Priyanka Chopra On Her Prom Dress & Clothes-Stealing Habits | Dirty Laundry | Entertainment Weekly

“Baywatch” and “Quantico” star Priyanka Chopra opens up aboout her prom dress, clothes-stealing habits and much more fashion moments in her life.
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Priyanka Chopra On Her Prom Dress & Clothes-Stealing Habits | Dirty Laundry | Entertainment Weekly

I'm Laura Brown editor-in-chief of instyle magazine welcome to my office. Why do you wear so much black if you can't control your limp? Are we good? Nothing tells a story about anybody more than the clothes they wear because guess what if you're a movie star or little old me you Think about what you put on it in the morning or late in the morning whenever you get out Dirty laundry is about the stories behind clothes told to me by lovely ladies and some dudes weird You going to get your heart like stomped on my [room] [Q3] [overlooked]. You show me your dirty laundry Hi, I'm Laura Brown. That is Priyanka Chopra. [oh] Fashion my dear girl. What [does] it mean to you well? I think that for every girl, especially when I was growing up you know fashion was such a big part of What I wanted to be and I think it takes time now that I'm in my early 30s. I've kind of figured out What works for me and I think I spent my 20s trying to figure that out right fashion I think you've got to try different things I've always tried to something some work some don't work at all, but it's fun to try okay What was the first thing you wore if it was in a red carpet on your in your life or something where [you] felt in? Style I was invited by [a] guy to go To the junior prom [I] couldn't afford dresses Yeah
that was not supposed [to] be my year to go to the prom right so the first time I felt in style was when I Went to miss who's picked up a dress and so he returned to the next day, ha Ha ha you said it was dirty laundry Have you stolen any clothes from a set look from [their] mother? No one ever from a friend Macy's? never from set but yeah Another teenager they have like forgotten that it was in my bag when I walked out of a store Yeah, then I was on my back the next [day]. I was in school this week What was it was it a print? I know just clothes really like t-shirts in south to the [poor's] I was living in my aunt that time and she found out and Got really really livid and I wasn't allowed to do it again I don't think I was a kleptomaniac [quit] like I think the maniac yes Answer, yes, I have stolen clothes. [I] hope you learned your [lesson]. So what did you bring the launder today, right? So there are a few interesting things I mean, I'm in [America] a lot of my stuff is back home in India so I have a few things which are fun These are fun. They're old [mound] you're about seven or eight years old Ferragamo shoes ah How are you intend to wash things you don't have never worn them But they were [custom-made] for me because my foot the last of my foot is [in] their museum in Florence Italy so they made these shoes for me. No custom designed for me and like No, and be like big. It's really trippy when you have men spend like two hours on your books two hours Yeah, because they measured it it had to have like the last had to look like mine and sits next to ordering efforts What's next PC? Well? I was a middle I'm sure about this one whether I should but the new show is called dirty laundry first in line as well So this is a [jacke] that I literally live And hawaii yeah, and it's my [airport] jacket, but it belonged to an ex-boyfriend. [oh] Can you still smell him? God I hope not no now You only tell me why did you keep this jacket things get exchanged, but this one I really really loved because it's just I don't know it kind of became mine, right? It's stopped being is like Officers stayed back at my house once and then I just kind of worried did he ever want it back? You asked for it listen no As like no, that's what happens in relationships [Bobby] it's Dojin [Guevara], and it was such a the best thing on airport and I'm always wearing it. It's like butter It really is and I'm always wearing it [in] [the] airport [because] it's comfortable he would have what he brought up. Yeah perhaps our oh Rolling it already what next okay? so I'm greedy because [your] this is my first book in baby's first birthday, and Bustle and it means looks proofing. Look what it looks like I've seen better days wide open [I] think it was just the fact that I could probably afford one Yeah, this is our the month, but [supposing] the money is a Milestone Yeah, I mean, I don't I didn't come from a lot of money my parents are the best of a good with doctors in the Army And [you] know I the fact that I reached a point where I could get one for myself Editing someone else to buy it for me I think that was the mouse when you realise money with my own hard-earned money, so Empowering the other thing I would [have] choose to buy whatever we do yeah And then going like I did that myself and I earn my [own] success. Yes What in this room here? [oh]? That's what we been with you allow. Yes, I actually hours on you're welcome [when] would this be in there. This is a Incredibly beautiful fish Meena from Kashmir [do] you think I should be there in Kashmir again? – meena from Kashmir, but it's amazing the test of officially neither should be able to go through [arena] by the way [great] [a] lot