Men's Style YouTube Roundup #2 – The BEST Style Videos In September?

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So with an abundant amount of men’s style and fashion videos on YouTube…

Which ones were my favourite this month?

Here’s the 6 I recommend in this video, feel free to comment yours below.

1. How To Style An Overcoat:

2. Tiege Hanley Review:

3. 5 Shirts Every Guy Needs:

4. BEST Cheap Hair Products:

5. How To Dress Like A Kingsman:

6. Become Taller:

This is episode 2 of the Style Roundups…

Comment your favourite style videos for the month below.


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say hey is poor and welcome to another YouTube style roundup so I've decided that I'm gonna be doing these style roundup videos every single month this video today is highlighted in the best men's style and fashion videos from the month of September so I've got ahead and searched through YouTube and chosen six videos for today's round up from the best cheap men's hair products available to you to how to wear an overcoat these are the six videos that I've chosen for the month of September now very quickly it'll be very silly of me to not to ask you to subscribe to my channel if you hit subscribe you're gonna get three to four videos every single week related to style grooming and self-improvement for men so the first video of the roundup is from the style OG now to be honest with you I'd never heard of Geoff's channel before and I've never seen it but a few people pointed it out in the comments one thing that I would say is his consistency to put up a video every single day really is impressive this video here how to wear a men's top coat on an overcoat is a very good video what I like about this video is he actually Styles the overcoat in different ways and shows you different ways to wear such a staple piece he shows you how to wear it formally and also how to wear it casually and there's a good variety of looks there something for everyone so the second video comes from Robin James and you've probably heard of t j– Hanley before it's all over YouTube in the comments on other people's videos and it's fronted by mr. Aaron Marino himself it's the men's skincare subscription service and what I liked about this video right here is Robin can be very brutal he tells you as it is and he does probably the best review I've seen on a grooming product in general but also on T's Handley I remember seeing this video pop up in my suggestive videos and I clicked it and I thought this is gonna go bad this is gonna be bad for Aaron robbing isn't gonna like the product at all but he gives the most honest review I probably have seen of the product and I highly recommend you watch it if you're already sold on teach Hanley and you absolutely adore I still suggest you watch this video because Robin also gives some good grooming advice throughout the third video comes from Alex Koster and it's five shirts every guy needs in his wardrobe now the reason why I chose this video is because I'm personally a huge believer in building a wardrobe in an affordable way that's very timeless and versatile so understanding the classics getting to know the products that are going to be the most versatile for you is very important and in this video Alex gives a good breakdown on five different shirts he talks about Henley shirts polo shirts muscle t-shirts which I'm not a huge fan on to be honest and also of course the classic formal shirt so go get a watch if you're looking for another alternative to the shirts that you normally wear so the fourth video comes from been over every man now Ben does some really good reviews and also some very good tutorials when it comes to hair this video is all about highlighting the best cheap hair product for men he talks about waxes he talks about free style sprays and he gives you a rundown on the best products that are going to save you money in the process one thing I liked about this video is in the middle of the video he gets someone else on he interviews them ask them what they think of some certain products so it's not only his perspective he's getting other people involved as well the fifth video comes from my man Antonio's sentano of real men real style and this is how to dress like a Kingsman now I still haven't seen the new Kingsman film I've seen the first one and I remember visiting Huntsman on Savile Row when mr. Porter was there and they had an event where they broke down the outfits for the first film this video from Antonio is very detailed for our and it gives you ten style secrets to steal from the Kingsmen stress code it's a film filled with great style especially the English tailor and nothing beats English tailor and write and this video from Antonio is a great style breakdown of film and then the final video is for male model secrets to immediately look taller now even if you don't want to become a model there's still value in this video from Brett and I've found that a lot of guys do want to increase their height in this video Brett gives some good style advice and also other tips to help improve the perception of how tall you actually are if you're looking to gain a few inches in height not in other aspects of your life although there's probably a few videos out there on YouTube this video is worth the watch so there we have it six style and grooming videos from the month of September let me know some of your favorites in the comments below remember this isn't a competition the idea of this video series is all about you sharing your favorite videos I'll watch them people in the comments watch them as well this isn't a competition this is a place to share some value if you haven't already make sure you subscribe to my channel just hit the subscribe button for more videos like this including style grooming and also self-improvement for men and share this video if you think someone will enjoy it have a great day and I will see you all in a video very very soon

9 thoughts on “Men's Style YouTube Roundup #2 – The BEST Style Videos In September?”

  1. Hey Paul, first I want congratulate you on a great idea of doing these roundups. In addition to the "gentleman" aspect of sharing your "competition", I think it is a smart strategy. The more people get interested in menswear, the more potential subscribers, in addition to building networks and brands. On a personal level, it is "rewarding" to know that I, an aspiring stylish young man, identified several of these as great as well. Once again, great initiative.

    On that note, I want to recommend other viewers (as well as you Paul) to check out Raphael (Gentleman's Gazette) videos from this past month, his sweater and vest guide are fantastic, especially for the changing temperature, and his "how a suit" should fit series is probably the most comprehensive one I've seen online.

  2. If I want to make this list, I better step my game up….BIG TIME 🙂 Jeff from the Style OF and I are working on a video together that's catered for the old guy. When it comes to Robyn, I love is honest and his BLUNTNESS.

  3. Great video series Paul! To be honest… when I saw that Robin was doing a review I literally felt queasy when I saw the video pop up. This was a BIG win for Tiege.

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