let's venture onwards this is a photo from that same summer still rockin that Anna Wintour haircut the reason I love this photo is that before I knew how to sew and thrift lit I would draw my own t-shirts I would buy those like $1 t-shirts from Joanne's and then draw on them with felt-tip markers and this was one of my favorites it has a lion and it says rawr period if that's not the most fucking 2008 shit you've ever seen to complete the look may I draw your attention to these fucking camo capris here is a better photo basically these were some type of outdoor pant that I got from LL Bean and they live a type that are like a full-length normally but you can roll up the bottom and then attach them with like little snappy tabs to hold them up also as you can see in this picture I did decisively the only thing that could make this situation even worse which is to roll down the top of the pants to make them even more low waisted than they already were and I thought I made it look cuter for some godforsaken reason God the 2000s were over your time here is another one of the t-shirts that I drew this one if you zoom in real close you can see that it's two eggs with mouths and one of them is saying blimey – the other one what that doesn't make any sense the funny thing is I remember making that t-shirt and thinking it was so cool and like British here's a spiced little winter look for you guys I got this hat the winter of sixth grade I would wear it to school even though it was against the rules to wear hats in school so I was a little rebel there and when I was feeling extra weird you know how some kids like pull down their hoodie strings and hide into their hoodies I would do that same shit with my hat I would like pull down the top flap and buckle the straps so I'd be like enclosed inside my little furry hat as you can tell I was a really normal kid this is the outfit that I wore pretty much every single day of sixth grade I'm about you guys but every single year I would go to the mall and I would buy a hoodie and that was like mic hoodie for the year every single day at school I would wear it the sleeves would get like so worn out that my mom would have to sew them back together no matter what outfit I put together this hoodie was going on top it was like my safety blanket as a kid it felt really good to have something oversized and familiar as the 21 year olds I do the same shit but just with a weighted blanket in the comfort of my own home I wore a tie-dye t-shirt underneath for a little pop of color and you can also spot my LL Bean pants unfurled in their full glory I think of all the outfits in this video this one might be the worst not because it's the most embarrassing honestly this is one of the most neutral outfits I've seen but just because I wasn't trying at all and I remember feeling really cool that I didn't try it was like a point of pride for me to be like I'm not like other girls who care about how they look it's cool to not give a shit about your appearance or to really give a shit about your appearance but I think the sad thing is feeling like this sense of superiority based on how you look or dress or like judging other people based on that here is me and the squad I had my friends but mitzva so I was just coming up on 13 years old this was like prom when we were in middle school I remember breaking it down on the dance floor to teach me how to dougie and there was this like really hot DJ who was teaching us all how to dougie teach mother to me teach me how to dougie teach me how to dougie teach me teach me how to dougie teach me how to dougie and me and all of my friends thought that if we dougie good enough then this DJ would like wanna kiss us or something we were like all obsessed with him I borrowed this blue dress from my sister which honestly like as far as middle school fashions go was not too bad a choice even though I don't wear ballet flats anymore I do like this little t-strap detail around the toe box so if the shoes were like pointed and a heel and had that t-strap detail I think I would wear them so like basically just if they were different shoes I would wear them this burnt sienna baroque patterned hoody was from Eddie Bauer it was actually from one of those fancy hipster like rock climbing brands so this was the most expensive piece of clothing I owned at the time and on bottom I'm wearing those flip-flops that cost like $2 from old baby you'd get a pair every summer absolutely destroy them then you buy another pair the next summer and they were like definitely made in a sweatshop by child labourers but we didn't know that when we were kids oh here's a cute one of me posing with my middle school crush my middle school crush being the President of the United States Barack Obama I'm honestly scared to put this on line because there is a high probability that this gets turned into a meme this just is the most middle school dance photo I've ever seen everything from the floral dress that like would be cute but I covered it up with a cardigan because I was too shy to show my shoulders and best of all the fedora with a little chevron stripe on