of it this better not get awkward man. You sure people All right, all right Nobody I want you freaking together back you fucking freaking get this through my bush mean I'll be really mad listen help. You're good. I feel like with Silence fill the awkward silence. I don't get all 3108 Feel welcome oh Easy I'm sorry anything your bra that we could actually [no] wanda Yeah, I've been a fabricated oh, baby. How beautiful? Cuz I from your homeland. Yeah, this is from my homeland This is an abuse and eve, and I just love the embroidery in Alien clothes Just look at that [eh], and this was again one of those One of my first designer outfits that I ever had to buy because I certainly became Like famous after I was miss [world] And I started doing movies and you know these movie star dances were always in designer clothes And I didn't know what designer clothes where I was right nineteen, so this was one of the first ones that I ever bought really you have a favorite memory in this guy yeah um My dad. I lost my dad to cancer four years ago, but he is to say he was also a musician [he] [was] also surging so one of his first shows after He was diagnosed [with] cancer still performed was what I bought this for actually and Yeah, so that's why I was super special because I wore it for that, and he was too ill but he still performed really well and After super special your daddy was a legend my mary was amazing Okay, what would you wear if you are trying to avoid me following you around all the time you know people think the public [people]? Wear sunglasses, [and] they're like Oh, I don't want to be recognized, but it's actually because we're just hiding dark circles true there might go too far yet, okay? They're comfortable to work with almost anything going on Ralph Lauren. Yeah, Ralph Lauren, and they're just comfortable They're like a little so basically to me they say oh, I'm cool and artistic like gentleman and at the same time I'm like you know classy like Ralph Lauren and their little Golden am Adronis One of these things you know doors. We talked about it um [new] [styles] Which is my dad's charm necklace? We were fake and you know like you get charms from all over the world And you know we kept like putting it was much heavier You did you talked about this in India when you that look very touched because it actually? It means so much you and it was your first [issues] it So tell me [talk] me through these things well um This is like [a] muslim prayer called the eyes of Chrissy which is for protection [then] there is Ohm which is again all of its production [reserve] redux which is these seeds they come out of a tree once in a year [rather], [India] subsidiary lucky, but it [stuff] like sort of Protects and take care of them [you] read [it] a lot. I do whenever I'm not working in normal life I don't want to do in a weird way to sort of Like feels like my dad's around and you know I'm traveling all of them. I've no roots in my life. I only have wings I'm always just like flying from [one] place to the other so you know I carry things that make me feel um Just at home. Yes And and then like in touch with swear come from and stuff like that and people who love me Which is another one, which is this ring? Which my collector on quantico she gave this to me. I allow my concussions mother Mary How did you get the concussions? Well? I wish it was an even [more] glamorous story in the one I'm going to tell you, but I was running on a wet sheet I remember wore the wrong shoes, and I spelled night land on the road and was terrible um and It was pretty it [was] a little scary because the first time I ever had a concussion And I didn't understand what it meant at that point But I'm only understood when my doctor told me that it was a concussion when [I] found out [but] my mom wasn't my next flight out oh This is serious. [oh], oh yeah Three days a concussion. What did you do? Listen to Amy Schumer in my ear because I couldn't do anything doctor was like you [can't] read if [I] watch TV You can't focus your eyes on anything from what do you do? So after three days of the [leaves] [gonna] come back to work and producers of course. We're more than happy Speed round. Oh, I hate those stop crying okay [about] cars ready What did you wear when you had your first date? I don't know I think it was hand it was an Italian [restaurant] called Frangipani remember that and I don't know what I wore how tragic. That's a good thing [that] I didn't remember what I wore I remember doesn't say Well should [you] wear when you had your first breakup? God I remember That I remember wait, I was coming back from [a] shoot that's why I was dressed in like in my hair with all that makeup was all done and and It was a bad breakup. I remember Yeah, I came back from a shoot, but it looks so cute. Yes, well through the tears. I'm so pretty yeah, I mean I was Presentable [when] [it] happened was he gonna get your heart like [docked] on my little cubes realize. I look cute first day at [school] Uniform because that's what we do. We will wear you know home. Yeah, [and] my [father] [was] I Was an anti legal, thank God it was one for Ken [by] Dhow First audition my first audition was actually fun to [do] I know I know it was great I actually worked completely wrong outfit Oh Alex is a little bit more like the nice jeans and t-shirt, and I was in a dress And [I] [filled] my hair blown out, [and] I walked out looking completely not the part Pageant it, but I got the role. I got the job so [I] must have done something right? What did you wear any first day on set [I] was sorry Oh my first day on set and I was 19 and I hated wearing it because so many layers and I did not handle it and I had to look obviously very elegant and as I said something I wore all the time which I didn't so it was not the best [starting] experience. I'm sorry quite a tryout with infrastructure [I] It's great actually because it works on any sort of figure. Yes, you're it makes every sort of figure. Look hot actually all of that raising in this feminine Sorry um for premiers red carpets and stuff like that a wedding yeah But I would wear I mean I've learned now how to wear a Sari We just treat him it was really hard to do, but I've learned how to do bad and I wear the maestri factionism [3] pin 3 seconds yeah first award Show Thank you. Oh Over the ward and [we] have yeah, and you want one And then I [wanted] the emmys that red dress for my son again. It was a Jason wu guru it was Amazing girl. Thanks, you were getting heat on from Stage It was an amazing outfit, and I was really nervous because it was custom, and you know that can sometimes be a little dog but [it's] just it was such a Princessy outfit and look it was exactly in color of the red carpet, so [it] was just such a moment You know did you wait, but you gave it back? Cuz I had fun in it and [it's] so funny I kept learning all the time I was I was the twirling emoji you know. That's the red one was so the dress weird for people Socially [release] [its] what twirling. I'm just walking whoa. Well, you don't do it like that you do [it] Look bad in like slow mode either. Good even why you don't do Last longer you went to last concert I went to with the global citizen concert that happened last year at the center box Well, you asked a bunch of our physic four times Which is a lot [of] people my cookbook because you took some punches because I'm enthusiastic enough But yeah, my chain four times every time metallica comes on wear different outfit which I did you like every now I love Metallica. Yes, go ahead and another 31. Yeah I sure do watching them live was incredible, and I was in the wing and The energy is nuts even now like some on stage is like Keep something in your head. Yeah, I did but no videos are good That sounds careful. I'd know people around Put you a twirl and I see you. What's your Saturday night in look? My Saturday night, and yes, I mean, it's not going out. Which is usually my Saturday night. I know My Saturday night in look is either of my pajamas I have I own a bunch of one who which are my [like] at home In house so [that] I have [fate] some of them we got sleep with the ones of [feet]. Oh, no. It's [a] [Kaput] Yeah, it's really hard, and I tried [once] when I was I woke up with like two hours, and I was like Oh, what's happening to my feet? They're in prison. Yes It's very scary So then I have one view stone half [feet] which is that's why you Saturday night announces you because the most adorable [Marci] He'll know. What's your I'm gonna sit in a dark theater look? Okay, that's an important one [it] has to [do] a lot with cashmere because you've got to be warm [theaters] get really cool cashmere the best sort of world I usually like Jackets which are soft and I don't like wearing jeans to movies cuz you have it Kp. Oh I Wouldn't go as descriptive as that But like I'd rather become super fucking games every other day, babe. Do [you] ha? That point got hold in Yeah, thank you time my grandma tried, so often to [stitch] [them] up. Yes well You should really keep telling me where I don't know why they're going do you not have a deform why I? Was actually do cuz I do not make money what what is why? Do you have to force it alert the people is compatible clothes? women wash by hand Washed I am True. Thank you so much for being here Priyanka Chopra. This has been dirty laundry with Laura Brown

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  1. How is it that so many people don’t understand that Laura is just having fun with Priyanka, I guess the rest of the world doesn’t understand Australian humour… smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. It belonged to an X Boyfriend (Shah Rukh Khan) a married man with kids! a co actor and they always denied their ‘relationship’ in Bollywood saying they’re just friends! What a dumb bitch! does she not think Indians will watch this?! She blatantly admitted that he ‘stayed over at hers’ bloody tart. If I was Gauri (Shah Ruth’s wife) I would punch her lights out lol. By the way everyone NOSE you lie about it 😝

  3. Who gave this Laura woman this job? Totally not cutting it. And in front of a vivacious super engaging person like Prianka she looked so fake. And what's with that "I gotta go pee" pose she struck throughout the interview? How do talent-less people like her get into this industry!!!

  4. Everyone here like the interviewer’s so rude… and they’re all Indian lol. This kind of interviewing style is not considered rude at all, go watch any Australian/British interview. Now Indian reporters/journalists on the other hand are a different story 🙄 they are rude and infuriating just to get some cheap reactions and content.

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