Q&A with Vera Wang – Embrace Fragrance Collection

three things that inspire me would be love respect and friendship I think every kind of love every aspect of love is really what makes life worth living if you don't respect someone then there's no way you can really possibly love them oh my god friendship what would I do about my friends I don't really know in many ways they're there for me in all situations and they're non-judgmental and I think that someone every woman needs home home and home wherever that is I mean it could be my apartment in New York which I adore I had many different places that I could go to as a refuge home is literally where the heart is but home is also where you feel safe girls feel most sexy when they feel really really free I think they also feel most sexy if they have privacy I think being private is a very important part of intimacy and hence sexuality and I think probably the third fact would be to feel relaxed I always say it a bride today look their most beautiful if they're relaxed the three different fragrances are each different not only in color each one of them evokes a different mood a different sensibility depending on the day depending on the time whatever she wants to wear

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