Men's Fashion Tips : How to Figure Out a Man's Dress Shirt Size

To look its best, a man’s shirt must be the right size for the man wearing the shirt. Look sharp and tailored in a properly-fitting dress shirt with help from a men’s clothier in this free video on fashion tips.

Expert: Larry Davidson
Bio: Larry Davidson is the president and owner of Davidson’s Fine Clothiers in Roanoke, VA.
Filmmaker: Lisa Fenderson

Series Description: Find out how to dress properly for the workplace, how to use fashion accessories, and how to choose proper-fitting dress shoes with advice from a men’s clothier in this free video series on fashion tips.
hi I'm Larry Davidson from Davidson's clothing in Roanoke Virginia and I'm here to help you figure out how to determine a man's dress shirt size the best suggestion I would make is to get a tape line some kind of measuring tape of some sort and first of all put it around the man's neck closest to the point where he would be wearing the collar and if you measure right against the skin snugly but comfortably and then back up so that you can put three fingers under the tape at the same time that should give you an accurate measurement on a comfortable neck measurement then in order to determine the sleeve length because the dress shirt goes by neck size and by sleeve length ask the person to lightly bend their arm take the beginning of your tape and put it right in the middle of the man's back right on his vertebra right below a shirt collar or where the shirt collar would be hooking around his elbow and going down just to be the beginning of the fat part of his hand and that should give you an accurate sleeve length now you may not be able to have the man available and if he's not available I suggest you encourage him to go to a local menswear store where they can actually do this measurement for him I'm Larry and that's how to figure out a man's dress shirt size

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