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I’m baaaaaaack with a new nose. Kind of. After years of hating the little hook in my nose and thinking there was no way to get rid of it, I discovered the non-surgical nose job.

It sounds way more dramatic than it is – you simply have filler injected into your nose to smooth out bumps and imperfections. It’s a non-permanent method, more affordable and a lot less invasive than an actual nose job.

I had mine done at Botonics, Harley Street in London

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hi guys welcome back to my channel I should probably walk myself back to my channel considering it's been about three or four months since my last video yeah baby way and back and I've got loads of like new ideas and exciting new things to kind of go through I thought I'd dive straight back into things talking about a procedure that I had done about three months ago so I had as you probably tell from the title of this video a non-surgical nose job some of you might be thinking what the hell is a non-surgical nose job so what it basically is is where they can smooth out things like bumps and like you know uneven bits and bobs in your nose using filler so instead of going and having a really painful nose job you can get it done using filler I mean it's not for everyone and there's certain things that you can't really get repaired it's mostly for like sort of small little things um so as you can kind of see from my old videos I used to have with a little like bump here in my nose it was really accentuated by the fact that there's a dip here between like the bridge and like my eye bruh between my eyebrows and throughout my nose so whether it dipped in it made it look a lot bigger than it really was and I was really really really self-conscious about it like when I was you know people had taken pictures of me I always want to take my pictures like straight on I'd spent hours perfecting like the perfect selfie angle to hide the fact that it was like crooked like that obviously that everyone's imperfections and flaws they're always magnified when we look at them ourselves so what something obviously bothered me massively no one else really cared about but it was a real insecurity that I had so to be able to find out about it and get the chance to get something done was really really awesome and the RushCard who did the non-surgical nose job she is amazing she's such perfectionist she kind of points out things about my nose which I didn't really realize what's wrong with it but you know that's fine that you're getting a fix that it doesn't really matter so I went in had numbing cream put on around this area and this area just to kind of like numb everything and make it a lot less painful because obviously you're going through having injections here here and here so that was left on for 40 minutes I was on a you know lying back as you do and nourish care she kind of did she came and she started off by putting the filler in the top of the bridge here and filling in the gap and it was a really weird sensation it didn't hurt there it was like I mean if he's ever popped a spot with a pin before it felt a little bit like that I guess that's an effect of a numbing cream and but yeah it didn't hurt it was a kind of weird like nice kind of pain the weirdest thing about it was the fact that it feeling the filler go in and the kind of weird like noise that it made as it was going in she put it into that bit there and then she was like you know putting in and then molding it as it she goes along to kind of get the right shape and then I was doing the bridge she went down to put bits of filler in the rest of my nose to make sure it was like totally perfect and really even and symmetrical I had a little tiny dip there so she went in there and put in some filler that was a little bit more uncomfortable not not massively but a little bit this is actually when it suddenly got really really painful to lift my tip but it wasn't really true P I'd had a droopy tip um plays a little bit it was a little bit like you know it could have done a little bit like packing up in elevation so I'm she went in with a needle like right there and like if you like grab like between on done' so if you grab it in there and there you really feel it's a really like fleshy area and it's really sensitive so she went in there and put some fill it's kind of like in order to like lift like the tip and so that was just the most painful thing I was I spent the entire like procedure being like yeah this is like such a breeze and this is fine and then she one in there and I was just like oh my god I'm a find this is agony please don't this is this is the worst and she went in as well that through the end of my tip and then cut around the sides and then really like you know kind of went like back to it to make it a bit more you know cuter at the end and not so great a droopy and that was it the first appointment and what they do is they do a follow-up appointment in two weeks time where they kind of learn there's usually a little bit of filler left over I had one mill put it and so whatever's left you go back and they just cut once all the swelling has gone down they just see like how the fill is settled and they just add a little bit more so initially after my first appointment I was totally ecstatic it looked so so good compared to what I was used to and it felt really weird because obviously you've got this fill it here and it felt like the only way I can describe is it felt like someone had got a big space and just gone like whack and that whacked me like their recovery time was really quick I mean look you can go in and have this done on your lunch break if you really want or don't really mind people knowing people getting these things done so I went back two weeks time to get the respite in and that was I could have had it done with anesthetic cream but we were kind of running short on time and it's a lot easier to do it and you can see you can see the effect more when you haven't had anesthetic cream so I had it without and yeah that wasn't very fun but luckily it didn't take as long so she put in a little bit more there just to straighten things out a little bit more they're only just really perfecting things and then she went in in the tip again and oh my god I was lying that and I just remember going muscle memory cross-eyed particulars because she kind of like went at me with a needle and I was there like oh my god oh my god oh my god oh and be like well as it went into the green all that fun but yeah and then it was over and that's it like I had like a new nose my confidence was in unreal so that is my non-surgical and nose job you have any more questions obviously feel free to ask me and I'm totally open about like telling people about this because you know Here I am putting on the Internet so yeah make sure like you either leave a comment in the box below or just tweet me at Sophie Milner underscore FS and make sure you subscribe to my channel because I have got lots more exciting fun things coming up and I am getting back on the YouTube bandwagon so thank you for watching and don't forget to subscribe you

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  1. The clinic near my place will do it for $700 after tax but it’s a little high for me (I’m 21 and a student), do you think they’d let me do monthly payments? Like $200 a month until it’s paid off?

  2. I have this booked in tomoorow…hooked nose so lifting tip and some at the top of bridge….how long did yours end up lasting out of intrest. X

  3. This is exactly what I want to do, my nose is big and long and weird looking. I know it suits my face but it’ll never be accepted in society and I’d rather be accepted than not accepted, I don’t want to live knowing no one will ever like my nose. So I’d rather have a nose job to fix my nose bridge

  4. My nose is somewhat similar I have that dip shit too lol n I hate it along with other things about my face, but u r really pretty before and after, u didn't need it plus u have nice big lips so ur appealing to the eyes lolol but the ONLY thing that matters is how U feel about urself, nobody else will ever understand the feeling of "insecurity" about urself or something about u. How much was it?? N I'm guessing ur from London or UK, I'm in the US

  5. I think your natural nose is very sexy, exotic looking. Do not worry your new nose is still beautiful.The most important is how you feel. If it is temporary filling, my advice as a man who really appreciate women beauty, you are beautiful you do not need to do anything involving cutting on your face. At your place I would not do the nose again since I like exotic 🙂

  6. I live everyday so self conscious about my roman shape nose and my best friend is the same with her nose. I think I’m going to talk to my dad about having this done when I’m like 18 tho I’m terrified of needles

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