NIFT COUNSELLING 2018 PART 1 | Everything You Should Know

Hey guys!
Sorry about the funny comic sketch in the beginning but I just wanted you guys to breath and laugh a little! I’ve been bombarded with emails and DMs asking me which centres and courses are you guys eligible for based on your ranks but honestly, no one can decide that for you! 🙂 I hope this video and the second part help you in some way! 🙂

All my love!

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34 thoughts on “NIFT COUNSELLING 2018 PART 1 | Everything You Should Know”

  1. Just wanted to thank you for your YouTube videos. They've been of great help. Especially how you preach the concept of fashion and what hard work can do, really gives a moral boost. Me being a student of the asoke hall group of schools and then reading in opus to sit for nift, I feel like you're a real life example of how far people can go just with sheer talent and the mind set of doing something. So, really wanted to thank you for constantly making videos on fashion and throwing light on the subject. Taken up LD in chennai, and I dont think I wouldve been able to do it without your help. So thanks again 🙂

  2. hey Shivangi,
    I know i am quite late, but i really need your help, bftech results came 2 days before and my cmr is 113(general) . pls give me some idea or approximate idea of the centre which I'll get. pls

  3. Hey i m thinking to do 1 year course of design in boutique apparel and accessory in nift kolkata….but i m in dillema ….does this course have value?? What is the scope..wil i get any placements after completing?

  4. Mam, i have a question. Nift study kaya language kaya hain. I want to ki kaya main mother language main par sakti hu ya it's compulsory to study in English. And another one isme kaya apko practical parai karma parta hain ya kuch theory vi parana hain for yealy exams. And after completing the course how will i get a job. And how many departments are available their features. Plzzzz let me know mam

  5. I am finally a NIFTian now!! I got FC in the nift kolkata campus . I am so thankful to you mam for your absolutely amazing guidance throughout the last year and this year as well. you played a great part for us confused teen aspirants to gain knowledge about nift and that now we have finally made it into nift.Thankyou for all your best wishes, your amazing guidance , for calming us down through your vedios during our most tensed time period and also for creating a positive enviroment for us tensed kids. . And now that i have gotten into nift I hope that i grow myself in what i m good at and can make everyone else around me super proud!! Thankyou again!!

  6. I dont think that i will get any seat now…my rank was too low… But i want to know that what happens in 2nd round of counselling …do i get any seat that time??

  7. can i have chance to take admission in nift cause my class 12th rslt was too poor due to chem n maths..n cbse offered me to give compart on one of them…so i selected chem…the final rslt which ll b given to me ll be declared as pass..but on maths it ll still live cross…plzz rply

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