Mens Style – How to Wear Khaki

From khaki suits, jackets, trainers and shirts, khaki and shades of green are a big trend in menswear this year. Darren Kennedy offers tips and shows you how best to wear it.

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if you've been in the shops recently you will have noticed an abundance of green you've got everything from bottle greens to emerald greens and khakis or car keys as my British friends call it so today I want to look at how best to wear these greens I'm going to focus in on that kind of military Forest khaki shade the great thing about it is it's really easy to wear and it suits most skin tones so first up is what I'm wearing a really casually Cooke pair of em I guess you can call these forest green trousers there like a Chino these ones are from Zara they're very inexpensive and actually what I like about them is they just kind of add that kind of utilitarian look to a simple outfit I've just paired it with a little Breton stripe in red just bring up those colors and then really simple shoes from H&M and it just keeps a look casual and at the same time I could pop on a little navy blazer and make it look a little bit more formal if I wanted to give your suiting a contemporary twist in green I got this one from H&M I'd say I love it I love the fit I love the color and it's a great way of just kind of saying hello springtime and moving suiting away from office wear when it comes to tailoring for spring and summer it's all about suits and sneakers this pair are from whistles that like the classic bounce in it look green lends itself to military vibes and utilitarian wear really really well I picked up this jacket it's a boy-girl kind of wax effect camo from All Saints which I absolutely adore it's actually slightly waterproof and I like layering as well a little bit of denim play up the texture and then lots of color just to make it pop and sure while you're at it why not take to this season's big trend box's print and green hey presto in this little shirt so quite like it's quite it's layers but wouldn't be too late keep the rest of your outfit fairly muted trust me when I say it is one of this year's biggest colors invest wisely and you're done sell a good deed

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