Review: Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (MK5412)

Just sharing my Michael Kors MK5412 rose golden watch. I hope this video is helpful to you!

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47 thoughts on “Review: Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch (MK5412)”

  1. Im trying to buy mk tose gold watch because ive worn a gold already n i wanna try rise gold, when i see them in vdos it looks more gold but when i go to the store it looks really pink, n im not sure if i should get it for my skin tone as iam light medium olive brown skin i have a hard time matching foundations too so iam confused.

  2. hi sweetie, I just bought a MK rose gold from TJMaxx. did you have any problem with the rose gold tarnishing over the years ? Someone commented on that, and i'm wondering if I have to worry about that happening ? PLEASE reply

  3. Can i ask? My bf from Uk bought me mk watch but he showed me a video and the box of mk watch is white… i asked him of where did he bought it he said online… im afraid if its fake… cause i do search about authentic box of mk and all showed up is brown πŸ™ pls reply anyone… i wanted to tell him if its fake so he can ask for refund before he come here in philippines πŸ™

  4. I have a question and I really hope you'll answer. I have the same watch and I wonder how you remove some of the keys chains. do you like do it urself? I will really appreciate an answer. thank you

  5. How do I buy this watch making sure that it is authentic if it doesn't show the picture on the website because the website that you put a link to was Macy but it is unavailable

  6. I just got a michael kors watch (MK5128) for my birthday. I really love its beautiful design and all rose gold look, but after reading some reviews, I saw a lot of complaints about the colour fading or loosening. What are your experiences on that subject? And if so, Is it just the strap or also around the casing? Thanks! xxx

  7. Thanks Cindy for the tutorial on this watch as I have taken the plunge to get it finally after doing a lot of research, changing my mind and going back to the same shop to try on the watch. finally stumbled on groupon selling it cheaper and here comes my watch last week. Cannot wait to put it on as I have to take off some of the chains as it's too loose on my wrist…

  8. Hi! I just had a few questions that I'm hoping u can answere! I have the michael kors rose gold parker watch like your other video.. However I have had mine for 4 months and I've noticed it looks more gold then rose gold anymore:/ I was wondering if u have seen any tarnishing or fading of the rose gold color on any of your watches? Thank you so much!

  9. please respond….. I really wanna buy this same watch an I don't want to buy it anywhere online becuz theΒ fake onesΒ look exactly the same. the site u send us to chec the price is it the same site u both it from? just to be sure πŸ™‚

  10. I got this watch about two years ago and I love it so much! I love the details of it and the weight doesn't bother me as much. Like you said it grew on me and It feels sturdy so you wouldn't get the impression that it would break of easily! And during the years, the colour didn't tarnish or turn to any sort of bronze colour. Which doesn't surprise me because the price should explain its quality I guess hahaha! Anyways love the review, you're as gorgeous as ever ^__^

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