My top ten tips for Central Saint Martin's Foundation (LDN)

Just a reflection of the last part I haven’t done, which made this first youtube year-ish great, in which is my course.

I am a 2014 graduate of Central Saint Martin’s Art & Design Foundation, and just thought to give a ‘metal stick’ of an aid to future students pursuing the course. Obviously, there are many more tips and even different ones you learn, depending on your pathway you take, but for the general tips, I’ll ruin the fun if I give you all of them. You have the freedom to listen , but as I said in tip no. ten, don’t hype it up.

☁ I knew I wanted to specialize in Graphics yet I decided to follow the Diagnostic pathway first as I thought since both pathways meet up by November (depending what subject you specialize in), why not learn new things and get use to failure.
☁Also got a distinction & continuing there to study BA GRAPHICS.

Excuse the pimples and death look…Yeah, yeah I’m behind and on it.

DJ GRUMBLE – Shorty Reprise.
even though I'm jet-lagged cuz London's seven hours behind Malaysia I still look pretty decent no I don't say I thought I do a quick rant to reflect the other part that means my person to do so special apart from my travels which is talking about the course of business we need to like rewind a bit so part of my YouTube self a part of me is a psychotic hard-working student who has just finished a foundation at Central Saint Martin's and who has always aspired to be a millionaire graph because I am even though she doesn't know how she's going to get there and wondering til today whether they exist looking back I admit I was that lame naive kid who was really excited but scared at the same time and looked every single video YouTube about tips and guidance on how to survive and haven't gotten see the hardships challenges and experiences of the earth I feel all of them didn't really help me at all I'm saying the tips I learned from these videos were wrong it's just that at the time I thought at least I would have a sword and a shield to get through the challenges of that yo seriously all I got was like a wooden stick of awareness and literally snapped within a week so that's why I decided to make this video felt like at least giving a metal stick I am no CSM foundation expert this is simply just up ten tips from a girl who cares a bit too much about her work but I start with my tips that I finished my Central Saint Martin's foundation in May and got an offer to continue doing be a graphic say as well well that I went through the diagnostic pathway first and then specialized into graphics later on but yes I am only 20 and I'm only stunning a a so to those people who are using jet packs to fly across the lot oh I'm trying to climb it you guys can just go my side tip number one if you start in the diagnostic pathway and you're having trouble making friends because classes change practically every one to two weeks think of the situation as if you're trying out speed painting does it not only help you comprehend and vanish the frustration of the situation but it also helps you build confidence to put yourself out there it's just nice to learn and get to know people because people come from all over the world to study at CSM number two the library might seem like a horrible place at first but all your projects it's your Moses especially when your tears give you a time off in the afternoon right after briefing you have no idea where to start with your project you learn in fact this the systems of using the library you just part your project and show all your ideas clearer and more efficiently tip number fie get and don't underestimate the powers of your home printer and I really say go all out even if it's to the point where you're going to get in damage or paper jams which happened to me a lot your printer is basically another art tool you can use to experiment different papers hit number four and this is my favorite tip of all it's called understanding the back hand the back hand is basically five fingers put together give you that mental slap across your face which theoretically makes you push yourself beyond your let me just be aware of what situations you will get the backhand examples if you don't finish your work on time on the deadline excite the back end if your project does not cover all the three points that the back hand but sometimes you may get the back hand even though it's not your fault which leads to my next point tip number five let the missus miscommunication misunderstanding mistakes especially just let them go because about to experience and make all of them understand that everyone is like you and everyone will make them as well my opinion I think such a thing must've already stresses you out about your work don't grieve your emotional capacity on the regret and anger you have for those misses number six have bits of money everywhere especially in your painting cards the beginning you're giving a student card but also a lively card it's good to be able to have two options of being able to film in your student card in the first second or the secret magical third floor additionally it can save you from missing a deadline number seven look out for the hens for foundation students you can't use most of the facilities unless you've been inducted and or Tito's or definitely said you're not allowed to use the facilities unless you've been inducted but if you talk to the technician that's the hint to get your work done and use that facility number eight the more you give the more you get people don't tend to talk about other people's work now I admit it's a very daunting thing or you ask people and the more you give them feedback about your work more people will be comfortable and you feedback as well also another bonus of how you make friends with people in your class tip number nine keep updated with information every day because the communication in CSM is what rings all the inconvenient is your experience and finally with number 10 not get caught inside and so that is bloomers exaggerations just so hyper yourself unless it helps you work they also will mix up your information which you don't want because I said in tip number nine communication is just my shirt it's got like flying pineapples and bananas on clouds don't get me wrong whatever I say about my thoughts and tips for this foundation I think it's really worth doing because even though you might be challenged a lot you also have a lot of fun you and your work will grow a lot along side making really great friends that today's all week hope to teach a CSF are the students that gives you the insight and you I was watching that it also gives you a great insight of who has been I actually was excited to do this video because it was a good introduction to my other office me which will be introduced more in my next video if you're looking for that don't forget to subscribe and I make videos every Friday my listeners is relatively new girls next fight

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  1. Hi! I'm going to start my Graphic Communication Foundation at CSM in 2019 Fall, just want to say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for this video, it really helps me a lot!! ❤️

  2. Hiii. Online it says you need to pass 1 A Level and 3 GCSE classes, etc. I'm confused about this because even though I'm going to be doing my entire high school education, I'm in an international system (american system for Lower 6 and Upper 6) where you don't have those exams, but instead we do the SAT's. Also, our 'A Levels' are AP Exams. Basically what I am trying to ask is if passing the necessary # of classes in year 5 and upper 6 will be equivalent of the A levels and GSCE exams?

    I know this is a really confusing question but I'm stumped


  3. Hi! I'm thinking about applying for the foundation course at CSM but my budget is quite tight because I live abroad and would have to rent an apartment. My question is, if the schedule they give is prepared for students that work in part-time and if that would be too overwhelming to conciliate with the work CSM gives. If part-time job is impossible there, could you please tell me if there is other way to work around this problem? I would be very greatful if you'd respond! 😀

  4. Hey, can you please do a video on what to include in a portfolio/work to show for applying to the foundation course with Graphic design work?? you seem to be the only person who is studying Graphics at CSM on youtube that I can find lol and it would be really helpful to know what kind of work would help get into the CSM foundation course x

  5. Thank you for this video! I received my offer for csm foundation course last week and am very nervous about the course. In the end of the diagnostic course, did you get to choose your preferred pathway or did the professors chose it for you? I'm also going on a diagnostic course and am afraid that I wouldn't be able to decide, not because I already have a sense of direction but rather the fact that I don't? I fear that through the experiences from the diagnostic course it will become harder for me to even pick a pathway! 🙁

  6. What made you chose CSM over all the other foundations under UAL that are available? I'm applying this year and am scared CSM may be too (from what IV heard) pretentious for me?

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