"NO Matter How Many TIMES You FALL, GET UP and TRY AGAIN!" – Vera Wang – Top 10 Rules

✎ If you’re looking for ways to find your passion, be a minimalist, and empower others this video is for you.
Grab a snack and chew on today’s lessons from a man who went from trying and failing to make the US Olympics team for figure skating to being an award-winning fashion designer with clients like Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, and Kim Kardashian. She’s Vera Wang and here’s my take on her Top 10 Rules for Success!

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1. Find your passion
2. Be fearless
3. Marry your creativity with business
4. Reinvent yourself
5. Work in a great environment
6. Find your creative process
7. Learn from failure
8. Work hard on your passion
9. Be a minimalist
10. Empower others
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* Find your inspiration

✎ She was born and raised in New York City and is of Chinese descent. Her maternal grandfather is Fengtian clique warlord Wu Junsheng, who was killed by the Empire of Japan. She attended the University of Paris and earned a degree in art history from Sarah Lawrence College. She began figure skating at the age of eight. When she failed to make the US Olympics team, she entered the fashion industry. She was the youngest editor at Vogue. She stayed at Vogue for 17 years, leaving in 1987 to join Ralph Lauren, for whom she worked for 2 years. At 40 she resigned and became an independent bridal wear designer. She was honored with the Council of Fashion Designers of America Lifetime Achievement Award. She was inducted into the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 2009 for her contribution to the sport as a costume designer.

