My Wife's New Channel and Fashion Line

Well, some exciting things are happening! My wife and I are diving into the fashion industry. She has a fashion degree from the FIDM fashion institute in San Francisco and is ready to use her degree. Her goal is to start her own fashion line and I’m going to be helping her out. She started a YouTube channel and we’ll be uploading regular videos about fashion and art and the projects we’ll be involved with. Watch the video to see what my involvement will be and what we’re planning on doing.

Her new YouTube channel, Sherrie’s Arts and Fashion:
hey guys got some exciting things going on let me tell you about them my wife and I are getting into the fashion industry my wife has a fashion degree from FIDM in San Francisco it's a fashion Institute and she's ready to use that degree and she is an artist she paints she draws you know she's no she's been sewing since she was a little kid also so this is gonna be great and she wants to start her own fashion line so we're gonna kind of ease into it a little bit and I'm gonna be helping her with this venture of hers so I'm gonna help her get a social media presence so the first thing we did was last weekend I helped her start her own YouTube channel and we spent two hours last weekend getting her welcome video up and going so I was assisting her figuring out you know what what she was gonna say for her welcome video so you're gonna start with your introduction Yeah right you can say hi I'm sure hello whatever I say hello I'm sure yeah I'm stupid be like hello I'm Cheri welcome to my new channel do you want to do it a few times which one you like about self laughing so you have your whole introduction hello hello thank you to transition between different different subjects you could after your introduction say well let's dive right into it let's talk about what this camp new channel is gonna be all about you know you could say say that so let me give you a little background about myself you know and then after having rehearsed her lines it was go time I look good you look great showing no straps no straps no straps you look great now she's never you know had her own YouTube channel she's she's never really done any videos of her own so this was a little bit of a challenge at first for her you know when you're first starting out it's not as easy as one might think to uh to do a video with you know a whole bunch of stuff you want to cover in a short amount of time you know and memorizing your your lines reciting them you know as smoothly as possible yeah we went through a few takes hi guys welcome to my channel I'm Cherie and this is hey guys this is Cherie hi guys I'm Cherie and welcome to my new channel Sheree's fashion hi guys I'm Cherie and welcome to my new channel Sherry's arts and fashions fashion one more time okay we'll start a new clip for the next one you look great my histogram is telling me that everything hold that thought my goal is to start my own fashion line I'm gonna show you the prices increases it was a lot of fun actually maybe not as fun for her but I like doing videos so so it was fun for me and I just tried to make it as comfortable as possible for her and just assisted her in the process and then she would nail her line and were like okay we're gonna use that one design and a few art projects along the way and maybe some how-to videos perfect you nailed it let's use this one in the final thing so I think for this next one I'm gonna zoom in a little moron slightly over the years I've worked in a theater in a fascist over the years I've worked in a theater a fabric store and for an interior designer all right let me know when you're ready for the next section did you want to rehearse this next section before we carry on okay so you might be wondering what is her YouTube channel all about well of course it's about her endeavor into the fashion industry she's gonna be she's gonna be well I'm gonna be helping her produce videos I'm gonna be filming her videos and I'll appear in some of her videos from time to time we're gonna be showing the process the design process and everything that she's gonna be doing to create her own her own pieces that she's gonna sell and hopefully someday end up with her own fashion line and it's I'm really we're really excited about this this is a great adventure that we're getting into here I did help her a lot back in the day when she was going to fashion school I helped her you know cut patterns out and I would help her so some of the pieces and just assist her it was quite a daunting task you know creating creating different fashion pieces there's a lot that goes into it so I have a little bit of experience already but she's the one with the degree so they're gonna be her pieces and I'm gonna be helping her with all this again really excited this is great and then in a couple of days we're gonna film her actual first video she's already got her she's already got her welcome video up now we're actually gonna do our first actual video on Saturday I don't know if she's got something in mind I don't exactly know or filming but whatever it is it'll be great so check out her channel be sure to subscribe if you're into fashion if you're to art we're gonna be doing some other things relating to art in general like some she'll be doing some drawing and painting kind of here and there I imagine it's gonna be mostly fashion but again other types of art going on there so check it out if you're into that sort of thing check it out subscribe even if you're not you still might find it interesting so subscribe anyway and share be sure to share so that's really about it we're doing a slight crossover between my channel and her channel will be mostly her stuff but a little bit of a crossover so if you still want to see me doing stuff then subscribe to her channel and I'll be making appearances here and there in her stuff alright guys that's all for now I'll do another vlog at some point another hiking video or whatever I do don't know when exactly but I'll try to continue posting stuff on a on at least a semi-regular basis so alright you all have a good one and we'll see you over on her channel – bye now I'll be posting videos anywhere between once a week to once a month so now you know what to expect with my new channel so be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for my first video

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