Dimensions of bag: 12 Length x 9 Height x 5 depth

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okay guys so I'm just gonna roll here you guys will see me wearing the same thing and a lot of the videos I have to take advantage when I can today I have a different handbag video you guys know that I am just a person holic in so I have a handbag that it's not a new bag it's a older bag but I do want to show you guys my dad because I want to compare this one with another one that I had shown in another video so that you guys can see the size difference in case you guys do purchase this bag because I know it's still currently available at Macy's in places like that and it's a very popular bag too and also because I found out a few things about this thing this is a Michael Kors Hamilton satchel I believe it's a midsize that is much smaller than another one that I had reviewed before and also the leather is different the other one that I had shown in a previous video which I will go ahead and link up here that one is made out of leather so the leather is definitely much much softer than this one this is the Saffiano which is very popular right now and it is much sturdier so it tends to hold its shape more no like I said it's not only bags but I do want to show you a few things and I also want to show you what you can put in this one in comparison to the other one so this is what this one looks like it does have the strap and this strap is not as long as the other bag that I did show so this which you a little shorter and I will try to include some much as well but just when you guys get a quick view here see this you see that right there and so it is much shorter on this stretch and of course it does have the handles which is over here and they will not fit my arm up here if you have thinner arms they might fit you but not for me because I have thicker arms so I do weight like this a lot this is a bag that just have the look of the Hermes specifically the Birkin bag so that's what these are trying to emulate because it does have these things that you can just leave open and stretch out the side so we're going to get in here and show you what looks like a mean sighs I do have my things in here right now I will show you what else is in here but just so you can see right off about the strip here that closes it it's much thicker than the other larger sized ones and so it is magnetic and it does open up like that the other difference that you might notice is that this one does not have a middle compartment like the other one so this is just one big compartment here in the middle however they do have a model that does have the middle compartment I think this is the newer model and it does not have the middle compartment so it just looks like that and let me show you what all I have in here so you guys can see what I fit in it fits very comfortably I will start with this pouch here which I just been using for some coupons and I have this leather pouch here which I am using for medication and gum and safe I found I just have my glasses I have some wipes I do have some cosmetics in here I do have my shade a little lotion great bottle of pills those are my hair vitamins by the way and I do attach my keys to the key fob because it just have one so that's really really nice that I could always find my keys real easily and I don't have to be struggling around for it and then it does have that zipper compartment in the back which I just used for my power pack and then the headphones and then the cords for the every pack then it has these two compartments on this other side which I just have a few odds and ends like tissue and lipsticks and things like that this is enough so yeah that's pretty much it so that was a good amount of things I would say and really nice midsize bag back by the way I will include my chopper you guys can kind of see what it looks like on my body frame and I am five three and a half and I am kind of medium build a little bit on the curvalicious side like I always face a couple things I do want to point out first of all is the lock here which gives the bag full look so this lock is functional it does have a little key fob here where you can push the key out and open it and it will come off and I will go ahead and show you guys that one of those cool shades I think that's what they call them so that's what the key looks like right here like this has a little hole there where you can pick the key and open it and you can move it one of the things I do want to show you guys about this lock is that even when this part is not connected to the little hole there it still locks on you so when you're trying to place it on your bag be careful not to press it before it's in a little hole otherwise it will lock on you and you'll have to reopen it so let me do that so see I closed this before I put it in that little hole so see now I can't close it I'll have to open it again and then I can use it so that's one of the things I just wanted to point out once you take off the lock of course you can stretch up the size more and make this bag wider so you can actually fit more things in there however this part doesn't reach very far so it will still close maybe but not if you stretch it out way too much so just keep that in mind so once you have this kind of thing open like this I would say it looks more like the working bag this way without the big mug because that lock is very iconic to Michael Kors then the other thing that I want to show you guys is that you can give this bag a whole new look you can also make it so that it's a no-name brand bag because the only way you know that this is a Michael Kors bag is because here in the little key belt it does say Michael Kors and the leather right there and also because of the lock with a big M K and then