Men's Style: Spring Outfits 2016 #BTS

There’s no time like Spring to add an injection of colour into your style. Take a look behind the scenes on a shoot with photographer Conor Clinch in East London with some of the latest arrivals from Hardy Amies, Givenchy, Nike & more from Mr Porter. My ride for the day was thanks to BMW, a brand renowned for cutting edge design, style and innovation, who’ve partnered with to design and produce a one-of-a-kind, limited edition BMW i3.


Hardy Amies – Storm System Shell Bomber jacket

Gieves & Hawkes – Slim-Fit Linen and Cotton-Blend Chinos

Givenchy – Striped Cotton Sweater

ACNE studio – Black Jeans

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hey guys so in this week's video I'm gonna do something a little bit different normally I show you the finished looks this week I'm bringing you behind the scenes on his shoes that were in Hackney in North East London and I'm on my way to meet Conor clean to know if you've not hear the college listen up because you will hear them very soon he's a young up-and-coming photographer who has been picked from obscurity by Rankin and if you don't know who Rankin is good luck this is Tony sailor Tony Tony's the man and look at that sky huh blue skies are rent this is gonna be a great day got some Avanti got some lovely ladies I think mr. Porter there which I'll be showing you very shortly there the man himself they kind of create a zero and litany gorgeous day here and all them the Sun is split the skies and at Connors bringing me on a little adventure there he is hey Connor Connor you look like you're on a mission this first look is all about this cobalt blue bomber from Hardy Amy's by adore to color the jacket itself is weatherproof its breathable it's perfect for spring and I guess it really is the statement so I kept it simple with Gino's a white tee a little pop of color in the socks keeping it casual with a pop of color I went with this Cavalli striped cotton sweater it's black red and white with stripes that are artfully detailed keeping the rest of the look really simple just come to the end of a very productive day how are you happy yes beautiful day and I have to give special mention to this little beauty can you see her behind me this is the BMW i3 which has been exclusively designed with mr. Porter and is available to buy online if you don't mind what I love about it actually is a combined sustainability with style and it's in tuxedo blue if you enjoyed this video please give us a thumbs up comment and of course subscribe

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