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now you take Shen's everyone it's Wednesday happy hump day christmas is just around the corner so today i'm doing my final christmas shopping I have one more thing to get from forge on so I'm going to hit norstrom Iraq for about 45 minutes and then old time opens at 10:00 so I'm gonna go to Alta get John's mom something from there plus hold on John's mom is not gonna all the technical difficulties I had a coupon stacked in the back in the back of my in my little pocket look what I got 20% at Ulta 20% off your entire qualifying purchase so not just one thing including fragrance and you guys know I go crazy over fragrance like first and foremost before clothes there is fragrance in my world and so I'm really really excited that I get to pick something up for so I'll share with you guys what I find and then I got to pick up Levi and then I was thinking of doing some more brand discussion so I've got a lot of positive feedback any time I spent some time talking about brands and what sells and obviously just like Nicole says do not make lists of brands and only buy those brands and think it'll sell it obviously is a lot more than that based on style season the quality of the item you know all of that so don't just commit to brands but brands are a good place to start if you're completely clueless so I was watching I was watching this YouTube video of a guy don't remember who it is who is trying to get into the women's clothing resale business he's a seller on YouTube and he's like man Women's Club news you know it's it's for attack and so he went and he looked up like the women's clothing that's selling it was the most hilarious thing the way he was describing those items the way he was pronouncing the brands and like trying to comment on the style and what it it was so funny I was laughing my ass off like men and everything he was saying like oh yeah you should focus on this I'm one no that's like one thing you found and it's not it to not listen it was really really cute it was so cute I wish him all the best I'm sure he's gonna do fantastic but it was just funny I love washing resellers they sometimes they are so funny and they don't even know it you know okay I gotta get Starbucks and get some gas because my little white is perfect toodles shoes being salutations you so I only made it to Nordstrom Rack I'm gonna see if I can squeeze in Ulta I I got stuck in there are so many cute things and I love to look I didn't buy much I went in there to get stuff for John and I picked up only like a few few small things on sale some staples and yeah god I love that store holy cannoli I was looking at the Parkers dresses I saw one of my favorite brands and authorities are Parker free people I love Eliza J dresses Eileen Fisher actually got an ilink Fisher shirt was on sale from like 194 like $29 it was like huge say like that they grew up the registers like oh my god that is such a great price I'm like I know it's a plain green little viscose shirt but I love those shirts so much and they last me like her ever they're ones I have I had for several years and they still look awesome and they're super comfortable so I see it as an investment so I decided one of my new year's resolutions which I kind of made a few years ago and didn't work out but I'm thinking it'll work out this time is to focus less on quantity and variety and options and more on less but much more quality so quality over quantity on clothing items get some few really cool lightly Fischer pieces few skirts maybe dresses will be the thing that I have more of but in regards to the other stuff just get a few things and let go of all this stuff I have in my closet for God's sakes I'm just like a hoarder so that's what I'm gonna do you guys can hold me accountable to it because I'm going live with my intention I am going to focus on quality over quantity that's right so better brands and less of we'll see okay so yeah we'll talk about it later bye I gotta go to olden I gotta pick up Levi see ya hey guys so I went into Ulta and it's like Eastern Europe circa 1985 with people waiting in line for freaking bacon and oranges if you know what I mean the line was just way too long so I decided I'm just going to kill some time waiting for Levi and sniff some of my vagrant fragrances that are on my list I keep a list of cents I need to smell because I might want to buy them and so I've from 10 and new ones I needed to sniff I narrow down to two they're newer so after I find some fragrances before I buy at Ulta or Sephora I would share my to go to places I always go to mercury there is a guy out of who sells fragrance at a amazing price granted majority of what he has are our older fragrances but I got my Burberry's and all the different I have a entire Burberry collection all for like between 25 to 35 dollars a bottle I got my Juicy Couture the original for $28 and what I don't know how he gets them but he buys him without boxes and sometimes without the cap and so he's able to sell them really cheap to us and man it's been so awesome and I know there's like two other people that sell on Mercury from Florida but this guy has the best pricing and the best options and he shipped superfast he bundles and he's