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hello you want to come back to my channel if you are new hair my name is Caitlin and I upload a whole bunch of different types of videos on this channel mainly true crying or psychological cases as well as a little bit of fashion and lifestyle sprinkled in what I can today I'm back with one of my favorite types of videos to watch and to research online and I'm so excited to actually start doing this for you because I love them and I really hope that some of you guys will like them too so I'm going to be doing I'm going to call it a kind of route rating Pinterest outfits video because I use Pinterest religiously I get to most males cut for inspiration from that but the main thing different about this fear that I'm making and a lot of the other videos out there already on YouTube is that my outfits are going to be kind of more loosely inspired by Pinterest outfits basically using things I've already got or things I've managed to find already and basically the aim is to try and find different outfits for things that you might already own so it's just more like an inspiration thing and I definitely want to do more of these so let me know if you enjoy this the items behind me that you see are going to be included in the video and they're all from oisin and so obviously I will be including other items as well but each of the items I'll go through everything where it's from about all these she and items in particular you will find in the description down below as well as a discount code for you guys to use which is Kaitlyn 15 to 15% off your feed order so without further ado let's just get started recreating the first outfit us photo that I was completely inspired by was this gorgeous photo of just hunt who's absolutely stunning and she has on this gorgeous like ditzy baby pink and of florally roughly dressed summer dress they are ever at moment these little tea dressing there's like thrills and things they are so cute and honestly online you can find so many different prints and colors and styles and this dress is the one that I could find that was kind of closest to what I like like my sense my style and this is like super machine it's a gorgeous baby pink and white with frills it's one shoulder which a huge fan of puff sieve which are so in at the moment and it comes down to just the perfect length now I have personally stylist with a little pair of white kitten heels I have these ones from Primark which are beautiful and I have loved since I've gotten them and I just think this is such a perfect little summer outfit is so easy to check on but it's a little bit warmer especially since the material of this dress is really really not thin it's really really cooling an area flowy so I absolutely love this and I think this is a really fun way to incorporate the summer tea dress for a dress style into your wardrobe definitely very versatile twirling the chops on a nice dinner jacket or maybe a white blazer if you're going out an evening I think it's stunning for the next outfit I was very heavily inspired by this photo and I love this photo any excuse for me to wear like a full way out there I'm here for it so this time around I'm wearing this little look top from Primark it's just a little kind of race' top that I've tied at the front it's already a crop top but you have just tied it like in the photo and then I've got this gorgeous white satin skirt it is sadly ruined by the fact that it needs an iron and my knee taped up in neon pink tape but we're just gonna bring all that I have this little bag with me which is my favorite bag it's from the faith at Debenhams and then I always have on the same white kitten heels from Primark in the last outfit but I absolutely love this I love the slit in the skirt it's super flattering I'll show you how it just comes down like just behind my knee so if you're a little bit short it will point it just be ever so slightly more midi-length I am seriously in love itself I also have a little hair clip in it from Primark as well I think this is such a cute outfit again you can took a blazer on or a jacket and make it like a nighttime outfit or wear in the daytime so I think this is gorgeous way to style up something different and very heavily inspired by the Pinterest photo for this next outfit I was very heavily inspired by this photo from I believe Amy Beth's in scramble a little on YouTube as well and I love all of her content but I saw that she had this like sage green one-shoulder dress stunning color with sage green and I found this one on Shion which is the same color same sort of material ripped but it's like a high-neck which I have been obsessed with this like face of dress so it's just a MIDI really stretchy bodycon dress super easy to style and I put it on with the same white kitten heels from Primark and then over the top I've chucked on this gorgeous blazer from sheer as well it is very very much like the one that everyone's been going crazy for in Zara which I think one in the sale recently and everyone's like obsessed with this one's obviously on me imagining a little bit thinner but this is kind of what I was after I have so many like thicker coats I wanted something a bit thinner but it still looks so much more expensive than it was it's also a very oversized fit this is the size small so if you're into the boxy boyfriend fit blazer and you don't have to size up or anything and this and I just think it really makes the outfit look like expensive I just think this is stun it's probably one of my favorite outfits so far I have had this photo I think it's just like a stock photo of this gorgeous play suit saved on my Pinterest board for so long and then when I came across this one on sheer and I literally got so excited because it's like a cheap alternative slightly different I don't even further this sort of neckline to the one in the photo I thought this would be such a gorgeous piece to include in this video so again I've still got on with these kitten heels or so you can wear with like training things as well I think this is stunning I love my neutrals as I'm sure you can as I'm sure you can see but it's a super flattering that'll play see that again you can dress up or wear just in some time even just day-to-day this pair of trainers I think it would look really cute and I just think it looks so much better than it was definitely definitely a cute like Instagram herbal outfit obsessed with this it's got a little belt on it which is just thought was so cute so obsessed with this outfit these cute little like shared peplum cropped tops are everywhere and especially on Pinterest so I have a couple of them here but they are just such a cute little and easy way to dress up jeans a little bit a little bit different from the regular vest top that you can get so I've owned this pair of straight leg jeans from Primark I live in these jeans obviously my favorite jeans ever and then this cute little dotted top which is from sheer little tie shoulders which makes it look really cute you can definitely make it a little bit more summery they put a pair of shorts or something but they still sent me Howard Whelan and I also pair them with just a cute little pair of black boots and a little black bag I think that such a cute little outfit and the final outfit was inspired by this photo I'm not gonna line the Blazer was definitely a little bit more Brown colored on the website and when it arrived it as you can see a little bit more cocky but I don't actually hate it I quite like it a lot so I just paired it with this little red top front highlights just another mock neck sleeveless top my straight leg jeans again and similarly to your last outfit I'd wear this with a pair of these little black booties which a lot stay off from JustFab and then just a little black bag a cute little pair of like sole ices and I think you've got a really easy outfit definitely definitely for the cooler day then with the evenings as well it's just such an easy way I think Blazers are so versatile and they're so at the moment you can actually check for myself or anything to dress up an outfit so that is everything I have to show you I really am sorry about the noise the rain has just something it's like picking up again towards in this video and it's gone so dark so that I'm very aware of how bad the Lighting's we can tell I'm really sorry about that but I hope you enjoyed this I know there wasn't too much variation in the outfits in terms of where they were for me because obviously it all from Shion but if you like the sort of video that's just kind of like a taster for me so if you like them I will definitely do more of these in the future just in using items I wrote on my wardrobe maybe picking up a few bits online so let me know if you like a sort of Pinterest by outfit videos because like I said I am obsessed with Pinterest I use it everyday so let me know down below your thoughts thank you guys so much watching don't forget to check out the links to everything I've shown in the video in the description box as well as my discount code and I will see you guys very soon for another video thanks for watching bye


  1. Please don't promote retailers like shein, it's incredibly unsustainable and the clothes aren't manufactured in an ethical way- they don't provide any information on their impact on people and the planet :(( pls do some research about fast fashion

  2. Yesss! I've been so into your true crime videos for a while now, but I loved this video. Love the idea of recreating those super bougie looking Pinterest outfits for cheap.
    That little check playsuit looks so incredible on you.

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