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crazy [Laughter] hi guys Phil it's a fashion here and today I'm gonna be showing you my super quick and easy summer makeup routine and I'm first gonna start off with moisturizing my skin and I am currently trying out the coppery coconut oil face cream it is my first or second time using it I got it with another purchase that I made from Ulta so right now I am trying that out next I'm gonna go in and start with my brows and I just start by brushing them up my brows are very very thick right now I need to get them threaded but I'm kind of liking the more natural more bushy look so I am going to get them shaked up just a little bit but I want to keep that natural look to them and I'm just gonna go in with a dark brown powder and just fill them in a little bit [Laughter] next up I'm gonna go in with my foundation and I am currently using the maybelline superstay full coverage 24-hour foundation and I'm really really liking it so far and I love that this foundation comes with a pump it makes it so easy and I'm just gonna go in with a flat top brush and blend that out excuse me I'm looking off to the side I'm watching Love & Hip Hop Amy you know this is a simple look I still like to go in with a little bit of concealer to even out my eyelids [Laughter] and I'm just going to take a damp Beauty sponge and blend that in and now I'm just going to go in and apply the concealer under my eyes into the bridge of my nose and the concealer I'm using is from Ulta and it's the full coverage liquid concealer and it is waterproof and this is not a concealer that you want to let dry because if you do it will be so hard to move trust me I learned that lesson the hard way so just go ahead and blend this one out when it's still wet and next I'm going in with the Black Radiance concealer stick and I'm just going back in with that damp Beauty sponge and everything [Laughter] now I'm going in with my airspun powder and I'm just gonna set my under-eye very lightly I am NOT gonna bake and I'm also gonna set the rest of my face now I'm going in with this eye shadow that I like to use as a blush and it's from NYX and it is in the shade copper and then I'm just going to take some dark brown powder and go over that cream contour and once I realized that I didn't have any more clean brushes I went ahead and blended it out with my finger next up I'm going to highlight and I am using the Oprah nikkietutorials trio and I'm just using the darkest gold color in there and then I'm gonna go in and put black eyeshadow on my lower waterline I'm then going to go in with a color pop dark brown lip liner and line my lips and I've already applied one lash but why the other one is drying I'm gonna go in and apply my lip gloss and I'm using the ELISA Ashley and elf collaboration and I think it's called Rose I'm not completely sure but the collaboration she did with Elle that's the lip gloss I'm wearing and now I'm just going to go in and place that other lash and I'm just going to set it in the middle and I'm going to tuck in the in and tuck in the corner I'm just gonna go ahead and apply some mascara to blend in the fake lashes with my own and that is pretty much the look done thank you so much for watching I know it's a super simple look but it is my go-to look and it's really pretty but it's not doing too much and it's definitely perfect for summer so don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already follow me on my Instagram and I will see you guys in my next video

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