just super easygoing to work with sometimes I'll just go in and I'm like Michael I got $100 to to spend I want to get you know four or five bottles work with me and he'll help me put a bundle together so I'm really happy with them so I have these two fragrances that I'm gonna see if I can find it cheaper online if not I'm gonna use my 20% off coupon and get them there and yeah I'm a fragrance holic perfume ista fragrance nice nasal something I don't know I gotta come up with a good name cuz I always come up with great names for things for example for homemakers they are not just homemakers stay-at-home Osman their domestic engineers you know what I mean they are and dumpster divers are not just dumpster divers they are like garbage archaeologists are dumped ologists urban archaeology some I'll come up with something cool I'm sure there's same thing with fragrance I have to come up with some before for someone who is obsessed with fragrance has to has a huge collection of fragrance can wreck I can recognize when the woman walks by me what she is wearing I can tell I'm like Dolce & Gabbana blue Chanel number five Oh Sarah Jessica Parker stash the new one God that smells like herbs you should put this in your kitchen you know and like grace philosophy grace oh my god can I can smell it from a mile away and all the Victoria's Secret fragrances like love spell is so strong and I knew exactly who in my department of like 120 people wore love spell there are three people and I knew if I smelled it one of those three was near me somewhere so yeah fragrance nice – perfume easton perfume ologist help me out hello so I am going to highlight some brands for us today and this is really meant for individuals who are new to reselling or maybe men who have no clue about women's clothing and you know definitely not meant for the seasoned resellers they're gonna be like yeah I know all this but I wanted to highlight some brands and keep I'm gonna keep reminding you it's not just about the brand even though that's what we're focusing on today it's also whether it's in in style is it you know what season is it in should you be buying a summer dress in January and hoping you're gonna get a quick sale No so seasonality condition you know the fabric always look at the fabric if you have you know a really good brand but a acrylic sweater versus maybe a not so good brand but a cashmere wool blend always default on the side of the fabric fabric great condition fabric is is something that women do look for so but now on to the brands and I finally learned how to have a screen of me in the corner and be able to show you guys my desktop so we can go look at like Poshmark and eBay sales together so I'm so excited and I learned that I learned something new every day okay so here it goes so the first brand I want it to highlight is Tadashi Shoji I'm starting with my faves and then we'll just move down the line so what I'm going to do is show you where it sells at then I will follow up with what it sells for on Poshmark and eBay so Tadashi Shoji produces really beautiful dresses and gowns and they are stunning this is Dan Ortiz website and you can see the price new and what it like these gowns are gorgeous and there's special occasion one time where sometimes or there's women give them up to Goodwill because like the zipper isn't working or something is flawed with it and it's easily fixable you can go to a seamstress and replace a zipper you can fix a snag so when it comes to Tadashi Shoji if you ever find a dress pick it up and I'll show you why but so this is it also sells at Macy's I've never seen Tadashi Shoji gowns up Macy's but then again Macey stepped up its game recently and added lots of new contemporary brands which they have not carried before but anyway check out the gowns here see how much they cost and when you're a goodwill and you see some big lacy thing you're like oh that's ugly make sure you check if it's Tadashi Shoji check that out gorgeous gorgeous so I showed you what they go for at Macy's I showed you some of them at Norah T's and then I'm going to show you what they sell for on Poshmark so here are some sold listings on Poshmark and you can see it sells pretty well so if you find one I think it's a good investment if it's not too messed up to fix the zipper clean it up dryclean it if necessary and resell it those babies hold their value now from a style perspective note that the simple simple ones that are not gowns don't do as well so here you have that or plain ones plain ones don't do much Tadashi Shoji also sells other things but I'm focusing on the dresses because that's where the value is so check this out new 650 sold for 130 Tadashi cocktail dress that dollars this one was a basic but a lace one so as you can see the lace ones do better Tadashi Shoji some of the basic ones yeah and I think they have a diffusion brand I'm not sure but I think they do that just might be called Tadashi I don't know I gotta look it up I might have heard from one of the resellers but I haven't validated so yeah Tadashi dresses okay check that out it's sold Tadashi Shoji lace cap sleeve evening gown three hundred and seventy dollars look at this one 125 I have on but I'm not selling it because it fits me like a glove