Men’s Style Haul | Winter Fashion 2017

Mens fashion winter 2017 haul. Some of my recent men’s style pickups for winter.
In this men’s winter haul 2017, I have six items of clothing: men’s jackets for winter, men’s jeans, men’s leather bag and a pair of men’s leather boots for winter.
I’m really excited to get back into this type of men’s style haul videos. It’s a lot of fun deciding what to to buy; and how to style these pieces.
All links to the clothing in my men’s style winter haul below.

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Alexander McQueen Boots Unboxing:
– Coach washed leather aviator bomber jacket [size 46] –

– Mulberry small pocket backpack –

– Lee Cooper Collection Norris Slim Selvedge jeans [size 30/32] –

– ASOS Double breasted blazer [size 38R] –
More ASOS double breasted –

– Superdry Winter Flite Jacket [size small] –

– ASOS Chelsea Boots In Black Leather With Faux Shearling Lining [size 9] –

– ASOS Cactus Jumper [size medium] –
– Denim jacket with Borg collar [similar] –
– My hair was cut 5 days before this video was filmed. It was a 0.5 clipper back and sides.
– The top comes down to the bottom of my nose.
– It’s longer in the front than the back.
– I’ve styled it using Lush’s Hair Custard [
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Some items were gifted to me. I have referenced this within the video.
ah hi guys how are you I'm Robin welcome back to my youtube channel and welcome to this very overdue hole I'm not going to hole in so long I've got quite a few things to show you I've also had a bit of a clear road because this year decided that I need to be a bit more consistent with the stuff that I'm buying and which you are going to see let go if you do follow me an Instagram mailers seem quite a lot of it I've been mixing into some spelling which have also been putting my blog but before I get going if you are new to my channel do not yet present scrubs and hit subscribe there's me a passion he says he hooks just below this video it says subscribe hit it but first I've got this item this is literally my favorite this year I mean a bit to deal with myself I kind of changed my style strategy and that was you'll buy less of the crap I wear a couple of times in choco and start to invest in more premium pieces but I can keep for years to come and this is one of those now this is from Coach if you guys know coach this is a leather aviator jacket it's got amazing Brown shilling on the top the jacket is 1,250 pain at one point in its life but when I got it it was half pleasure mr. Porter and I had a missed approach of a chess player to appear directly on your plane now I went on the couch website this morning and mr. what quite a few sages and it's been to 437 pounds which is an absolute steal so this is calfskin leather it's super soft it's really like it's just it's really well onto my body and then you've got the shilling on the top I just think with this this is going to go winters to come Austin I'm gonna be all over it now the second premium piece I've got a very similar story and this is this mulberry bag before Christmas I went into Harvey Nichols a couple of times and I saw this bag looked at it lastingly and saw a one of it now this was 900 pounds again I was like really can't justify that especially not on Christmas but then I went in last week and this was down to 350 pounds literally a third of the price this actually I got home and I felt perfect for you know my Mac boots taking it funnily enough my max boot doesn't fit in it but my iPad Fitness we're going to call it an iPad bag sure Robin let's justify that way again super soft black leather and then you've got this gold hardware zips around it and with these pockets which are perfect one for detailing two just for being really handy tool on the phone and then two on the side my next item is literally been living in since they got them and these are by Lee Cooper particular collection and neither salvaged denim time and salvaged denim thread in crazy a nice traditional dancers really not mass-market you can see inside this is a sort of theme that you get with salvaged gentlemen this really shows so the way it's being created now these were 250 pounds I was gifted them they sat in the back of the cupboard for like two months I thought I thought with a like Lee Cooper I'm not going to wear these then I put them on and I absolutely fell in love with these they just fit so well this fits so well that you can get them on I can get them off but now they're an absolute dream I'm thinking actually more differently towards denim these days again sort of investing a more premium one but also looking a house if you made I just think these are so good and if you're into denim then you should be checking is a net I have got a blazer this Blazers really don't become my go-to this season and I've just been chucking over a rule making kind of been waiting to more formal things or just day-to-day with tea and it's double-breasted so that's the way that it comes up that closes across itself it's got these gold detail boston's and then it's got this little pocket square which I'm not really a fan of I stopped airway then tomatoes so it's not going to break the bank with sixty pounds it is still in stock I checked of link to down below I just really like the way that they fit you know I never wore double-breasted before this but I like the way this sort of takes me in it fits well on the shoulders and it fits well for something that isn't tailored to me and which is high street and I think it just works really very well going back to jacket this next one I've got from super drive you know I've got to see until recently I really didn't like super dry but it was really chavvy it sort of heavily branded and it just wasn't for me but actually going into the store having other korone especially into the idris elba collection there's some really really nice stuff if you saw my Instagram that I've got this trench coat and that's actually from super dried but when I went in a pick this one up I guess really liked it you know for me I want something to sit in or in the waist or when it's give me shape and then I like the collar you know either up or sitting and this is 115 pounds and I have found that it's still on this site next up are these bits which are covered in sand and here sorry I was at a night club last night wing these and there's some sort of sand pit in the club obviously I got involved and going I'm sorry this so these came about and actually quite sad story and assist that I need to go with it I've got Pere vallès Anna mcqueen boots protected unboxing on here anyway unbox them put them on lost them walked in them didn't love them so much there was quite a few big certain and back but a new pair too small send them back anyway I've got no Alexandra clean boots so I was looking around complaint anything really that similar except these from a source which was 60 pound fraction of the cost often not the themes of quality as Alexander McQueen won but I just really love these you led that with a suede inset and then the buckle detailing going across them I've been literally wearing these all the time which was Leigh Cooper jeans and I'm just pretty much in love with them now just going on about not buying to always fashion and then I bought this what was I'm fighting light when I was planning this whole video and I got it next day delivery I just think it's a bit fun I would never normally wear pink pink is not when a color that suits me I'm very much like cool colors or blues grey black sometimes white when it's play with or any stuff but I just like this I'm with a cactus detailing on it it's a bit of a laugh and I thought it's going to cheer me up on these sort of very cold London days but anyway guys there you go a very overdue whole hope you've enjoyed this one if you did you've not yet present scribe then press subscribe button for me up there give it a big click but it's got more of your suggestions down there stay with me and watch them if you don't want to stay with me and watch them that head to my blog is there I put four more going on there it'll be nice if you guys needed came across and saw what I've been up to I'm going to see you in my next video which will be next week bye

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  1. Hello bro. There is event in my college so I am thinking to wear black denim jacket, black denim jean pant and dark brown shoes. What you say. Do you have any additional idea…? Like should I wear inner t shirt.? And if yes which colour t-shirt I should wear as inner…?

  2. Man that Coach jacket is a thing of beauty! Great stuff Robin, I share your thoughts on Superdry too but that jacket is done nicely – guaranteed, to have found that jacket few years back with a bold orange Superdry font printed all over the sleeve or the back!!

  3. Great vid again Robin. Again sorry for the lateness in watching (Real Life probs). The comment from Nikhil Ahluwalia. Try using your Claymation on really damp hair as it is easy to put through. Thanx for this one Robin. I LOVE the Coach Bomber behind you, I want one. also love the Lee Cooper jeans, I already have some of them. Lovely and comfortable. Can't wait for the next one. Keep up the good work. (How about another trip?).

  4. Hey Robin, Ive been looking at Asos blazers for awhile, would you mind letting me know what your body measurements are if you fit well with a 38R jacket? Your shoulders, chest, sleeve length, jacket length etc

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