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I know Counselling has begun and well to be honest, this video was filmed 15 days back and I am sorry in the delay but I was caught up in a lot of personal issues I needed to resolve. But hey hey! It’s is up on the channel now. 🙂

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hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel this is Shivangi and in today's video we are talking about counselling part 2 for knit 2018 in my first video I realized that a lot of you guys even after me Leppa totally telling you that I can't really predict your centers and your departments a lot of you guys had this question keep my corns and apartment milega conscious enter milega and just so that you sleep easy at night I decided to hunt relevant information of course I can't predict your centers all predict your departments but I found two Valley places which would kind of give you a clearer picture first one is sniffs official website which has a list of all the last rank holders which got into Nifty in 2017 in every department so c-4 fashion designs for Bombay it was Prime's 97 in the general category similarly you would have categories for SC ST OBC PWD and it causes the NRI coda so hopefully this would give you a clearer picture of the last Mellotron holders who got into nits and the centers in the departments that they got in so the second one is actually Shiksha com again this is not a sponsored video none of my videos are sponsored but this one hopefully would help you I tried it I made an account and saw that it gives you a clearer idea of the department you could get into and the colleges you're applicable for hopefully that would solve this mystery at least for the next 15 days after which you would be already sitting for a counseling and hopefully we would all know which Center and which department you get into so I hope this helps you a little my second thing here is the most important question what happens in the second and third round of counseling but before we get into it I have a confession to make there has been a mistake in my last video which said that you have to pay a fee of five thousand rupees for registration for the first level of counseling that's my bad I went back looked up the information and you don't really have to pay anything for the first round of counsel apparently you're supposed to pay in the second and third round of counseling so for the first round you just have to go and register online you do not have to pay 5,000 rupees for registration for counseling second and third round you need do each round that you sit for you need to now that sort of question let's get into the second and third round so what exactly happens in the second round of counseling is that once every student is decided according to their ranks and departments what centers they've beat there are a couple of people who actually drop out or they're people who leave the seat or the position or they just you know kind of take their money back and decide to go to different colleges or decide that they would be sitting or preparing for lift again that opens up a window so the second round of counseling is actually for all the students who have let go of their seats those seats are weakened in certain departments in certain centers and NIF does a second round of counseling again based on ranks and again based on common merit ranks for the students who did not get internet or for the ones who according to Neph would not get a center of their choice or did not get her department of their choice so I would personally say if you're getting a center or department even if you don't like it take it until you you know start with the second round of counseling if the second round of counseling works and if say for example you have like a certain center open up you might just get lucky and lined up in one of those centers so don't be disheartened and also people who do not make it in the first round keep your options open if you know the drags actually closed before your aunt comes in wait for the second and third round of counseling you might have a chance there now the third important thing is a lot of you guys have been asking me if the department is more important than the center and although there are pros and cons of both situations I'm gonna give you my honest opinion on the pros of both lis situation so that you can easily pick and choose this is not on me to decide I cannot advise you to choose a center and not a course or choose a course not a set it's completely on you but I'm gonna give you my unbiased opinion here so if you choose the center off your choice see if you choose net kumbaya nay bangalore on it Delhi which are kind of the Metropolitan's you have a better chance at actually getting more exposure city wise because it's not just the institution which teaches you but also the surroundings and the environment and everything around it if you're studying in if Mumbai you have better access to market surveys you have better access to internships in the city you could work over the weekends you could be you know it would be practically possible for you to go attend events go attend Fashion Week's be a part and intern at different places work part-time do all of that and of course just experience the city you know the entire city say visit museums visits tours visit different concept stores and kind of open up your vision about fashion in general now talking about the pros of picking up a course or a department of your choice honestly your department or your course or your specialization determines your entire future of course I've done a video on 20 jobs in fashion which gives you a clearer idea that the lines in the fashion industry are really blurred so if you're a designer you don't have to stick to design per se you could also get into communication you could also get into textile you could also get into a lot of other things and you don't have to be restricted to only fashion design and only apparel and only like woven fabrics you could get into knits the lines are blurred so that's always there but if you're working under somebody as it you know if you look at it trauma you're just perspective of sitting for placements and applying for jobs so basically what happens is that the placements are actually centralized so nifty panty law and if Delhi in in Chennai and if mom made everything is centralized all the different centers on sixteen centers come to these three or four centers and the students sit for placements so your department really plays a crucial role in getting you a job of your choice so if you want to actually study leather design and you end up in knit wire design because you couldn't get it in a center of your choice I would not advise doing it but if you're flexible and you're okay with doing anything related to design and you're not very strict and you're not very strong-headed about oh I have to study only fashion or I have to study only knitwear I have to study only textile then you might just pick up a center of your choice rather than picking up a course of your choice but if you're really strong at it about what you want to study and you know for sure that this is what I want to do when you're focused about it then you might as well choose like a course of your choice and probably apply for internships during summer then try and get the maximum out of your holidays so that's a very very important crucial question that I've had a lot of you guys ask me so here is the answer for that so counselling is a really simple process I've already shared all the information I knew in my last video and of course if that doesn't help you I hope this with your dodging it gives you a clearer picture that everybody who's arrived 2015 100 and above you have a chance of getting into nerf just don't lose hope yet you still have a chance it will still make it just be optimists now that we've talked about the pros of both these situations the corns your are that if you end up picking up a center of your choice and if you absolutely detest the department you've gotten into it is going to be a waste of your time energy and four years of education because at the end of the day if you don't enjoy doing what you're doing what's the point of studying any which ways calculation may take yoga rob coconut or see personally if you can make yourself to like the course great if you can't you might as well pick up a course of your choice tartar then run off to the center of the city now the cone you're in the course is that if you end up taking up a fashion design course or a fashion communication course in a remote center of knit and you do not get access to actually you know market service and you don't get that environment and you don't get that vibe of like a fashion College then what is the point of studying there I mean of course you're going to get the information which you get within the four walls of your college but any in outside information any understanding or learning we learn from your surroundings in your environment that's really not gonna happen so you're not going to learn 100% these fours you will learn everything that the faculties have to teach you but what the city teaches you what the surroundings teach you the different stores the different experiences workshops the different museums and all of that you're not going to really get exposure to that so this these are the pros and the cons now so you are a better judge about your life make your decisions work in your favor make the right decisions at the right time and make those decisions the right ones for you as well so that's it for this video you guys I hope this video helps you a little bit and gave you a clearer idea of what you can do once counseling actually happens and what centers and departments probably you could get into so that's it for this video guys I hope you enjoyed watching it if you did make sure you give it a big thumbs up really close to 10,000 subscribers let's make it happen pretty soon with you guys and keep tuned for my next few videos because those will be really interesting as well I'm gonna see you guys around