so that was Poshmark and now let's look on eBay we have Tadashi Shoji let's see are those the sold ones I'm still new to I'm still new to eBay and okay sold listing so yeah I guess those are sold 119 150 99 80 they sold I don't know how to tell you guys are probably better with this oh my goodness look at that beautiful one okay you don't to see me look at Tadashi dresses cuz it you're gonna be so bored so yeah I think this right sold listings it's just showing sold so yeah it holds its value it they do pretty well so remember the spelling Tadashi Shoji good brand so the next brand is Parker park4 and I'm looking at the noir DS brand right now and showing you what what the items cost new this dress oh my god check this out I might have to buy that one note to self but see how much they go for there are their pricier items obviously Oh Lola genuine rabbit fur wow that's amazing so their style is very very beautiful I I love this dress oh my god you guys so these are our parker dresses and clothing items let's look how much parker sells for on Poshmark let's see oh not too bad $100 for a little romper $60 for top one hundred and eight dollars for a dress this one was a bargain so it seems like this the more simpler summer pieces II you wouldn't pick up but once you start getting into the dresses you're getting you're getting a good a good return on them check that out nice 90 bucks 65 not too shabby so yeah if you find a parker dress at the bins that's definitely definitely something to look into if it's it looks like as long as it has some style and some novelty to it not your basic not your basic Allah summer frock thing just stay away from those but the more the nicer pieces the dresses look at that one who-who-who sequent cap sleeves silk mini dress 130 dollars it sold for not too bad let's look at eBay what does eBay and once again I pulled up all the sold listings Parker $47 blouse 49 that's not a Parker Parker Parker Serena here's a Parker dress Parker another Parker oh I like that Parker a little all over the place huh that one that one looks pretty good good return so you can see for yourself not too bad see it at the bins pick it up you're gonna sell it it looks like it sells so that was Parker whoa where'd I go the next brand is Vineyard Vines it is a pretty preppy brand it's a front it's there from Massachusetts so it's an East Coast brand but as a following you know all all throughout the country and let's look at how much stuff costs you can get at noir DS or through their regular website let's see so you can see the cost new it's it's mid range it kind of reminds me of Bowdoin you know it has that kind of that kind of feel to it so you can see the pieces beautiful classy preppy pieces right priced mid-range nothing – nothing too crazy their website is really cute and you can always recognize them by that little whale so if you're looking at a top and it has that little way all you automatically know it's been your vines check out the little cotton dresses adorable boo that's really cute all right what does it sell for on Poshmark so let's see a belt a cap a sweater 40 bucks 2845 29 let's see oh but it's selling there's there's a lot of it and it's selling so the return is mm-hmm so if you find it at the bins probably good to buy it's you know it's better than your forever 21 and all those mall brands sweaters do good yeah sweaters look at that sweater fifty dollar sweater seventy dollars a long TZ not too shabby right 49 bucks let's see what happens on eBay let's see what's sold on eBay $20 $40 so definitely based on what we're looking at the sweaters are a good buy $79 new of tags that's cute yeah so sells okay definitely a pickup at the bins wouldn't spend over probably over five or six dollars on anything at the thrift store unless it's one of those sweaters and an excellent condition I might sell but other than that that's Vineyard Vines for you and it does sell the sell out nor tees so if you find that on the sales rack one time I found it was a long long tea for like three dollars because you know at Nordstrom Rack they discount a discount sometimes you see that the price tag and has like stickers on top of stickers on top of stickers and this one had one of those it was like marked weird like three dollars and four cents or something funky like that so I picked it up it's sold good so yeah that's it they can't all be winners so I wanted to show you some really good ones and some kind of e that's it I have an interesting one for you this is alfred Shaheen and he is he's known for the for the Hawaiian shirt so he was like the guy who invented the Hawaiian shirt so first and foremost if you shop in the men's section and you find vintage men's Hawaiian shirts and they're from this guy pick him up so that's that's number one here's a resource that I sometimes use if you guys don't know about it you know if you're doing some homework and you want to get into buying some vintage stuff this is a great website to know vintage fashion gal guild org go guild org this is a deuce fellas name Alfred Sheheen I wanted to show you a few of the tags so you kind of have a context and kind of remember what what it looks like in case you find it sure hang ok and let me show you the stuff on Etsy