OUR STUDY ROUTINE *how to get good grades*

Millie and Chloe – We give you our study routine and tips to help you get good grades and study hacks for high school! My study routine!

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hey guys it's Milly and employee welcome back to our channel so look if you guys have asked us how we revised the text and how we do all that from work so in today's video you'll actually be showing you how study tips how we cope with all about homework and how to get good grades we'd also like to say a big thank you to Quizlet for sponsoring this video and now let's just get on into the video now let's face it trying to concentrate at the kitchen table while others are trying to do the dishes or watching TV will only lead to distraction and time waster this is a wife doesn't need one quite area away from distractions as your study space and over time your brain will also enter study mode sooner when you go there now trying to study in a messy cluttered workspace is not a great idea either it's hard to organize your thoughts and focus when there's mess everywhere which leads to distraction personally I feel completely overwhelmed and stressed if my room and desks will take this while I tried to do my work I wouldn't be able to focus or concentrate doing your homework on your bed may seem crazy but it's actually a really bad idea your mind is trained to think of your bed as a place to sleep so from the moment you lay back with your computer you will likely to lose focus not be productive and become sleepy or simply want to put on Netflix or YouTube now does in this room just feel calm after it's been decoded and organized removing the distractions helps bring focus back on your work rather than having your mind wander every time your eye catches all the items lying on your desk or on your floor where you decide to do your homework plays a huge part in how much work you'll get done and the information you will retain both Milly and I study at our desks in our rooms which are quiet well-lit and uncluttered I personally really get less distracted and more productive studying here than anywhere else the first thing we always do when we get home from school is to change out of our school uniform studies have shown that wearing comfy clothes actually improve your focus so we recommend taking off your school uniform or skintight jeans in favour of your trackies okay guys newsflash you can't multitask like checked snapchat watch Netflix answer text and study at the same time these are all distractions and will make you lose focus and become less productive so unless you were doing a social media assignment checking your insta feed is not going to get you an a-plus on your French test remove your phone sorry guys but you can't live without your phone for an hour or two so hand it over and try not to fight about it study tools are a great way to help you learn and online study tools make it even easier the online study app that we've been using for years is called Quizlet Quizlet is free on your computer or phone and helps you revise for your school work using flashcards games and quizzes the easiest way to use Quizlet is to search through the thousands of flashcards and study sets already created by the students and teachers there is literally every topic you could possibly think of our language teachers at school use Quizlet in class and create study sets for us to use at hearten but you can also create these yourself so this is one of the study sets one of my teachers set up and it's just for all these italian words and there are a bunch of functions such as flashcards learn write spell test match and gravity Quizlet is super easy to use and a great tool to help you study better to get good grades i use it in classes at school recently for french revision and milli does too it is a really fun way to revise and can also be used for group revision or on your own two-thirds of high school students in the USA use the app and over 30 million people worldwide Quizlet is a free app so if you'd like to try for yourself the link will be in the description box below some people swear that listening to music while studying helps them stay focus I'm one of these people the music you're listening to can change your mood which can make you study easier but it also has the ability to distract you from doing your work don't listen to music that is going to make you sing along we'll start dancing in your seat then it is just a distraction also studies have found that listening through headphones stops you from retaining as much information as you would retain if you were listening without them now this is more like it and also these are the songs which I listened to you while doing my homework also listen to calm music without words that you don't get distracted by the words or be tempted to sing along like Millie was Millie and I both use aromatherapy to help us relieve stress and focus while we study I like scented candles as it makes me feel calm a night while doing my work we also both use de-stress pillow Mir / body sprays and we both have focus hand lotion which improves focus and also it smells very good thanks for coming on can we go through our life together and make sure we've done everything yeah okay so I'm John at the front cover then I've done a history of blow away oh yes I do that I do that real good okay and then I have broadly timeline now personally I'm a huge fan of study groups and quite often they'll be three to four of my friends or facetiming together while we discuss homework tasks and our assignments studying with a group is helpful because your friends have different points of view which can help you if you don't understand something and are often easier to get access to the new teacher plus we can all support each other it also stops me from procrastinating over a subject and I generally learn faster and get the tasks done quicker okay studies show that handwriting revision notes help recall and boosts memory and the ability to retain and understand the work we both like to use handwritten notes as part of our ways for revising for tests as it seems to help us both remember concepts so guys actually get very distracted sometimes I do my homework and I get her anxious and just stressed and overwhelmed by the amount that I have so these tapes which actually help you focus are very helpful because when you focus you get the work done fossa and then overall makes you less anxious and stresses out how much work you have yeah it's really easy honestly to forget some of these steps like honestly he's taking about two hours to do somehow I was meant to take five minutes and it's usually because I'm really outfit or I have a Netflix playing in the background it's a bit of a problem and literally the most important thing we can say is it's all about distractions take away a fire-type buy your iPad take away your other computer that's got Netflix on in the background do anything you do just get you into the zone and also another big thing is don't leave your work for last minute sometimes when I like two last-minute festival the whole time when I'm not doing it is it back am I not yeah and in the back of my mind I'm like oh no I'm good enough to do that serene and I build up more and more stress but I actually stopped doing that years ago because it just wasn't helping me so as soon as I get her Mike I literally very hard that night and get it Donna because then I don't have to stress about it and it's very ball sorry thank you guys so much watching this video we hope you actually view some of our tips and we hope that helped you guys out if you've got any more study tips definitely from in the comfort alert for everyone to see but the main thing you what you remember is study takes efforts would also like to say a big thank you your quiz left is watching this video it is a very helpful app and we've actually been using it quite a lot it is used by over 30 million people worldwide and we definitely recommend you go check it out a link in the description so thank you guys so much for watching this video don't forget to comment like and subscribe and we'll see you guys next time

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