it and I put a glow stick on top of my fedora this was the outfit that I wore on the first day of seventh grade and I was so incredibly proud of this outfit at this point I had finally gotten the balls to start dressing up a little bit and expressing my style granted my style still looked really fucking awkward but I was trying I thought this gray floral top from American Eagle and it was the first thing that I had chosen out for myself that was kind of fancy and nice of course in classic mm style I had this like modesty cami that I got from Aeropostale that I would layer underneath my scoop neck tops so that I wouldn't show too much of my non-existent preteen cleavage preteen cleavage is a phrase I never want to hear myself say again my favorite part of this whole look though is my holster of prismacolor pens if you were an art kid growing up you know that Prisma colors were like the Tesla of art supplies they were so expensive but if you timed it out right you could use your 50% off Michaels coupon and layer it with another 20% off Michaels coupon and then you could get them for kind of a good deal I don't need to go to rehab for coupon you're the one that has the problem oh boy welcome to eighth grade this is where things get real awkward as I think we're not worried enough already at this point I was finally trying to grow out my bangs that my mom had cursed me with when I was a child my hair looks like 2000s Justin Bieber an emo girl on tumblr and a ferret had a baby and it is not a look here I'm sporting my new 8th grade hoodie which says arrow down the side in 2010 for some reason fashion was just logos it was just how big an air apostle or Abercrombie logo can you fit on your clothing and can you have it on your t-shirt on your pants and on your hoodie which I guess coincidentally also describes street wear today I do not know what went on in my middle-school brain oh god you don't think it can get worse than it does at this point I was getting far in the journey of growing out my bangs and they were getting increasingly side-swept at the time I thought I looked like the daughter in The Incredibles with like a mysterious hair swept over the eye but in reality I looked like a hairy pirate I remember I bought this table full price at a Nordstrom it was like 35 dollars in 2012 money I love the nautical stripes and I thought the button detail on the shoulder was like super cool and military-inspired at the time I also thought that it draped nicely when in reality it just fits really really bad as you can see I'm following through with my nautical theme for a period of like 4 years of my life I would buy anything with me in white stripes on it I thought it was so cute these are some New Balance sneakers that I got from Sears buy stuff with some bright red laces like the fucking Hite beast that I was for some reason me and my friends at this point really got into lacing our sneakers in an interesting cool way so we would look up tutorials online of how to lace your sneakers in unique ways I guess that was like my way of making a fashion statement albeit a very bad one I thought I would leave you with this final photo which is what I wore to my 8th grade dance to wrap up my middle school experience firstly let's address the elephant in the room here which is my expression in this photo I used to hate having my photo taken so much which is just a little bit ironic now that Instagram and YouTube like is literally how I make my money I used to hate it so much when my mom would ask to take a photo of me that despite her I would make the ugliest face possible so that's what I'm doing in this photo honestly even if I wasn't making that expression I think my face would still be pretty ugly so ha gotcha there mom at this point I was kind of blossoming into my own style and I was actually really proud of the dress and shoes that I chose for this dance back in 2012 color-blocking was the hottest trend hence my choice of this two-toned creamsicle dress the colors are a little bit 2012 but overall I think that the silhouette is pretty flattering and a good choice for what was I like 14 I wasn't getting too sexy but I still have a little bit of a waistline going on alright I think I have thoroughly embarrassed myself enough today thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and I hope this shows you that like no matter how shitty your style is there's plenty of time in your life to improve or to change it I really started from the bottom and now here I am slightly above average thanks again for watching and I will see you guys next week fine

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  1. Those two eggs on the t-shirt were DEFINITELY from an old school animated YouTube series but I can't remember who created them for the life of me and it's driving me crazy ahhhhhhgg

  2. Until michaels stopped stacking coupons, if they ever did. Nowadays if you have a combo of the two, one comes off one thing and then the 20 comes off the rest. Still not bad, but if you just want copics, you can only do the one item coupon

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