My Barbie Fashionista Doll Collection…So Far

I have been buying so many Barbie Fashionista Dolls, I wanted to show you them all together.

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everybody's the doll circle and today I'm doing my fashionista Barbie collection and I have them all laid out on my table and I haven't kind of by sections so we're gonna go through them not in any particular order sorry about the little shaky hand – I'm gonna do this kind of handheld just to make it a little bit easier for me to go in and show you all of the dolls so I will start off with the tall ladies so starting here at the top this one actually came with a set so it came out with two different outfits but I liked her in the outfit that she came with and then going over I don't remember the numbers or the names but they had called them so I truly apologize but if you guys are interested come below and I'll try to get you the name for some of these I really like her a lot I thought her face was very unique and I loved her really tall boots I thought were too well done to this outfit not so cute but I got her for a really really good deal so couldn't pass it up this one's a little bit older I think she's about two years old but I really like her top bun a lot I thought was very different I love her hair on this one she's so unique so different outfit on this one not so much I definitely I noticed with fashionistas I feel like they go with their outfits on a very safe note that's why I like this one so much is because she had a very Spice Girls look to her and her sweater was very oversized something different this one I love the hair color anything with a red tone to me is just so beautiful she's a little bit bit older when I want to say she's at least two years old she wearing cute little pink heels this one I love the shoes very 90s this not actually received from Mattel so thanks Mattel and I like how they did some of the molded on painted on the face too to give them more depth for the hair I thought that was really different and then the last haul on this row is gonna have blonde curly hair and she's one that's currently out right now right here when with the pineapple and with the shaved wool telling the buzz cut and like she enjoyed buzz cut have a look thought it was so cute so different actually got her for like 4 bucks really good deal and then now we have the I guess these are call them like they're called like the average size the regular size is the normal 11 half-inch Barbie that we've always seen I know they've taken the words off the boxes now so starting with this one and then going over that's all in the I guess standard 11 1/2 inch height I love her hair on this one's gorgeous this one too just her look and the face mold is so different this isn't older like me Nicki face I believe it's called this one I did change the outfit she came with the pink overalls and the cap shirt but I like changing her up I don't like this ones pose though that's the only thing about this is I don't like how she's got the bent in like if you look at the rest now they don't as you can see they don't do that I don't like that to me she looks like when she walks that she looks like a zombie and I was never happy with that I don't and the going over to this one I love the ice cream cone and the hair color is so different and that's one thing I like about the fashionistas is the hair is different the outfits sometimes can be different but the hair and the face shapes are definitely what stand out for me on these dolls over everything else and this one when I saw her at Toy Fair that year I freaked out love-love-love the shaved head they need you that more in dolls love the outfit love the leather skirt did such a good job on her inner peace is really innocent I like that look to it bold red lip with blonde hair is just so stunning this one actually reminds me a lot of the newer one that we saw at Toy Fair with the darkest skin tone and the lightest skin tone I feel like she reminds me of the darkest skin tone a little bit when it comes to the hair she's always three years old at least now we're getting into the petites this one has the ice finger I love this one right here if I'm pointing to it and that one at the end I changed her outfit unfortunately but the yellow what do you call it the yellow flannel print is somewhere and then the one next to her is gonna be one of my fair ones that Robin got because she has red hair and then going up here we got some curvy ones these are cute I don't want as many like it's Korean petits I don't have that many of now this one I absolutely love because of her hat and the shirt and he has this girl power on it is so cute one complaint about the curvy girl girls if you notice none of them have pants yeah now the made to move curry doll that just came out does have pants that's something I do like because it's something different I feel like here they're kind of just like the page I'm holding but they're kind of pigeonholing if the whole the word I'm trying to say that I can't pronounce uh they're like Oh curvy girls the bully for skirts and I feel like that's not right so come on Mattel give them some pants and shorts something different I do love this one in the orange all right here uh so pretty and look her and then the pink hair when I got for a really cheap at Ross and these two I got for like $2 at Walmart so could not beat the price comment if you have any of these I have a few more that I cannot find somewhere in the house and again I apologize for the shaky arm of me trying to hold this camera it's so hard but comment below if you have any of them which one is your favorite I don't know like honestly some of these are just so pretty I guess I'd have to say that one right there is my favorite because I love her haircut so much like I used to have my hair like that and if you guys have been watching the show for a while you'll remember it's been a couple years if not I'd have to say one of those the really the two redhead sunny pigtailed one is like the two cute ones so yeah I can't believe you guys thanks for watching and of course I I'm sure I'll provide some more fashionistas bye

40 thoughts on “My Barbie Fashionista Doll Collection…So Far”

  1. I am collecting fashionista dolls and I have around 10 so far! Of course I can't get my mum to buy me all of them xD. I only have 2 males so far but, I'm planning on buying more.

  2. I think you should quit collecting toys. Its a hobby thats too stressing. You spend hours finding them and sacrficing your time and money and space for these plastic objects that in the end all you do is look at them. I quit and sold every single doll i had and i feel great not having to have them on display or find the storae for them and now buy clothes for myself instead for lifeless plastic.

  3. Do you think they have a Barbie with a small mohawk? I shaved my head to donate to cancer and let it grow out a bit. Then I shaved the sides of my head. I raised 2,750 $. I really want a Barbie that looks like me.

  4. Beautiful collection. The 2nd Barbie on top row (blonde one with stripped dress) is not a tall doll, she is a "regular" size one… the boots make her taller xD
    I only have 2 fashionistas (the petite one with ice cream dress and the tall asian one that originally comes with a pink suspender skirt). Also planning on getting "Donut top" (not shown) to rebody on a made to move. Fashionista dolls are not cheap in my country e.e

  5. I have most of the fashionistas in this video. I do have some fashionistas kens. I rebodied my fashionistas to MTM bodies. Never like the stiff bodies. It's better to give them MTM bodies so they can pose like models also it brings memories back to the earlier fashionistas in 2009/ 2010. I'm only looking forward the 2018 fashionistas dark skin tone w/ rainbow outfit. I think she's more appealing than the rest of them.

  6. Have half of them especially the "Candy Stripes". Candy Stripes face mold is same for Paleontologist Barbie, new for this year. Can't wait to get her!

  7. You have a very nice impressive collection, I love the face molds on the AA , the shaved head look, and the redheads, however, not a fan of the straight leg or bent arm. Thank you for sharing yr collection, great video. Take care

  8. The curvy line is difficult to make pants as they did thicker legs so if you wanted to change clothes, the standard Barbie clothes wouldn't fit. Matel would need to make a curvy clothing line just for the fashionistas and they are not as popular so matel is not going to spend the money on extra fabric to make them pants.

  9. I really like the girl with the ice cream cone dress and crimped hair. She is very pretty. Did you hear about the new monster high dolls, The Draculaura with the onesie? Will you review those whenever they come out? (That is assuming they’re still in the works)

  10. I like the curvy ones the best. I do have a curvy deluxe type that came in cute jeans and red striped tank top. You know, the ones that came with an extra outfit that had higher price. She has pretty blond hair and jeans with faux distressed holes. .

  11. πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ˜šπŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’• I love your fashionista Barbie dolls 2018 and fashionista Barbie doll 2017 and fashionista Barbie doll 2016 and fashionista Barbie doll 2015 love from Vanessa

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