Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Collection

“For Fall 2015 Collection I wanted to create a sensual, textural world, a warm cozy winter wonderland of strength and dimension. From lush sophistication to the nomadic romance of artisanal shearlings to the pure spirit of simple elegance, I’m inspired by the woman who dares to express her individuality with bold creativity.” – Ralph Lauren

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10 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 Collection”

  1. Ok, so the animals would have been skinned conscious for all the fur she's wearing, but then there's all the puppy dogs around her…are they next?  I'm sure Mr. Lauren is a very nice man, and is unaware of what he's promoting here.

  2. This is cool and she's a beautiful woman and everything, but I literally never ever ever ever never ever see any women dressed like this… Ever. And maybe that is part of what is wrong with the world, I dunno.

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