Ralph Lauren Telford II Made In USA [Maine] in 4k UHD

The Ralph Lauren Telford II are great boat shoes that were made in the USA. Some say they were made in Maine by Eastland Co. My guess is they were made by Rancourt & Co as the stitching and overall design is much like their Read Boat Shoe although the Telford II is lined and the Read is not. All I know for sure is these are well made shoes that will last for many years.

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This video was shot in 4k UHD with the Panasonic FZ1000 by
okay we're looking at some Polo Ralph Lauren Telford to te LF Ord to size 11 D and what's unique about these is these are made in the United States of America some people say they're made in Maine they might be made by Alden shoe that is in Massachusetts but they're definitely made in the United States and they're very high quality shoe very well done now the newer shoes I believe that Ralph Lauren show sells are not made in the USA at least quite a few of them are not so you got to look for that made in the USA inside but these are a high quality shoe and you can still find them even though this particular shoe has been discontinued you can still find them on the internet go to ebay insert your shoe size and put made in the USA or made in Maine and you'd be surprised what will pop up you can find some real bargains on shoes by eastland shoes by l.l.bean quality Old Town leather there's a bunch of them Rand court and company that are still making shoes up in Maine and/or New England there there's even some manufacturers out in like Chicago and different places in the country that are still making really high quality Footwear and then Footwear is something that you can afford to splurge on and buy buy a really quality product it'll last you a lot longer it'll be more comfortable you only have two feet after all and so take care of them get some good footwear and support companies that are in the United States these retailed for three hundred and twenty-five dollars but you can routinely find them on eBay and other places like that for around 100 hundred and twenty dollars brand new in the box if you're lucky enough to find your size there's still some of these around so act fast you can also find them that are in very good condition use that somebody bought and/or got as a gift and they've been sitting in their closet and they finally decide to get rid of some shoes you know rich people have too many shoes so a lot of times they'll sell something that isn't even worn out at all and and you can get a bargain on so look for made in the United States of America and let me know where you find your bargains what kind of shoes you're buying and I'm gonna do a whole series on these shoes that are made in the United States of America that you can still get here and there and get a deal on them of course some of them you can buy brand new so again some of these manufacturers are still producing singing buying brand you have to pay up for them but I think it's worth it let me know what's on your feet and please subscribe to this channel

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