Men's Fashion 2019 Summer Sales @ H&M and Zara, Try on haul

Join me today’s Men’s shopping vlog for Fashion 2019 Summer Sales: at H&M and Zara checking out their sales and Trying on haul, vlog
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[Applause] hey guys how's it going welcome to another video I am currently at the beautiful Century City Westfield in I don't know is the Century City Los Angeles California I don't know what city it is one thing about shopping in LA though that's different from Orange County is that Orange County literally you can park for like the whole day at the place and it won't cost you a fortune you park here I'll copyright you park here for a little bit and it's gonna cost you like 18 $20 so I have to speak track fast track myself but I'm at Century City and I'm going to be purchasing purchasing products yeah yeah I'm gonna be purchasing cool I'm looking for clothes actually okay let's see here I'm looking for clothes for the upcoming trip that I have the spice is just so aesthetically pleasing you guys can see it just like going on water wait I'm gonna check out Zara hmm I'm actually here mainly for H&M sale but I saw us having a sale too so [Applause] we double sure I kind of like these I've been looking for like a like a strappy sandal the typical sandals like she wanted are kind of more like this a little bit more edgier so I'm gonna hold off on those other ones these unfortunately on our sale and they're $70 which I'm rocking or like I budgeted myself today so I'm not going to spend like $70 of my budget but other than that like Zara is just like really either overpriced or there's really nothing else really like these days would be like my replacements that are getting the Gucci ones and I would just get like something really cheap they're $30 I love the places on there's no beach there's a lot of like no I don't need Oh people didn't burn you like kind of like these shirts like I never would suggest for you the body like a graphic tee if you're going on the trip because like you very you take your photo that's it like it's done where do we do like the color of these jeans I haven't bought the denim for the longest time because you know minimal see I feel like juice three looks here maybe not the last one we leave a piece to wear during the day fashionable like this like I've seen okay I love them they're cropped I have one in mistake I have one in disappointed one in cream and it's just like this and this is like one of my favorite shirts I've got one in white and black it's like a cut off or it sleeve to make clothes 99 it's like this loosey-goosey black shirt I only wanted white and then all of these right here we're gonna try out I'm not sure about the fits of these but reason why I came here was just to get like basic stuff and then what's up choose a yellow circle two particles go cheese on each other listen listen although people didn't burn my gammy found me she is you hundred ah Chitra Sara my father beat him either jeez honey ko Sint Maarten but still but for ya girl me for dinner but she's very jealous and to be okay so I got pissed off don't be spreading rumors that all your just go in there and try to stop me and don't buy stuff I bought it I have it but I have to come back guys like my budgeting got caught and got me into trouble because I just like put set aside my card I was like the card that I have more money and I set it aside it I was like you know what I'm not gonna bring it I'm gonna budget myself and then it turns out that they they have like some really good stuff that I wanted but I didn't work in the budgets and I have to come back tomorrow which I guess is good and bad at the same time but I'm just gonna like I literally found everything that I want to wear like all the outfits everything that I think like I bought a majority of the stuff today but like the shorts with the blue stripe I didn't buy and I don't know I'm still not sure about them I'm gonna go and like review the footage as well from today and then I'm gonna come back tomorrow and yeah get the other stuff because I think it was good I didn't get the yellow shirt for example I got everything that was on sale because you know I didn't know if like tomorrow I come back and it's not here but then everything that was here I left so thanks for joining me today join me tomorrow as well cuz I'll be back and until next time peace

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