Miss Dior – Savoir Faire

Watch our craftsman’s expert hands confection a Miss Dior bag.

23 thoughts on “Miss Dior – Savoir Faire”

  1. Was about to cry, you know it's reaching the artistic level when it looks like a "so easy" thing to do. I admire your skills and your talents. Thank to "les petites mains" of Dior.

  2. Magnificent!!!! Now I'm even more addicted to Dior & couture. Can't afford any of it but still addicted & my admiration is has increase 10 fold! OK so that was a 3.14min video of the entire process to make the Miss Dior-Savior Faire bag, how long did it really take (in real time) to make one bag by hand? Does one artisan make an entire bag or does 1 person specialize in 1 componet then pass it on to the next specialist… until it's done? Again how many hrs does it take to make 1 of these bags?

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