of course the interior does have that Michael Kors interior which nobody is going to be really looking inside your bag so if you really want to be discreet and don't want people to even know that you have a designer bag you can make this bag work that way so I will show you what I did pretty much I already took up the walk and now I'm just going to take off the little key bell here we go this is what this looks like now you have a handbag which does not represent any type of designer it is very discreet this way nobody will know if it's Michael Kors what it is because he does not put his name on this part or on this hardware or anywhere else not on these things nowhere so the only place where you can see the name is will be in the lining inside another thing I have tried just to give it a whole new look is just change the lock in the process the reason I tried this one time with because I didn't want that big lock on the bag because it is a little heavy so I did want to make sure that these things were not flopping around like this because it kind of bothered me to have them like this and I just want to make sure that these things stayed in place and without something holding them in place they just tend to flop around you know even if you do stick it in that little thing right there they will still come out at some point because of course you know when you open your bag it will stretch it out and it will make those things popping all over the place so you do need some kind of little lock here or something I do have a little believe a time lock and I use that it's not as heavy as the other lock so it made the very way a little less which was very nice and it also gave it a whole different look now I'm not trying to make people think that this is a Louis Vuitton bag or anything like that but it just worked for me because it kept these in place it just look nice now if you do have another lock that doesn't even have a logo it would probably work best but for now I do have this little lock which is much smaller than the other one and I went ahead and I placed it on there let me show you guys what it looked like and there you go so without the little closure and with this lock it just gives it a whole different look which i think is much more classier than the big Michael Kors lock because this is kind of big and clunky and you know it just kind of looked cute for certain instances but I couldn't prefer this look right here with a much smaller lock and if I can get my hands on the lock that doesn't even say Louis Vuitton on it I probably would prefer that it makes it look really good because you really don't see any other logos aside from that one which is not very visible from far away I don't know if you guys could even see it from back here it's more discreet I feel like and it just makes it a little more elegant for my liking so I really like that about this bag that it doesn't really tell you what bag it is or anything so I just wanted to show you guys that so the other thing I said I was going to do is compare it to this other bag which I also did a video on and I will go ahead and link so you guys can see them side-by-side this is the pebbled leather one and I know they have some other ones which are longer but this is called the east-west because they're longer this way and this is also the same type of design where it's longer this way and of course this one is much smaller than this one I think this was called the large and this is the medium and I will go ahead and put the dimensions of this one down in the description box I know that this is a little bit more outdated and aside from that this is an outlet bag so you will notice that this one does not have a lock there are some in this size that also has a lock they are very different size this one is really retains its shape because it's the Saffiano leather and the other one is the pebbled leather so you will see that it doesn't really keep its shape here they both are from the back and then the handles and of course the compartments on this one is different because it does have that metal section but like I said it will link the video to it so that you guys could see more details on it if you guys are interested in looking at them I want to make sure that I point out that this one does happy in the other ones as well the feet on this one is a little thicker than the other one I like that this one does keep its structure that you can be very discreet with it because they're just so places where I just don't want to go and take my designer bag and sometimes I feel like wearing my designer rag but it's not a place where I should I have this option where I can just make it look like something else and I like that so this is why I take this quick video this bag it is the bag that I really love and of course being a person I like I have to share so thank you guys so much for watching I really do appreciate you guys for coming in here you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up thank you so much for the new subscribers I really do appreciate you and I welcome you to my channel so until next time guys have a really beautiful day god bless you guys and I will see you on the next one [Applause]


  1. I’ve noticed that some of MK bags don’t have the size listed, instead it says something like EM or EW I can’t remember exactly…I know they are real so that isn’t the issue, but I’m trying to find out what size this is, it’s a MK Hamilton, which thank the Lord is without the big mK charm on the front, this one doesn’t have that, which I like

  2. Omg! I ❤️ the first one you showed. My fiancés mother just gave me that one! It's so pretty, I love it! I ❤️ your ch. btw.. glad I found, and subbed. Both beautiful bags! Tfs Ttys XO

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