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Height 183cm
Top Size L
Bottom 32/32 Waist/Leg
Shoe Size UK 9

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Mesh Tee –
Striped Tee –
Lyrics Bomber –
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Denim Jacket –

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Song is Kiiara – Whippin
hey guys a stroll here in the gallic today I have a new recent infinity both really really like releases I hope that your logins well thank you so much for the feedback from my grasp them in the fordable terms this video it's one of my favorite affordable alternatives video to do so it saves you so much your feedback on that if you haven't yet please don't let subscribe button please I'm going to click that little bell for notifications and let's get straight into these pickups so the first program I'm going to show you actually follow the owner on Instagram and his name is jung jin or triple YJ 2 for y Jade and then I realize is actually the only other brand I can't pronounce the name of the brand it looks like Bosch diverged so to cut back that's what it's like so I know it was wearing these shorts and t-shirt and I was like they look so so sick so I went to brand Instagram sent MIDI ends like you know I'd love to make them international order because the website is all Korean and when you can't be Korean you can't really order very easily so they sent me a DM box so I've got a PayPal thing and shipped over so I recommend if you do find any stores that you want to order from and lots different languages or some like that send them direct message and you never know they could end up doing order for you did have paid a little more for like a international see pricing and for shipping obviously but the pieces like then show you so I'm going to show you my favorite thing first and that was these shorts so I noticed these shorts on Jung Jin and I like they are amazing then he might return you notice black shorts but I like track shorts and I love the side detail at opening away I love the little side detail work goes up a little bit and got two pockets on the back and this kind of drawstring bit here they even come in one slide so you know I'm finally around the sizes one slice is all they're very stretchy so hopefully everyone should be able to fit in I seen so yeah that's one thing I'm going to say as well from now on I'm going to leave my measurements in the description so you know how normally link all the items as well now I'm going to link my measurements so that you can weigh up your sizing compared to me I like my shoe size and stuff like that because like so many comments asking like what's your waist size like how tall you so if I just leave that on every video like what are you thinking that's a good idea but yeah so these are available in one side these are like 59,000 Korean one I'm going to leave a translation of what that is in power in the bottom here please are sick and you're not really told it to me as well you can get a matching top and so the top is like 39,000 Korean Won I think yes this offers like 39,000 cream one again one side only oversized drop shoulder and really boxy and the neck goes kind of up a bit and you see what it's like in a state I'll show you the t-shirt and shorts on scanner but they're links to them in the description below and finally from bird servers finally from that Korean brand I love I've got this striped tee now I got a similar one from this fog packs and dropped last year but it's the other way around so I feel like this is a black t-shirt with green stripes oh it's frog where's the stock one with the cream t-shirt black stripes very very interesting I know this was 45,000 Korean Won it's just massive outside boxy t-shirt I mean it really goes with the shorts I thought you know I'm making an order I'm a little out of it and I really need to kind of see the sauna again great all great for summer everything's great for some away I'll at least an inscription below also to triple wide rage for white jade Instagram now the next brand if you're right through subscribers you've been subscribed like from the beginning you will know that I just had this kendo jumper with with black with a white tiger on it and then most recently like two or three years later an email pops into my inbox that invites me to kendo store for an event I'm also offering to dress me for the event as well which was literally insane I mean I work with loads of brand first on my blog and over on Instagram how can they notice me it's like insane achievement just in my general scale of my little blogging and YouTube life because I think that kendall Jenner was the first time a piece I ever bought I saved up money from my first set of styling job and ended up buying that like three years ago I was like if I want to show you some of the pieces that I picked up the first piece I wanna shows in kendo is the lyric bomber jacket so it's a car key bomber jacket really nice simple clean and on the back it on his back it on the back it has this Kenzo embroidery this is called like the lyric fun really sick and really really really nice including this jacket is googled a little 495 pound pound she's very very expensive I know but is he sick jacket it's been really really well-made and I got it in a large and I'll show you what it's like one so the next piece that I want to show you from Kenzo is the classic Kendall sweatshirt I've got this in the neck so I feel like the large felt like a normal medium or some things I want to just be a bit oversized this is again the lyric country which is I think it's really nice because it's not to like Tendo because Kenzie can be very like logo and branded obviously this is Kenzie kind of ties into the pic this sweatshirt is 175 pounds and I will show you whether it's like on the last piece I want to show you from Kenzie I picked up for that then is it pair of sneakers they are called the Tenex sneakers they're just a pair of low tops they're like half black leather and half white leather thing they're really really nice they've got Kenzie written in black again not too flashy on the whole Kenzo branding from I think that also in 165 pounds and they're just a really nice addition and they don't have a lot I don't have a lot of black trainers and so this is a nice alternative and then finally the last piece I'm going to show you guys today these recent pickups is from the brand's summits on at home or something clothing whatever you want to call it they released a new collection and this denim jacket is in there it's like an icy blue there's 95 pounds I've got it in a size large I just love the kind of it looks kind of cropped and it's very light drop shoulder and I think this is a really nice piece and quite affordable for this kind of violets and jacket that you wouldn't usually find like usually have a vintage I really love the set of this and I will show you what it looks like on so they were my recent pickups thank you so much for watching I hope you've enjoyed this do let me know what your favorite was in the comments below or if you're thinking of picking up any of these and don't get subscribed at I mean said so much to me and I'll see you in Sunday's video it's a corker can I say that about my own video I think it's rigged

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