Pietro Handbags: Carrying a legacy

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Pierre opened a handbag factory after immigrating to America. Decades later, when stores and little boutiques that were buying from them started going out of business, his son Alex learned to use digital tools to reach customers online.
I came here from Beirut Lebanon in 1976 when there was a civil war I came to New York because I see it in a movie I was 23 years old and I have $400 in my pocket i watch TV to learn English and in the morning I learn how to say egg sandwich the friend of mine he had a factory for handbags and he offered me job at that time I don't know nothing about handbags but I learned a business fast after four years I decided to open my own factory I'm Pierre and I'm Alex and we're the owners of Pietro handbags in New York City we're in the heart of Chelsea and one of the only factories that still exists in the city when my dad started they have money for a babysitter so I spent a lot of childhood years in this factory but I slab all my fingers I still have everything I want to go into architecture originally but one day I had an epiphany I just couldn't walk away from this business that my father built from scratch the next day I showed up to the factory like that Eleanor yet designing is a combination of my father and I'm we just come in and we start piecing things together being in New York City you're inspired by everything like there's so many walks of life you know you go on the train and I see a woman wearing one handbag which she also has two others that are on the other shoulder so it's like you try to figure out how could I make her life easier nowadays the craft is very difficult to come by for a lot of our employees it's been passed down generation generation and then it's just dropped it and we do the top stitch around the edge so we do tours for fi T students per Parsons for Kratt and we introduce them to the art of making handbags about 2015 we really started seeing a big decrease in sales because so many stores and little boutiques are buying from us started going out of business I have to keep the factory going I don't want to send them my employee to the employment because I don't have four so I was like we really got to double down and shift our focus to selling direct to consumer by driving business to our website it's very easy to get lost out there I mean everybody has a website nowadays so we've really got to make our presence known we started marketing online to help people find us on the web and I still learned that part of the business every day this last year almost 20% of sales came from the website which is the most we've ever received and the majority of our traffic came from Google my dad retired in June he has not collected a paycheck in almost a year now and he's still with me every day working 70 80 hours a week I'm his employee now he's my boss to an extent I always tell you did it you did what every immigrant wanted to do you started from nothing and here we are today almost 38 years later that's the American dream you

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