New Blood Elf Female & Male Models – In Game Preview – Patch 6.1

Looks like Blizzard are off to a great start with this update!
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hello and welcome back to the patch 6.1 PTR so we've got some pretty good news this time actually the most recent build added in the first iteration of the new models for the blood elf male and blood elf female and I've got to say my first impressions at least from looking at them in the character select screen are pretty good now these are just first iterations there's still more work to be done etc so we'll have to just wait and see how that all pans out and now in this video I'm just going to go through the character creation for both of them and then we'll move on to and the endgame animations after that so I'm just trying to think that's what will we go with warrior yeah because the warrior thing and just it doesn't cover all the skins we can actually see the new model right let's have a look first of all face just higher detail etc really exactly what you would have expected after seeing their art craft post one thing I definitely notice is the ears and actually kind of looked a little bit more 3d in terms of their geometry there rather than just being this bizarre muddy texture and arms look a little bit low res for some reason don't know why but overall it does look like an improvement in terms of the different faces I mean I'm gonna go through them here but this probably doesn't mean that much because Blizzard said they are iterating on this stuff pretty heavily so there's just a quick look through the phases we'll start off from hair type number one and move and move our way down actually the hair is looking pretty decent for some of the new models I really thought the hair kind of let them down but this stuff seems okay now one thing that you will probably notice is the eyebrows are a little bit messed up in terms of their texture that's probably just some sort of PTR bug alright then so there's our various hairs let's just randomize the name hair colors I mean they're they're all the same as they used to be yeah there you go there's the various hairs we'll just throw on a randomized name oh wait facial hair I forgot about bass what massive amounts of facial hair we can have yeah it's it's what you'd expect if you've played one of these right that's going game and mess around actually making a warrior was a terrible idea no we're going to make a new character can cast because casting animations are something that people like to see so uh what mage yeah major will do and then we go alright then so here we are of course seems like there's a lot of people checking out the new model terms the run animation I can't really say too much because I don't play one of these on live but that's roughly what our run animation is looking like and I'll try to get the they have a swirly jump don't they I'll try to get it to to proc the house maybe anyway so hmm I mean the animations okay a part of it does look a little bit stiff but yeah it's it's serviceable let's see what what do you think if you actually play one of these let's attack something so here's our casting animation doing the old the old hands swirl yeah it's the condition right what can we do next some emotes of slash eat well swim in a little bit more it's just to give you an idea of what the facial animations are like let's do slash dance Wow okay no I don't know what he's doing there well I I do he's cheeky cheeky well it seems like they need to fix up a little bit of the dance so it doesn't look like the characters beating himself off halfway through the damn dance ah hello hello cat how are you yeah so that's what our dance looks like just go over that again oh if I could even type in dance correctly I wonder if that was just the bug or if that was just me seeing things hmm oh yeah that's that's a bit weird looking don't you love PTR's right what will we do next there slash point I suppose that's a thing mmm exciting slash charge of course they well let's just say something yeah look looking good very exaggerated on the on the mouth movements but that's Jeremy what Blizzard do seem to go for that's such general overview of the emotes if you want to see them all then I recommend just loading up the WoW head model viewer and playing around with that but this video is just to show you kind of what they're like in game suppose I should also just hit something with my melee weapon hello man a worm right to be Rex Oh kind of looks weird cuz I was moving and it's essentially the same but maybe with a few more frames it looks like there's some sort of bug going on hmm anyway I'll kill this and we will hop over to a blood elf female alright then time to inspect the blood elf female Mazel this time let's just go with a rogue I don't know we've already went with a caster or a hunter I don't know screw it warlock we're gonna do a warlock now then let's just go over the all the the various things so skin colour is its skin colour it's probably the same as that all this has been you look at the various phases I'm not not a crazy yet so the mouths are changing but the rest of the face isn't Blizzard did say that there's a bit of a bug where they're all early some of the models are using the same geometry for many parts of the face and it would seem that the only thing well they're not much is changing here from face to face and that's probably explanation for that so there we go their eyes do seem to be bit more glowy I don't know if I mentioned that previously but they do see more glowy that's kind of cool though I know a lot of Draenei people didn't like the enhanced glow that the warlords of draenor a trained eye have but I kind of like the glow right that said just move down through the various kinds of hair which are again exactly what you would expect just higher res better hair so that's pretty cool that's just going to the very first one right terms of other things ears have got these same enhancements that the male hears have which is again what you'd expect and overall it just it's their combate or I suppose and hair color is likely all the same their blood elf that I'm sure you'll support any differences and then finally we've got earrings see if any of these have been changed I think these are the same as the like default earrings you've got a lot of room for earrings there don't you yeah can imagine like a sort of blood elf like you know sort of pimp person you know with all the gold jewelry everywhere just having ears that I supposedly just be droopy ears wouldn't they they'd have so much jewelry on them right that's hopping alright then so we are here with the blood elf female in in the actual game let's try her to do the swirly jump the male wouldn't for some reason there we go that looks different I recently rolled up a blood elf M and that character is I think level 6 or 7 and her swirly jump looks a lot faster than this one swirly jump what's going on there anyway in terms of various things there we go we got a face you can move around the place whoo-hoo isn't that it's not very exciting there's the casting animation so it's I don't know it casts I think that looks pretty good right let's just go and attack something regularly hello mister links house dark razones where we just slaughter animals for the sheer fun of it hmm looks a little bit weird when okay then ain't interesting I didn't know you started with imps huh right yeah the animation really kind of bugs out whenever you're actually hit by something but still that's looking pretty decent right let's do slash dance it's probably the thing that's worth doing more just for the facial animations and because they generally do play around with the face is quite a bit during the dance animations and gives us a little bit of an idea one thing that I really hope they don't mess up is the slightly I suppose like sinister ish look to some of the blood off stuff I know that Laura why's there baby not and such a bizarre places they were back in the day when they were added but still right we've done dance we've done eat let's just do the questioning one and the talking one I'm talking one again for no reason that's the charge and each which I've already done I think I'm running out of emotes that's enough that will do so there you go blood elf male and female alright we're back it's kind of an underwear party why because I realized that the characters that I was using we're both wearing robes because of their classes which means you can't actually see the character model for what it is so there is a blood elf male in in the nape running a little bit so there you go it's it's what you'd expect I suppose greedy it does appear to just be the same as the past model but with a bit more muscle definition so really it's it's more of a direct upgrade if I remember correctly from the artkraft post the blood I'll female has got a few more sort of just I don't like defining tweaks or something in the mail the mail just look like a straight port with high resolution but it seemed like they changed some of the geometry and stuff fourth female I'll just do the walk animation which seems to be bouncing up and down in an odd manner do you see that – I don't know let's hop over to the female ok so let's hop on to the blood elf female and really it's it's similar enough but what they have done at least from what I can tell and what I notice from the art craft poster they posted a while ago is that some aspects like the hips and waist and stuff and I think legs as well are a little bit more filled out essentially it's a little bit less kind of twig thin in places from what I can tell I think that's probably just a result of them having more polygons to work with so they can actually make the model look a little bit more smoothed out and well realistic but still cartoony I mean when I say realistic I don't mean they're trying to make this look like an actual human because it's not a human it's a blood elf but you know obviously living things don't have crazy bizarre like polygon angle thingies going on and yeah more polygons is a good thing I think this is pretty awesome update so far for both the man and the woman just nice and overall what they've I think managed to do is at least keep for the most part the look and feel of blood elves the reason I say for the most parts cuz they don't actually play one on life so at least like as a main character so my opinions not really too worthwhile however if you do play a blood elf character then let me know what you think about this so far and to bear in mind that it's only the first iteration and hopefully stuff will be tweaked and also if the patch 6.1 version of this model is a little bit messed up in one or two regards chances are they'll fix it up in the next patch because I know they've done that for some things like the Night Elf running but yeah that's really it for me it doesn't look like they've messed up anything so far and actually on the topic of the female she does still in terms of just running around she does feel quite nimble and that's sort of the same feeling that I get on live with with both characters they still have their sort of bounciness and nimbleness going on anyway that's really about all I can say for this and let me know of course if you do play a blood off and I will see you next time