first that I think the biggest the biggest market for Alfred shaking will be on Etsy awesome stuff you can look at the prices a wide range and there are some more more items there that sell better like the stuff from the seventies like the stuff from the 60s he probably the men's men's shirts Hawaiian shirts are a better buy from the 60s but then once you hit the 70s the dresses for women have value see the sixties yeah yeah once you hit the 70s there's a lot there's there's just a lot to the to those dresses there very very stylish um I just I think they're beautiful oh wow look at that Hawaiian dress 475 surf and sand by Alfred oh so maybe you look at 50s and 70s but 60s was like to me a dead year where he didn't produce really great items so that's at sea mmm let's see where else I have I saw that there's a collection on eBay and even the patterns sell pretty well I love that one but you can see there's a nice collection on eBay and let's look at what it sells for so vintage Alfred shaking sleeveless 175 295 124 87 whoo I like that one it's so beautiful boho hippie yellow floral hopefully I convinced you that this is a brand worth looking at and I tell you what I did not know I was at the I was shopping one time in Columbus Ohio and I'm in the women's section and I'm looking at all the dresses and I'm like oh my god these are ugly oh my god these are ugly and this lady says well if you ever find any Alfred Sheen make sure you pick it up they're you know they're worth a lot of money I'm like really so I started researching googling I'm like oh my goodness yes they are and now can't find any can't find any so hopefully you can and you can sell it and tell me all about it so I showed you at see that it even sells on Poshmark surprisingly check this out rare vintage shaking sarong wrap dress $200 not too bad some crappier prices but yeah you can sell it you can wear it and sell it or whatever so remember that name Alfred Shaheen okay where am i okay this is like taking forever for me to go through each of the brands so I'm gonna speed it up a little bit another brand I want you to pay attention to is called Briony BR i/o and I and I'm looking here on eBay at the sold listings and you can see that it it kid it does pretty well obviously one once again one of those brands that you might have skipped over last time you were you were shopping at your local thrift store at the bins but keep an eye on it Briony does a lot for men as well I think it's more popular with men to be honest with you their ties and shirts do pretty good but I wanted to point out that Briony for women is not too shabby and like I told you these are sold listings so you know that's pretty good on Poshmark I mostly saw stuff for guys which is weird so the Brioni scarfs not too bad find them at the bins 20 30 cents pick it up you can sell them all day long Briony scarves so yeah that's Briony for you and now I'm good Oh hold on I was going to show you I'd see – there's a lot of Briony on on Etsy interestingly look at that nice vintage tie collection so good stuff so now I'm gonna go through a list without showing you a lot of things but I wanted to make sure today you learn ten brands okay so doing the videos the way I was doing it was taking forever so I'm probably gonna have to string line that somehow they need let's just say we went over so Alfred Shaheen alte Zara Briony Parker Tadashi and Vineyard Vines so keep an eye out for those brands and do more research so that you're comfortable with those now I do want to highlight a few other brands that you should keep an eye out on that I didn't have time to go through and show you everything but maybe you can jot them down and look at them yourself so the first one being Etro second one theory theory is doing really good and it's popping up on all the charts for the highest growing reselling brand rag-and-bone rag-and-bone does good all across a bay Poshmark and thredUP and traits the end all those Diane von Furstenberg Furstenberg hopefully I'm pronouncing it right she's the one that made the wrap dress the infamous wrap dress Diane von Furstenberg she's doing really really well Ted Baker lesser-known but has a really good resale value so those are kind of the less maybe less popular ones so that takes us up to 11 and now I'm going to tell you let's see one two three four five I'll tell you four I have a thing with symmetry if I do 16 I won't feel comfortable so let me tell you four more to be on the lookout for at all times and these hopefully you probably know em all Eileen Fisher Eileen Fisher is the top reselling brand on eBay it is really good on Poshmark that's pretty good good on Mercury and thredUP so can't say no to Eileen Fisher especially the larger sizes so keep an eye out for that tory burch no-brainer Tori does really well oh you guys I just I gotta tell you I give you an update I went to Saks off Saks Fifth Avenue and I bought one of those Camel Tory Burch belt purses I got to show you what it sold for you will not believe it hold on my sales where are we my sales sorry take you forever 189 assault a few days ago 189 I'm like too embarrassed to tell you what I bought it for some because I feel like crappy but hey the demand is out there it's not a joke so Tory Burch