My HONEST Second Year University Experience in London… THE TRUTH.

✭ My HONEST Second Year University Experience in London…
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i’m BACK! i thought there’d be no better video to return from my mini youtube hiatus than being super honest and open by sharing my second year university experience @ UAL: london college of fashion in the uk – where i study fashion public relations and communication. hands down loved filming this video – let me know your thoughts & feel free to comment down below any other video ideas you’d like to see!


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and I ended up making friends who I can generally say are going to be my friends for life I was seeing in this guy it was essentially like a situation ship see what had happened was I possibly want to announce my great second year because for sure I love you guys are curious about that what's up everyone its Darren here welcome back to my channel or if you're an Evo welcome to my channel it has been a hot sex since I've uploaded on to my channel as a lot of you guys know I haven't uploaded a video in about a month to now and if I'd be completely honest with you guys it's just because I needed the break to just figure out a lot of stuff reflect on things and just like plan what my next moves are gonna be so yeah I've had a really really nice break off of youtube I've done a lot of personal development and yeah I'm just really really happy but yeah as you can see by the title today's video is going to be at my second year University experience video exactly I honestly felt like it went on for so long so many different things happened some juicy things happen some interesting things happen a lot of different things happened basically um I think today's video is going to be interesting to share with you guys and a lot of you guys have requested it as well yeah if you're looking forward to hearing everything which I'm about to share make sure to smash the thumbs up button and without further ado let's just go ahead and jump straight into today's video see how as I just mentioned second you definitely had a lot of different aspects to her overall now that I've completed her I can say that despite I had some very up-and-down moments I do truly believe that everything that happened was meant to happen and has really helped to contribute to like my personal growth and my perspective on things and just generally maturing I'd say before kind of delving deeper into those kind of things I firstly want to announce my great second year because for sure I love you guys are curious about that so I've actually completed second year with a 2-1 grade term very minor with looking at my transcript for this year though I do have to say my grades were definitely not as consistent as last year last year I was consistently getting aids which you can relate to first class or B pluses which will be relate to a t1 this year my grave has gone from like a pluses to C's – aids – a – this like it's kind of all over the place via April I did finish with the t1 grades I'm very happy about however as a lot of you guys know for my university course my first and second year doesn't count though it's by getting in t1 I've still got a pin that like pathar gia which I'm excited about because I am gonna try it and work super super hard to get the best grade possible and keep it more consistent this year the my plans for third year is to definitely make university priority not see it as lightly as I definitely was taking it this year come back tomorrow yeah back in year two one grade can't complain okay so now moving on to more like social and personal aspects which I'm sure you guys are interested to hear about certainly the fact my YouTube channel is about my life and sharing my life so I actually had a really interesting start to first year moving into my accommodation was a really great time for me I was surrounded by really cool people I'd say 90% of my accommodation is made up of international students so pretty much everyone I met in my Commendation work for all different places in the world which is really cool and I ended up making friends who I can genuinely say are going to be my friends for life and like that actually goes for me to be able to say that is honestly so amazing because like when you hear about Grace University from your parents or from who I thought when you were younger they always say like when you go to university you make friends like blah blah blah and I definitely knew that I had developed existing friendships whilst at university but I never really felt like I made friends for life in my first year because I was definitely a lot less confident I would isolate myself a lot of social situations and just like what instead if you haven't watched my first university kirats by the way I'll have that link down below as well as on screen here yeah I am definitely like grew in confidence and as a result was able to make amazing friends this year and really really happy with that I think once I had established like the whole settling into my accommodation making new friends etc however I definitely entered a really weird period of my life it took me quite a long time to figure out what exactly caused me to enter this stage in life but essentially what had happened was see what had happened was basically as some of you guys know if you watch my videos last year I think I've mentioned on my channel yeah I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it yeah in my first year I was dating let's watch me use the word dating I was seeing in this guy it was essentially like a situation ship however I'd known this person for like years prior so there was already that history then and it kind of lost it again in past year and then everything kind of just got a bit messy and complicated kind of only entered properly at the end of summer and then after that I went on holiday last a second year and then was kind of too distracted to think about it and then essentially what happened was after all of the excitement and settling in had happened I had kind of realized that oh like I haven't actually healed from all of this that had happened and so for the first Tamil first show definitely say that I was like I don't want to use the word to pass because it is like a strong terminals never like diagnosis of depression or like seen anyone for that however myself my friends my family like we all kind of knew that I was going through something so yeah it just wasn't a good time in my life I was literally just spending all of my time at home wasn't even really going to university and just kind of suppressing my emotions with different things that I would recommend I actually gained 30 pounds guys from that phase in my life but I'm slowly losing it we thank God see that's what my first time basically consisted of but yeah glory be to God when I came home for Christmas and distracted by my family away from everyone and not having as much freedom to let go out all of the time I'll spend 50 pounds on food a day guys it got that bad just as loads of different things came into play didn't have as much freedom to do at home which I'm so grateful for and so as a result I was able to actually spend the time to like he also figure out loads of things within myself and as a result I was able to kind of start the new year a lot better the second time University consisted of a short module which only lasted for a month that was mixed with the other courses in the fashion media school so like fashion