Reacting To Coachella Outfits because I DON'T UNDERSTAND FASHION!

Once again – just for fun! I am not a fashionable person & I don’t know the first thing about what I’m talking about. No stress 😛

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hi and welcome back to my weird and wonderful corner of the Internet my name is Daisy and the first thing that you should know before getting into this video is that I do not know shit about fashion I don't really know when this happened cuz I look back at old photos of myself in my teens and my early 20s and I'm like yeah that's a bitch that kind of knew what she was doing she didn't look great she wasn't on trend she wasn't dressing in a way that particularly flattered her body but it was like a quirky individual style you know now I'm in my late 20s and I'm currently eight months pregnant so that does not help and I don't really know how many years ago this happened but I I don't get fashion I wouldn't know how to dress myself out of a paper bag and that is why I thought that today it would be super funny for me to react to Coachella outfits Coachella was last weekend and the weekend before so there's a lot of articles about Coachella fashion coming out at the moment it's definitely an opportunity for people to dress up and show off and kind of go a little bit wild and I thought that that would hopefully be a little bit funny to see what a fashion tragic such as myself who doesn't know what's on trend who doesn't know what the kids are doing these days what someone like me thinks of all of these outlandish fashions from an outside ignorant perspective I'm just getting these from articles some of the people are gonna be celebrities some of them aren't let's get going alrighty this first outfit is incredible I think this woman looks absolutely stunning I love yellows I love oranges I love this whole color palette I think I'm biased because she really looks like she's just radiating happiness and joy in this photo so like I'm really into it but in general I really love this I hate that fucking bag that she has wrapped around her waist I hate UM bags I hate like those fucking stupid crossbody bum bags that people put up on their chests at the moment I don't know what's going on with that and this like handbag wrapped around the waist definitely kind of takes away from this outfit for me a little bit I feel but at the same time she's at a festival she's gonna be dancing she wants access to her phone and her money and all that shit I presume as somebody who knows Farkle about fashion I kind of feel like maybe like a neon yellow bag might have been better but in general I think this outfit is stunning I think it suits her absolutely beautifully it's a yes for me alrighty next up we have Katy Perry I think this looks fucking stupid I don't know how old Katy Perry is but I assume that she's in her mid to late 30s by this point and I like I can't fucking talk I'm 26 years old I wear ripped jeans and the same stupid band t-shirts that I was wearing like literally when I was in high school I cannot talk I'm not trying to be a hypocrite here but it really creeps me out when grown-ass adult women try and do this really like kind of shit and I just feel like that is the living embodiment of what Katy Perry is doing here it really creeps me out I don't know no next up we have this person who seems to be wearing some kind of iridescent la made bodysuit with matching iridescent alarm a thigh high socks and then some stupid purple boots I love this I think it's great I think why not if you want to wear it to Coachella wear at Coachella if you want to wear it to the damn grocery store wear it to the good damn grocery store I love this shirt alrighty this next one is an influencer I think I'm very old and very lame and very uncool so please if any of you guys are fans of any of the people that I'm putting in here and I haven't noticed that they're like a celebrity or an influencer or something like that I'm really sorry I'm not trying to shit on them like if anything it's me shitting on myself I don't I don't know these people I'm an old lady but I hate this I really really fucking hate this there is a lot that I should like about this and I just don't I think it's so awful we'll start with what me a fashion tragic bearing in mind I don't know shit let's just remember that but what I think is nice about this is like the glitter boobs in general the concept of no top just glitter on your titties I'm into that it's hot as fuck out there and the desert at Coachella I assume you know be comfortable get your tits out fuck yeah what I hate about this though is that it's like making the shape of a halterneck bra rather than just like having a cool well done aesthetic design over the tits you know what I'm saying I think it makes it look really tacky and stupid as opposed to like out there and bold and cool so that's that I love the neon green eyeliner but then the green in the top doesn't match like I appreciate the little bits like between her titties here were done with the same eyeliner I'm thinking but then like they couldn't get crystals in a neon green color so it just doesn't look good I don't know why she wouldn't do like a really bold weird colored neon lipstick to go with it like the lips really throw me off and then those sunglasses young people Jen said can you please explain to me what is with these stupid little sunglasses that you're all wearing I think you do it because a Jenner or a Kardashian did it and what I think you all don't understand coming from the perspective of an old lady who always looks like hot garbage is that like Kardashian's and Jenna's tend to look good in everything because they're rich that doesn't mean that the dumb fuck bullshit that they wear looks good on normal people all right these next few are gonna be celebrities because I have an article of like the best celebrity Coachella fashion outfits this is Haley Bieber I don't love this outfit I don't think the top goes with the bottom I think like the top is one outfit and the bottom is an entirely