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Vera Wang

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Thank you for watching – I really appreciate it 🙂
if you're looking for ways to find your passion be a minimalist and empower others than this video is for you when you love something every day goes by in 10 minutes and for me it was all about fashion right now the minimalism clears my head it represents Who I am if you encourage women to explore their own creativity and hopefully you give them the tools they can express themselves the motivation whattcha top 10 with believe nation what's up it's Evan my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe you have an amazing gift inside you that I want to see explode out onto the world so let's get your motivation to attend and get you believing in you grab a snack and chew on today's lessons from a woman who tried and failed to make the US Olympic team for Figure Skating to becoming an award-winning fashion designer with clients like Mariah Carey Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian she's Vera Wang and here's my take on her top 10 Rose a success enjoy alright let's kick things off with rule number one find your passion I was working as a salesgirl at nice al-haram and in walk Frances Pataca Stein she was then the fashion director of American Vogue I sold her a lot of clothes she said someday when you finish college call me and I will give you a job at Vogue well for me safety of quoi and I came on when I told my mother this woman's gonna give me a job at Vogue and my mother started laughing at me she said I'm sure she says that to all the young women and I said no I I think she really thinks that I can come to Vogue and work I didn't know what an editor did I think she saw a passion and I think she saw a desire to work I got totally seduced and from there on in I fell in love with it and it just became it became my life fashion is not for the faint of heart not just figure skating by the way and considering those who this to loves of my life I would say that in order to do both and suffer in a way sometimes the loneliness of that kind of dedication and you have to really be passionate when you love something every day goes by in 10 minutes and for me it was all about fashion it really was it was my way to express myself through dressing women and creating things and that's a very very seductive feeling you know it was just you know when you look at the clock and your clock watcher and it's nine o'clock and you look again it's 9:02 and you look again it's nine seven well when I worked at Vogue I'd look at 9:02 or 802 and I'd look again it was 10:00 at night and I don't even know where my youth are my days or my nights went well you're 15 years but I was I was really really very very happy there rule number two is be fearless one of the things that I found extremely fascinating about you is that you and your career have consistently been a risk taker in fact I think one of the biggest risks you took was turning the traditional white bridal gown into pink yellow green even black what drove you to take such risks well I will say I am fairly fearless although it doesn't come without a price but creatively and when you work in a certain genre and I work in ready to wear as well as Bridal but I think we're very celebrated obviously for the dress for the woman's most important day of her life so I have to say that trying to keep that fresh trying to keep that new trying to keep myself creative and trying to envision Bridal as a whole nother form trying to visually brought us a whole other form of self-expression for not only myself as a designer but for the bride I'm taking big risks like black dresses new dresses pink dresses rule number three is marry your creativity with business I think the perception of fashion is that it's extremely glamorous and that it's sort of frivolous and all of these things but it really isn't like it's like a business like anything else and have to pardon my punks I'm known for wedding but you have to marry really your creativity with what's going on and what's real in terms of the market rule number four is reinvent yourself tending Sarah Lawrence to provided a general opportunity for me to pursue my Olympic dream while attempting to get a serious liberal arts education in the end I neither qualified for the US Olympic team nor excelled at college and ultimately Sarah Lawrence asked me to take an indefinite leave of absence in other words I was kicked out I was now at an all-time low more than my family and faculty I had let myself down morally spiritually and intellectually as I slowly and painfully began to reevaluate my decisions I found great solace in Paris where I fell in love with fashion it was the first time in my life I had lived not lived the overschedule existence of a professional child in addition to immersing myself in French culture I also reaffirm my own desire to return to school skating for me had not ended with Olympic gold but it provided me with a powerful metaphor that would forever define my life no matter how many times you fall get up and try again getting back in a Sarah Lawrence now became my overriding goal metaphorically at 20 I was starting out all over again although my second attempt at college was very different this time I was fully committed to learning but also determined to explore life from a very different perspective I had also learned yet another significant life lesson about the importance of timing and priorities but most of all reinvention as jr. your approach I again returned to Paris from Rouen Sarah Laurance international program what a magical time that was and as I felt further in love with all things French not men necessarily oh maybe a life and fashion began to intrigue me I had found something else that had seduced my heart and captured my imagination as much as skating hat rule number five work in a great environment vote was my first job and I was very very lucky to have a job there everything I've learned a lot of my training my eye my background has come from my years of voc and I think working for Ralph Lauren was a privilege in all honesty when you work for a man that's so decisive so consistent so brilliant it's bound to or hopefully to influence how you view your own career and so I was very fortunate to have two really great careers of both of these institutions rule number six find your creative process when I first started I used to do sketches where I could say well here's a low neck here's a high neck here's a birch I'm fat with a bigger skirt I mean it was the only way I could get out what was in my brain but over the last 25 years I've really come to want to work myself with the fabric so being here is now integral to my design process there's no other place or way I can do it anymore it sounds very extravagant in this day and age but we work right on the body and we have a constant model because I have to see the clothing on the body very interested you're a rattlin I don't want to tear this one apart another write that goes away i draped on her I correct it I make them cut it we do pages of notes I want to space I could in a way retire from the intensity of that room which is extremely intense so this room is my office if that's the right word no one comes in here it's really for me my Haven slash disco flash house mental hospital rule number seven is learned from failure also behind every perceived success is always some very significant failure the importance of failure however as many people say is to learn from it but to quote Winston Churchill success is not final and failure is not fatal it is a courage to continue that counts rule number eight work hard on your passion if you could credit your success to just one thing what would that be I would think hard work also very Chinese trait in all fairness I was driven by passion I think whenever I speak to young people I always try to instigate in them and understanding that if you really feel something for something if you really love something you're going to succeed for more easily rule number nine is be a minimalist if you didn't know Vera Wang was a top fashion designer before walking into her new office space you'd be none the wiser once you were there there are no racks of clothes no swatches of fabric or even glossy high-fashion photography on the wall the space is so spare there isn't even a sign at the entrance for me right now there's my head it represents Who I am today probably even more than as a designer because there's so many categories technically I have to do so I wouldn't say one blanket statement I think they'd be very limiting but it does represent a certain kind of freedom for me and a certain kind of openness and a decluttering and rule number ten the last one before the bonuses and also my personal favorite empower others Col simply berry is a lifestyle brand no question it's about philosophy it's about encouraging women not intimidating them that should be very intimidating if you encourage women to explore their own creativity and hopefully you'll give them the tools they can express themselves a beautiful print a great gene that's beautifully cut then I think we're on the right track so I love rule number 10 empower others because it really speaks to the one word philosophy and core selling in that people are buying you and your products because of what you stand for and because of how it makes them feel about themselves it's a reflection of themselves not just because of the benefits that they're getting by using your product so companies often start off selling the the features what your product or service actually does then they move towards benefit selling which is more around the benefit that they get by using your product or service and then the companies that really excel the companies that have brand status the companies that are really doing big things are the ones using core selling which is that last bit which is by using your product or service by being associated with your company I feel better about myself I feel empowered myself to go off and do something because I believe not just in the product you're selling but in the mission of your business and then you get to the point where people will buy from you just because of who you are and what you're doing regardless of what the product or service actually is and so that's where I want companies to go to that's why I want entrepreneurs to be not just competing on price but competing on your mission if you're doing something really important and you want that to spread and you want that to be the thing the catalyst that makes people want to come I can buy from you and tell their friends about you and keep buying from you and keep telling more people about you so I love it I love the idea of empowering others I encourage all entrepreneurs to find that empowering mission within yourself your one word bring that to your business and that's when you start to see a lot of success so I wanna know from you guys though rule number 10 was my personal favorite do you agree with me is rule number 10 the best one from this episode or is a rule that you like better let me know leave it down the comments below now I made this video because Fanny Mitzi asked me to if there's a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next check out the link in the description to the request line where you can go and cast your vote I also want to give a quick shout out to Lin PO daddy Lin thank you so much for picking up a copy of my new book the top 10 rules to success and sharing it with your kids and having them read it at a young age I love it I love that picture thank you for posting it online and for all the support so thank you guys again for watching I believe in you I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one where it is much love I'll see you soon I was quite inspired by fictitious Merion Winnett this last show I gave and ready-to-wear was based on Mary onto a new version of her a new vision of her if she were today because she was a fashion icon to me I mean her dress has got larger her hairdos her pen loop got bigger and bigger her wigs and she she became a rock star in fashion and I wasn't really looking at the beheading or for all over the end of the monarchy I was really looking at her as this fashion this fashion adventurous you know and I mean that she dared she really dared to explore new proportion was silhouette I looked at it from a very weird point from a fashion point of view so I would love to know what went through her head when she went to live in the country and suddenly she was wearing these peasant shirts and sleeping in them and and she left the court you know of Louis says and suddenly she's like this country girl I guess what there is that the economy and most women they're there many sides to one woman you're not just one thing you're many things and that's why I thought it was kind of fascinating this year for me to explore her mindset at least what I think was her mindset ever if you have to think of one word that's most important to you or that sums you Apple that would be to like a little beacon they believe nation if you want to know what the most important one word is for Tony Robbins Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah Winfrey will.i.am and Howard Schultz I have a very special secret video for you check the description for details

