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Hey guys today I wanted to share how you can improve your style with these tips! Thanks to Anthony for the inspiration!

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what's up guys and welcome back to the channel hope you guys are doing well having a fantastic week today's video topic I want to personally showcase a brand that I absolutely fell in love with I was first introduced to them through Anthony De Luca I saw that he was rocking some of their amazing clothing pieces and I absolutely fell in love and I had to get my hands on them myself and showcase them to you guys so Vitaly designed they're actually based out of Toronto which is super awesome because I am from Canada myself their main theme of clothing is street style wear but for the past couple months I myself have been you know dabbling into street style wear and I've been loving it I love the long line shirts all the different hems for example like this gray shirt here behind me has an asymmetrical hem and this grey shirt behind me here has an oval hem and it's also long line they just have so many different options their clothing is such high-quality it is only more expensive side but the quality is fantastic my main goal for this video was to not only showcase this brand to help you improve your fashion game with subtle statement pieces like these I know there's a lot of you out there wondering what you can do to step up your typical look and kind of make it pop and give it more dimension this charcoal gray shirt here actually has 5% spandex in it 45% polyester and 50% cotton so it's perfect for the summer time on those chillier days because it is more breathable it's got really really nice material feels great on your skin that is one of my favorite pieces by far t-shirt is great it's not your normal t-shirt like I said it has that asymmetrical hem so it gives your shirt and your whole look a whole new dimension another thing that you can do to really help step up your fashion game is to add accessories so I picked up this fantastic bracelet here also from batali design and I absolutely love it it's very minimalistic very street style life and also I have a couple rings here and these are from ASOS if you guys are into rings or not I think that rings are great too adding even more dimension to your outfit just helping your whole look kind of popped together I myself am a fan of just mostly neutral colors black whites and grays don't like anything with a lot of logos so these pieces right here behind me are fantastic so the point I'm trying to get across here is you don't always have to wear the typical norm t-shirt or long-sleeved sweater or whatnot always great to experiment and try new things and I absolutely love the street-style look I'm getting more and more into it like I said and you know experimenting with different accessories is amazing and you know just experiment and see what you can do I hope that this video kind of gave you an idea of how you can improve your fashion with subtle statement pieces like these definitely check out would be tally design I'll leave the link down the description and of course if you guys want to follow me on instagram that'll be down in the description as well for watching guys and I will talk to you guys next time remember stay fresh always

24 thoughts on “Men's Fashion | Subtle Statement Pieces & Accessories | Fashion Tips”

  1. Love your sense of style.  Especially like the asymmetrical t shirt.  Will definitely check out Vitaly Design.  I just ordered a bracelet from Aurum Brothers.  Starting to get more into accessorizing.  Hope you had a great week!

  2. Awesome video!! I think im make these long sleeves myself since I can't really drop $40 a shirt 😂 is there any other sites that you shop at with a similar style? Trying to step up my fashion game😎

  3. I meant to say you probably not wanna answer this question cause u have ur own product coming out. But I need to order a clay RIGHT NOW. It is between By Vilain Dynamite, HDF Claymation, and BOC Clay Pomade. I just need to know which one of these have the most hold. I would love an unbiased answer! Thanks

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