Lilly Pulitzer you got to keep an eye on that the target collaboration e but the actual Lilly Pulitzer those those really good so one more let me give you Vince Vince does well everywhere I think it does the best on Poshmark does okay on eBay it's just a really solid brand so that's 15 brands I said I'm going to do 10 but here's 15 brands that you need to be on the lookout for now let me let me give you some update on on our industry first of all you need to know that the resale market is booming and if you haven't jumped in on this on this baby especially for women's clothing you need to get there now it's it's it's huge it's going to outpace all e-commerce and retail sectors over the next ten years that is the industry forecast also with the women's clothing resale world it's all of the apps and the companies are vastly consolidating so whereas before they're like 3040 different apps there's so many like thread flip and twice and shop hers and trying trainer material world I don't know if you guys remember those snob swap gray old I can't remember off the top of my head now we have the main six and and I'm talking about non e bein on Craigslist speaking specifically to women's fashion resale now we have thredUP Poshmark vesti a collective the real real trade see invented those are the main six so these are the six that are now competing for for our closets so keep that in mind it's really fun to watch this entire industry move through consolidate and grow I recently had a chance to read a thredUP report I think it was for 2016 2016 kind of a year-to-date report and the top ten designer brands that were selling on thread up our theory seven for almond kind Diane Von Furstenburg which we talked about tory burch Joe's Jeans we're doing really really well Kate Spade we all know Kate Eileen Fisher J Brand Vince and citizens of humanity those are the top ten designer brands selling on thread up the mainstream brands top ten mainstream brands and Taylor J Crew Banana Republic gap hmm Express the limited Nike BCBG Max's area and Talbots those are the mainstream brands and then top ten value brands that were selling Old Navy forever 21 Massimo target moroni Target and Taylor factory outlet Gap Outlet H&M style & Co which is a Macy's house brand L being an art and B so those are the top ten value brands I also wanted to see kind of what's what's on the increase like what brands are constantly growing in sales and popularity and so the top ten like established brands that whose resale activity is going up are j.crew forever 21 Free People Massimo I'm really surprised to see Massimo which is a target brand on here but I gotta keep an eye out on that I I think Target I don't think resale so hmm Nike White House Black Market so I'm glad to see that because I best the stuff I pick up Michael Kors the diffusion brand Michael lucky brand you know Mia lucky and Ann Taylor those are they established resale brands that are just growing in popularity and then they had a list of top ten breakout resale brands the breakout rise which were not popular in the past but are really coming in and the volume is substantiating the fact that these are these are growing lululemon athletica you know Talbots surprising surprising but hey I got that really cute Talbots dress the other day hmm isleta it's nice to see athletic because I was seeing a lot of athletic stuff at my thrift stores around here Joe's Jeans Kate Spade New York Eileen Fisher coach theory theory and Under Armour those are the breakout resale brands and and just just for shits and giggles I found a list of the top 10 athletic brands that are reselling really well so here they are Nike Lululemon Isleta adidas Under Armour The North Face Ralph Lauren Sport Columbia Patagonia and Lucy so those are your top 10 most popular athletic brands for resale and I don't dabble in kids brands at all but I did I did find a list for that in the top 10 growing brands resale brands for kids are gap Gymboree Old Navy justice Ralph Lauren Josh Kosh B'gosh Jani Jani and Jack Hannah Anderson I knew that Hannah Anderson Lands End and polo by Ralph Lauren those are the kids brands that are reselling really well so yeah you know resale is everywhere so that was our reselling education for the week like I'm I feel that was too much work I don't know if I'm gonna do this again but if I do I know what I'm gonna call it I'm gonna call it flip ology because we're talking about flipping clothes resale ology it doesn't sound right we're flipping clothes apology or women fashion slip fashion knowledge I don't know for now it's flip ology until we come up with a better name so hopefully you enjoyed it if you did give me a thumbs up if you didn't don't give me a thumbs down just tell me why you didn't like it hit in the comments and I'll respond if you enjoy it and you haven't yet subscribed please subscribe give me a shoutout tell me if you're currently selling on any platform let me know which one it is I can go and check you out if you have a Poshmark I will follow you on eBay if you have an Instagram account that's all about fashion or something leave me the name below I'd love to connect with you all thank you greetings and salutations

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