Milan Fashion Week September 2018

street style at Milan Fashion Week – September 2018

filmed and edited:

l y a sí pero [Música] y a [Música] e [Música] e e [Música] l i ah [Música] bueno i [Música] 1 [Música] sí i [Música] e [Música] y e i [Música] entonces [Música] avilés bien [Música] él

13 thoughts on “Milan Fashion Week September 2018”

  1. Milan was insane! I fell in love-with the city, the designers and the food of course:). This video is so well done, it makes me want to go back immediately! My daughter and I have launched a YouTube channel called the Style That Binds Us, and we would be thrilled if you would check it out and give us suggestions and advice!

  2. You can always catch the different, unique people. I love how everyone is beautiful in their own way. Of course the cut and the filming is professional too. Big up as always bro 🙂

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