Outfit Ideas For YOUNG MEN! + [FALL 2017 fashion tips]

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Yooo! This video goes out to all my young guns who want to upgrade their fashion style! Let me know what you think & which outfit is your favorite!
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outfit 1:

outfit 2:

outfit 3:
long sleeve:

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what is going on everyone Dre Drexler here thank you all so much for tuning in to today's video today I got a good one for all of you young guns out there like myself and you know summer is almost over bro no more surfing and fall is upon us today I'm gonna show you guys outfits based on fall season and just overall cooler seasons I've been getting a lot of requests from you guys asking me to hit on this specific subject so I just wanted to make sure that I got all you young dudes covered and honestly you know to me being young being youthful is just a mentality I mean my wife's grandpa is like 87 years old he still hangs out freaking drives everywhere still Rock Street we're all in all in my opinion being youthful is just a mentality so with that said let's jump right in pootis alright so for the first outfit I'm going smart casual so let's go ahead and kick it off with the watch this specific watch is the chrono s and silver rose gold from Ben Cerro collective which is also today's sponsor you guys know I'm very selective when it comes to collaborating with brands and I believe Ben Cerro is definitely top of the line as you can see there is a lot of beautiful detail in this watch the face is scratch resistant and includes luminous hands so it's visible at night it's of course water-resistant and the band is made out of genuine Italian leather it's sexy simple and it definitely takes any outfit and just makes it look more classy which is something that you definitely want to go for if you want to present yourself it's more mature the big reason why I'm such a big fan of ansara is simply because their pieces look very high-end yet they're available at a very great price I mean the first time I saw one of these watches on their online shop I was surprised that these things weren't over five or six hundred dollars especially when I received it in the mail I mean like this thing was heavy-duty man rather than going just for simple basic designs and Sierra just shows others that you not only care about your style but you care about the way you present yourself by the way if you decide to click that link in the description below and purchase Ava and Sarah watch go ahead and use my promo code right there that should help you guys out and when you receive your watch go ahead hit me up on Instagram and let me know what you guys think now moving on to the rest of the outfit on top I am rocking basic crewneck tee and maybe this one specifically has the sleeves rolled up to give you more style got on cropped skinny smart pants and dark gray these are from ASOS and as far as the shoe I just went for a basic sneaker and navy to match the top and the sole definitely complements the watch as well so all in all going for that smart casual look is definitely great for you dudes who want to present yourself as a little bit more mature alright here going out on a nice day or if you have a meeting or you know something serious like that next up we are going for street smart which is kind of a made-up word that I thought of basically it's the perfect balance between street wear and smart wear so me this is a great go-to outfit for us young dudes this specific out there right here is SuperDuper comfortable yet freaking clean as frickin Frick on top I have this Puma sweatshirt in beige it has a very minimal feel to it as far as the bottoms I've got on these Navy joggers by brave soul to finish off this very clean and minimal look I decided to go with these minimal sneakers in bone color from Aldo which blends in perfectly with the whole entire fit and now as far as the last outfit we are going full-on street wear and actually in the last few months retro looks have definitely been making a serious comeback and that's why I had to go ahead and cop this retro striped long-sleeve it definitely adds a youthful feel to the whole entire outfit in my opinion yeah it's great to dress to impress and to present yourself with maturity at times but it's also good to act your age as well especially if you're in high school or college or even junior high I mean you're young take advantage of it dress fun be expressive enjoy yourself but anyways for the bottoms I have on these essential denim raw wash jeans by wings of Liberty which is one of my favorite brands of all time I definitely have some more pieces from them that I will show you in upcoming videos they're so sick these specific genes have zippers on the inside they have a nice comfortable stretch and they are hand finished in England and as far as the kicks you know I had to go with the Stan Smith's and I apologize I know they're dirty you guys but I just I'm kind of feeling it like that I don't know there's something about the dirty vibe I'm dig this outfit is fun funky it's friendly I mean if I saw a dude rocking this out but I would think that you'd be a cool dude to chill and hang out with honestly so I hope you guys all enjoyed today's outfits before I go since we are on the subject of youth and being young I definitely wanted to stick to that subject growing up like I said I always felt like I was kind of in this awkward stage for some reason I wanted to be an adult it's really really bad and I think that was mainly because you know I wanted to be taken very seriously because you know my main goal was always to inspire the world with my music because that's what I was doing at the time and I just wanted all everything I was doing to be taken very seriously but now that I look back there's times where I wish I didn't take myself so seriously and there's times where I just wish I would have enjoyed my youth to the fullest so with that said I encourage all of you guys all you young bucks to just enjoy your youth to the fullest I'm not saying to go out there and not go crazy doing dumb crap and getting in trouble but enjoy yourself enjoy your friends make great memories also take time to work on your craft find things that you love to do find your passions and have fun doing them for me I had a great time doing music growing up I mean I learned so much I got to travel because of music I got to inspire the world music did so much for me it even brought me here to YouTube which was one of the biggest blessings of it all so remember enjoy your youth you guys and always keep true to the dreams of your youth so that is it that's all I have for you guys today I appreciate you guys watching it means so so very much to me if you dug this video please give it a nice big thumbs up subscribe if you are new and you haven't hit that notifications button yet go ahead and do so for me so that way you guys will be notified when I drop my next video I got a lot in store planning for you guys I'm super excited to share with you so yeah until next time my name is regex lair shock

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  1. Wow thats really cool
    Did you produce muaic and if you did .. Do you produce your channel music just wanted to know.
    Also thanks for every fashion vid you did helps me a lot .. Keep grinding. 🙂

  2. Hey Dre!!! I'm not sure if you remember me, but I am a big fan! I've recently become a email marketer, and I kept thinking about who I wanna partner with. And I automatically thought about my man Dre! Do you own an online shop?

  3. My favorite is the streetsmart look. Two reasons for that. One is the word "streetsmart" itself and second, yes it is very comfortable and stylish at the same time. Love the look.

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