22 thoughts on “NIFT COUNSELLING PART 2 | Pro Tips”

  1. Damn you just made me so optimistic! Honestly was so depressed! I wanted nift Bangalore for Fashion designing but the seats are already gone! I had no hope and actually thought of taking a year break! But this was so helpful! Thanksss

  2. What if i couldn't manage to get medical annexure form filled( as its a government hospital's work, so its taking too much time as none of the doctor is agreeing to work on that) and what if i go to couselling without that form filled, will it effect my admission process.?????plz ans mam..

  3. Hi , my common rank is 5600 n category rank is 1608 OBC … I m in. Delima..mujhe achcha college milega ki nhi mujhe leather n knitwear krna h..n mujhe counseling k liye common rnk dekh k bulayenge ya category

  4. hi didi, i wanted to ask if i should go for FD in NIFT Mumbai or Apparel at NID Ahmedabad. my mom thinks NID is better culture-wise and is 'prestigious'. how do i convice her to let me choose NIFT over NID?

  5. Plzzz mam replyyyy my common merit rank is 2612 is there any chance of getting in to nift . rato ki neend oodi hai and fd milegaa😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. Hi Di …I want to ask that up to which no. Of rank we would be able to get chance inany campus of nift & also when we get campus in first round only of counselling then we should apply for next counselling or we have to take campus provided in first counselling …..please clear my doubt …..
    And also tell how many students are selected in total for nift in all campus approx

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