different outfit I don't really know why they would be paired together but she's hot as shit and hot people can get away with a lot of crap so whatever she looks great this is a mandala Stenberg and this is the worst outfit I've ever seen I see I am old enough to remember just in fucking Timberlake and Britney fucking Spears at like the VMAs or the end the awards or whatever they showed up to and I'm also old enough to be like weirded out that all of the disgusting hideous 90s and early 2000s fashion trends have come back to cycle around so quickly and we have like 17 year old Instagram baddies in like little crop tops with like the Bratz doll font on them and shit that say like fuck me in the asshole daddy like it's all very weird to me and this is very very very weird to me um I will say though I don't know who this young lady is but look at that face look at that smile like you know when you can just see positivity and happiness like radiating from someone she gives me the best vibes that's like such a nice person's face I don't think I've ever seen anything uglier in my life than a fucking denim Levi's bustier but whatever what the fuck do I know I'm wearing a crop top that I bought for five dollars seven years ago so who the fuck am I to judge next up we have cardi B I love cardi B I know that she's like common to a lot of controversy recently for the whole like robbing and drugging client staying by I have some probably controversial opinions on that so that has not changed my viewpoint on cardi B I love this wig I think this wig is beautiful I love those sneakers I love her nails as somebody who literally had to talk myself out of getting like neon Shrek green sparkly nails at the salon two days ago I'm really about those fucking nails the like top thing that she's wearing though I don't get that I think that that's very unattractive okay this is amazing this is James Charles I don't know much about James because I don't know much about like beauty and makeup and stuff like that but this is incredible like this is incredible those are the shortest motherfucking denim shorts I've ever seen I love like cowboy western type fashion and I think taking it so over the top and ridiculous like that like I actually I like I love this I think this dude looks fucking great last up on the celebrities and then I'll get back to like just normal Coachella goers people that actually paid for tickets this is obviously kendall Jenner I have never seen something more stupid in my motherfucking life I am really not a Jenna fan in general but I try to be very very unbiased when I'm doing like silly little videos like this if she looked good I'd say the bitch looked good but holy shit like this is the ugliest jitter until like do you people think this is fashion tell me if you are Jen's ed if you are like 23 22 years old or under can you please comment below and tell me if you think this bullshit actually looks good she looks like okay here is what she looks like she looks like a milkmaid from the mountains skinned Kermit the Frog to where his fucking skin as shoes after which time she had a stroke and decided she thought she was Fela fucking moon so she put those stupid gloves on her hands bit like I'm Simas Ari I know that I'm gonna get roasted for this but this is why people should not be made icons based on being born rich this is the ugliest mother fucking shit I've ever seen in my damn life and this is coming from a bitch that got married in gold sequin cowboy boots so I mean hey alrighty back to people that I assume are non celebrities that are just regular Coachella goers this is a bold choice I actually saw I think it was someone like Ciara Schultz may be wearing this thing where this it's like a it's like a janitors jumpsuit but it's covered in like long sequiny weirdness in a YouTube video where she bought a bunch of clothes that she hated to see if she could style it and I did think that this piece was very hideous when I saw it on her so I'm very impressed at this guy for like wearing something so obviously hideous you know what I mean like that's no shade to see her I think she's beautiful and amazing and she's in it that it was a hideous piece I don't think he looks good but I think he looks like he thinks he looks good and that's all that matters this I absolutely hate this to me just looks like trying to be edgy for Angie's sake for a start I hate bucket hats and I don't know why like just putting a couple of like dollar store fake flowers around a bucket hat might be considered fashion none of the Pink's go together none of the Reds go together I think it looks really lazy I think it looks like he didn't put any fucking effort into it but I think he looks like a cutie and I hope he had a lot of fun at Coachella I like realized how fucking savage I was being just then and now I feel really really bad all right last one I tried really really hard to find something else that I liked because I have just like been so negative about some people and I'm feeling bad I think this is cute I really like that I can see that she's wearing like some kind of really elaborate ornate nipple pasties underneath that really sheer orange thing I really like the colors I think that she's made a really cool choice by like matching other bright obnoxious colors to her bright obnoxious red hair I just think that this looks fun and cute and if you're gonna be fun and cute you might as well be fun and cuticle chilli you know what I'm saying alrighty that was a bitch that knows nothing about fashion reacting to some fantastic and some terrible Coachella fashion styles don't take my opinions on this fashion shit seriously the entire point of this is just for it to be entertaining because I don't know what I'm fucking talking about if you enjoyed it though and you want to see me react to other outfits from other events I don't know just tell me in the comments down below and I'll make it happen for you at some point I've been Daisy Lola subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and I'll see you guys in my next video bye e