35 thoughts on “"NO Matter How Many TIMES You FALL, GET UP and TRY AGAIN!" – Vera Wang – Top 10 Rules”

  1. It took me over a year to realize that you made this GREAT video after my request! I used to watch it from 2018, over and over again going back to rules but just today i watched it whole, I had it playing in the background as i was opening boxes with new collection clothes in my shop- just to get inspired, and so video finishes without me pausing and voila I hear my name at the end! Thank you Evan, really truly Thank you! Vera Wang is a great great inspire for every woman that has passion for fashion

  2. Hey Evan
    I loved the 3rd rule "marry your creativity to business" and the reason I love this one is because I thinks it's incredibly wise. I know so many people trying to follow their passion and struggle due to the fact that they don't find a way to look at their passion from a business perspective. The other downfall of this is that when they try so hard and never feel that success they loose confidence in themselves. So I think that Vera Wang is wise to point that aspect of her success out. Thanks again for your amazing videos! I'm loving the little tidbits on information about each person on the side of the screen. Great add on 👍🏻keep at it! Jade

  3. My favorite lesson is #3 Marry your Creativity with Business… It's a challenge at times that by having creativity, understanding "how" to make that transition. I would love to see Bonin Bough's Top 10 Rules For Success!!!! He's amazing!!!

  4. I never knew she wanted to be a figure skater!! Wow! "Behind every perceived success is always some very significant failure!!" Yes! So crazy how what she wanted to do in the beginning ended up still becoming apart of her success story just in a different way.

  5. I love to work in a great environment because I am now teaching in a world-class school here in the U.$. and I learned something new everyday about your world-class educational system that I can share back home in my beloved native land The Philippines!!!:-)

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