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Boots: Clarks Desert Boot:
Robert David’s Donald Boot:

Outfit #1: H&M green bomber jacket
Outfit #2: H&M denim hoodie
Outfit #3 H&M Denim button up shirt w/ Abercrombie chinos & Zumiez black joggers
Outfit #4 Flannel shirt w/ dark denim jeans & Robert David’s Donald boot

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what's up everyone welcome back to my corner and today I'm back at it again with another lookbook for you guys it's all about my go-to fall essentials Paul is definitely my favorite season unfortunately it's still so hot here in North Carolina but I can't wait to start bringing out the jacket so for those who are new to my channel my name is Chris Rodarte I do men's lifestyle videos but I also do some other fun films and I can't wait for you guys to see what I have is due all right so I'm gonna start off with the most important essential which is boots boots is a must for the fall you guys it's definitely must my favorite boots to wear this season is Clark's Clarks are just my go-to boots it just makes any outfit pop so casual and so comfortable to wear so I definitely recommend getting some Clark's my next boot is more like a fall winter boot you know it's a heavy duty boot so whenever it gets really cold I love to bring out these boots I love the laces I love the color I love the rustic look to it and it definitely warms up my feet during the winter our money code that's my favorite cologne for the Fall I don't know it just has like a false scent to it it's just perfect all right let's get to the jackets so let's start with this one it's a bomber jacket I got this one at H&M it's so lightweight and perfect for the Fall I've been a little too obsessed with this green color I've noticed I've been buying a lot of clothes with this color so my next jacket is a mix between denim and a hoodie also got this from H&M actually I got it last year well probably two years ago but anyway it's pretty oh but I've taken good care of it and I still get compliments on the jacket so I'm definitely still gonna be rockin it this fall speaking about denim the next item on the list is a denim button-up shirt now most people like to wear it out button-up but since I'm Len you know I have to show off my grill excuse my chest you can rock this shirt with some chinos or more casual relaxed look I personally like to wear a baseball cap to look more relaxed but my favorite way to style this shirt this is some black joggers and of course with my white alright last item on the list is of course the flannel shirt you just can't go wrong with a flannel shirt this fall rock it with some denim jeans and some boots and boom all you're missing is just a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks I'm totally kidding I don't really drink that all right so that's it for today guys I hope you enjoyed all the items I showed today and as always make sure you subscribe and like and share this video and hasta la próxima until next time

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