46 thoughts on “Reacting To Coachella Outfits because I DON'T UNDERSTAND FASHION!”

  1. Fuck ahaha I be reacting to videos with Jake all the time sometimes I catch myself in the moment and wake up to how mean I’m sounding LOL we watched the undateables the other night and dead set couldn’t stop laughing. That first outfit looks like one of the sister girls from Tiwi island

  2. When I first saw the Katy Perry one I was thinking “it’s not really that bad. A blue dress with stripes on” and then the photo panned down and I realised it was meant to be a guitar 🤮

  3. Daisy, I'm curious about your opinions on the Cardi B controversy. I get that that opens a whole can of worms so feel free to ignore me but I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

  4. as another 26 year old…I don't think the trend circulated quickly. I think we're just grannies 😛 I am also pretty sure that what Jenner was wearing on her arms were socks. I remember emo arm-warmers, there were not arm-warmers. These were socks

  5. Rich people almost never have ANY taste in fashion. And the fashion world is veeeeery confused right now. They can only steal "poor people" fashion to a certain limit before it looks too affordable for the rich twats, but we'd never wear kermit boots so they go with shit like that to stand out haha. As someone who used to adore fashion (Tom Ford for Gucci, Jean Paul Gaultier erm yes please), it's funny to watch it crash and burn since no one is buying magazines anymore!
    And they'd KILL for your "I wear what I fucking want" gorgeous wedding look! It was amazing! Great video :D.

  6. Katy Perry wasn’t super inappropriate imo. The dress was knee length and not something I think only teens would wear. I don’t like the idea of having to dress like your age anyways.

  7. I am 20 and this bullshit looks like bullshit.. End of story 😂
    But I like your style Daisy! Would love some secondhand hauls or fair fashion vids, if that's something you wanna do.

  8. Yes please react to more! This was so funny! Today was the Met and I had no idea what the theme was and I was looking through all the photos and had no idea wtf it was, but would be totally interested in seeing your views on it

  9. I loved the first and last outfits the best, but the photos I enjoyed the most were the ones where the person actually looked like they were enjoying themselves. Most of the other outfits I just didn't get. And yes, please react to outfits from other events!

  10. Hahahha when you said Kendall Jenner looks as if she skinned kermit to wear his skin as shoes that’s freakin hilarious (100 % agree about the outfit btw coming from a 19 year old)

  11. The only 90's fashion that was cute was grunge. The 2000's was hideous. I don't get it either. Once I hit 25 I just didn't care anymore 😂. Love your reviews as usual! Brutal with the truth ❤️.

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