Miraculous Ladybug DIY Kit Fashion School Dressup Set

Let’s help Marionette design new outfits for her friends! This Miraculous Ladybug Fashion School dressup set is a fun way to design Miraculous Ladybug themed outfits. Which design is your favorite?

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hi a1 welcome TV toy house and take a look today we have a brand new miraculous ladybug fashion school kit so this is really really cool you have everything that you need to make fashionable designs just like Marinette so here is the front and here is the back and let's open it up and see what's inside take inside and here we have a booklet this is actually a really big book and as you can see it's black and white so that you can color it yourself and says my fashion booking and put your name right here and we have marionette few pages oh these are just kind of templates for you to fill in on Deedle mannequin here very cool lots of space for you to color and put your designs next over here we got some paper this is like a large poster paper with lots of different designs so here's the track design and then cut these up and here's the inside with even more designs oh my gosh look at this one is so pretty and we got their net here for the logo and pinky oh my gosh cute [Applause] here is an instruction book in various languages and tells you that you can use this to decorate your mannequin here are the stickers with the shirts in different prints you have skirts down here we have dresses oh my gosh look at this do lying that's too cute more shirts and skirts and more dresses this one would polka dots in antiquey Oh super cute shut up I think these are the stencils I can pop them out and their daughter Isis and scourge them here not on this side you have different prints too and then we have a glue stick so this is a regular glue stick but I'll pair of scissors and some markers so we have black pink green and red right so go design some outfits let's start with our first outfit for the new net so here we have a skirt this is a really pretty print look Leah tiki I'm Marinette logo and we have some pink polka dots let's put here around the waist and then let's add on let's see um a silver shirt this one has a honeycomb design put the shirt up here and then this I had a jacket so this is a really cool polka dot jacket so there's two pieces and we add it to the outfit there we go and look we have our first outfit I think it's really cute okay now let's try out these stencils so these stencils already have prints on them so what we can do is actually pop them out first and make them into those outfits there you go and using write it up glue stick stick these on the mannequin here is our pair of pants and here's our shirt what a next outfit we are going to be using these printed paper so that's do cat Noirs paws and we are going to do a pair of pants and then with trace then we can cut it up mm super neat look at this he kept new white hands you know put some glue on the back and we can then glue it on the mannequin poured a shirt where you are going to do this pattern which is a red polka dots I do the same thing we'll flip over the paper and then we'll put our little stencil on top and then we trace and now we cut it up yeah here it is isn't it cute he put some food in you put a shirt over all right everyone so this set it's a lot of fun there's a lot more out set so we can create with the stencils and also the stickers let me know down below in the comment section what you think of this Martha's ladybug fashion school and you like this video make sure to subscribe and I'll see you guys next time bye

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