Retail quiz: Name these four High Street fashion brands

What do shoppers really think when they view a retail logo? Find out in this week’s Summit Street Survey.
It’s got a new format and we call it the Brand Quiz.
We printed out four High Street brand logos and asked shoppers to say what comes into their mind when they look at each one.
It makes for interesting viewing.
Watch the video and find out what our selection of shoppers said about TopMan, Barbour, Moss and Paul Smith.
What comes to mind when you think of these brands?
chief executive Brian brick head of men's retailer moss bros recently launched a fashion campaign ended gay men called mr. and mr. and denied the high street brand is fuddy-duddy so in this week's summit Rick survey we're talking brands and word association what comes to mind when shoppers think of these four well-known men's fashion brands cheap men's clothes common high street popular mid-level quality middle to lower price cool quality clothes I think it's affordable equality stylish about men perhaps out hunting with a black cat I actually not sure what that is some truth yeah buy expensive though but if you buy last wax jackets High Street sort of scenes bit light sort of suits you slightly more expensive suits let's sure on that one nice smart evening we're quite often like a quality I would buy it again not mega expensive but sort of high-end high street i fashioned kind of style expensive I'm really nice saturation nice stuff mens were particularly known for shoes colorful stuff fight quite iconic British brand ok that's a designer so close perfume aftershave so retailers ask yourselves this when was the last time you asked your customers how they view your brand

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