journalism creative direction etc and then after that a month project we went on to our place of at times and as a lot of you guys know I did my placement in a PR firm which is oh I just got got next message yeah as I mentioned on my channel I interned at a PR firm in London who also have offices in LA in New York they're quite big super grateful to be able to get that internship my dad and his friends helped sort that out for me so thank you dear that was actually my first internship during PR outside of fashion so I was in the lifestyle Department which consisted of Art and Design property in place making restaurants travel etc and I kind of dug in all areas that I'm really really enjoyed there and feel like that's definitely more me than fashion yeah I did that placement and I really enjoyed the structure which it gave me because the University I'm only in like two to three times a week whereas this placement was like 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day Monday to Friday so I really enjoyed that structure and feel like at that time that's what I needed but me being me once I get comfortable in situation I have to like switch it up or else I just get bored so once I kind of settled in sat placement I was like okay like I need some more excitement back in my life so that's when I kind of really got myself immersed in like going out but not I've been going to like nice meet fact I was like boo it was like I was going out to like just essentially like your average like art scene fashion scene vibe in London that was really fun at that time because it was the perfect balance between like my nine-to-five and then like just having fun and like being a 19 year old and through that I definitely developed friendships with more people at my university I'm who I'm really grateful again to say that I know they're going to be my friends for life others who I've distanced myself because we've just kind of grown apart so it's sad but again a grateful for every experience and for every person that's coming to my life so I went through that phase in second time and that's how I met the guy who I dated for a few months after that again what amazingly at that time me that was kind of like a phase which everything fitted into either time and it realized it was a phase I kind of eventually was like no I need to move on and like get out of this phase and like start getting stuff done again like being more productive and like focusing more on my work whereas a lot of the people who I was chilling with were kind of still a bit more like let's go the flu it's like not take life too seriously and I completely respect that approach to life I did that for a while and I thought was fun but for me I am a meticulous planner have my entire life planned out so fix me I was like okay I've had enough fun let me go back to my game plan and so that's exactly what I've done so for third time I guess I followed through that a bit more got my life back on track like started working on myself started like making more videos blah blah blah blah however at that time I was still on and off with my ex but it was kind of more so on my tongue so it worked in that way I was still able to like get myself down and then like you know kind of have that relationship there yeah eventually it got to the point where like it just wasn't working out anymore so we ended things upon that final breakup it really didn't affect me at all but then I found out something which happened which then made me like upset again I reflected in just being a bit down but I would say it was nowhere near as bad like last year got myself back on my feet and yet eventually finished third term super happy finally just kind of being a bit more secure in myself and just like knowing what I want and I feel like when you know what you want you can't get upset about things that happen that just don't have any relevance to you I did every trip to New York with my friend Miriam which is really really fun he did actually suck okay I promise you guys I did actually vlog and then as I hope you guys know it follow me over on my Instagram which if you drove all the way definitely make sure to do my username is at staring and turtle CA what I've seen I posted like huge paragraphs about an event which happened where essentially we counted a severely intoxicated girl who was essentially in a very dangerous situation that we helped get her out of we were in an ambulance of Harlech lots of different things happened and from that which was quite like a heavy event we just kind of stopped vlogging that was like okay like the vlog is just over let's just live in the moment so that's what we did yeah I went to New York came back and ever since I've just been chilling at home I have just been that self-reflecting I've been planning and as you can see I'm just so happy and I just feel like I'm finally at that stage in my life where I know I won and I'm not going to let anyone or anything get in the way of that happening I'm gonna be soft disciplined I am just gonna really like build for my future and build for the things which make me happy so yeah that is my second year University Experion it definitely is had loads of ups and downs but with the outcome and the way how I've been able to use everything what just happened use it into kind of developing it into Who I am now it's something that I'm so so grateful for just know that like everything really does happen for a reason I really want to focus in surgery and try and get the best grade possible I also just want to make sure to like take care of myself and like not allow emotions to like damage my physical and mental health because not going through that again and yeah just kind of being around people who I truly get on with who you connect with and like we're all battering ourselves together today yeah I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video I feel like I've been able to articulate everything that's in my mind and just like really authentically get it off to you guys on camera I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and have fun like you've been able to let connect with me because I genuinely feel like I'm doing that with you guys right now and it's yeah if you do feel like that I'd love if you can smash a thumbs up button and let me know in the comments down below as it's almost August means that my back to university videos are going to be starting again have any specific requests let me know in the comments down below and I will take those on board when planning my videos I have really really exciting content coming out in the next few weeks I've been working with some really cool brands that you guys are going to love because it's so tailored to like can you guys that's my audience being students or at uni and stuff like that so really looking forward to you guys seeing all of that but in the meantime if you'd like to keep up with me my social media accounts a link down below and yeah I guess I'll see you guys all in my next video bye okay that's it okay okay

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  1. Hey Derin, great video! I've just finished 1st year at a uni in London and I did not manage to make as many friends as I would have liked to or even had as much fun due to my lack of confidence in social settings/making friends. Going into 2nd year I definelty want to change that! Do you have any tips on making new friends in second year especially when it seems like friendship groups are already formed? x

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