38 thoughts on “New Blood Elf Female & Male Models – In Game Preview – Patch 6.1”

  1. Blood Elves in WoW are hot like 20-25 years old real life humans.

    (The female blood elves are hot to guys
    the male blood elves are hot to girls)

    The new model isn’t even close to be as hot, sweet and pretty as the old model, in my opinion. And the worst thing is that you can no longer choose model on the blood elves in the option Show New Character Models since Legion came out, while you can still choose on all other races (except blood elves, night elves, draenei and tauren).

  2. I like how the male doesn't look like a wimp anymore, and stands slightly more straight, instead of leaning to the right WAAAY too much. The running animation for males… omg wth were they thinking? I think they went overboard with trying to make them look strong. Females… daaaaayum! all I have to say.

  3. Most of my toons are Blood Elf females, and I'm liking the new models. They're not that much different than the old models, as far as I can see, but then again they were added much later in the game than the humans and such. But I'm happy!

  4. Female looks much better! They could totally do a bit more with both the male and female faces, like actually give them different bone structures lol. Can't wait till it's in live, it's so weird with all the updated models, the old Belf models look blurry kinda.

  5. Haha, I love how you talk about them Bellular.

    "I don't play one of these 'things'."

    "How's it like if you play one of these?"

    "Here's its casting animation."

    Like they're lesser creatures or something, just made me lol throughout the vid.

  6. They completely botched the male's running animation (same as the troll's), and they have ridiculously disproportionate limbs. Not to mention no fucking necks. They take forever to make these and then they give us this steaming platter of shit? 
    God damn WoW had gotten disappointing.

  7. I really hope they adjust the male blood elf's walk cycle. Definitely don't think my mage walks with his arms stiffly out like that. Similar, but not quite like that. Makes me think he should be wearing football gear with the current PTR walk.

  8. As a Design student who made 3d models over the course of 5 months (Altogether with animations, textures and shit) I believe this is the laziest piece of work a video game company has ever made :T. I'm very disappointed the animations don't work and look unnatural. They need a new 3d artist asap.

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