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Hey guys finally back with another video! Today I’m gonna show some of the more designer level pieces I have bought since my last clothing pick-ups video. Got some really dope stuff that I am glad to be able to share. Hopefully will get another video out this week showing some of my thrifting pick-ups. Good to be back!

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let's go guys it's David back again finally with another video so I got like a nice new little setup because you know it's been a minute since I made a video for a lot of reasons but mostly because I'm working a lot but um I got a nice little setup now I got these lights I bought four I guess I said about a studio my garage because I had just recently get to talk about this in my last video I'll talk about my life like crazy but like I just moved you know me and my dad we have lived together in like a little kind of shitty studio but enough studio like just two-bedroom apartment so there's no space it was kind of it really kind of was a shit place but we just got a house back in like June so I finally have some space and I'm a garage at places to work like actually be able to do what I'm doing so I got these lights that have like a studio like set up in my garage like for pictures and whatnot so I can finally shoot a little bit better quality videos because that was always like a weird thing for me because like I'm I take a lot of pictures and I have like a nice sized lens I use for that but for some reason it doesn't like when I'm shooting video it's focusing makes like a shit ton of noise so I can't use it for that so I've to use like my stock lens so now I can get better quality Kamiya so down so so without further fucking to do I mean shit like I haven't talked about clothes I mean even in my last video when I went to New York which as fun as I just got back from New York again I was at Fashion Week trying to kind of get some of my stuff out there and whatnot but I had like didn't really buy any clothes last time I was there and to be honest I didn't really buy the clothes it's this time I was there either I pretty much went to the same place that metropolis been displaced icon too but today I'm gonna try to talk about more like the designer ish pieces that I've bought since probably the last time I recorded a video like about clothes sure like some of the stuff I had bought has been sold even in that process and kind of recycled through stuff and I'm just not buying as much because you know trying to start a business I can't really be out here spending money like I was before as much as it was a big balance between buying and then selling to be able to build your wardrobe right now it's kind of like I've kind of sold so much of my good stuff to go towards my business that like my closet kind of lost its luster of being able to be recycled but I'm definitely still buying stuff so I think I have a few things to anything there like two t-shirts two pairs of pants and a pair of shoes so let's get right into that all right so I think I'm going to start off with kind of the more similar pieces which is like the t-shirts I bought which is funny because in reality this first piece I'm gonna be showing is actually the most expensive piece I bought so I think I had talked about it previously was before but one of my favorite desires and still is Jin J he's a Korean designer makes some of the greatest and coolest looking our to wear for men that I've like ever seen like the shapes and everything he almost had to me that boxy bomber look which has always been a thing but like before but not really kind of brought it to the mainstream and like Balenciaga with Domino but without further ado this is shirt right here I got off essence sale it's where it's like the very very beginning I had no patience but it's got this huge print you can see his delicate usually kind of like skull like the head of some dudes like tattoos and shit takes up the whole side and then like the coolest part for me if you can see is like the sleeve also has like another person like printed on it like with like this huge like spiked hair and whatnot and then on the sleeve other sleeve if you have like a regular print it says oh shit it says I am both I think it said that yeah I am both which I think like I didn't think about it too much I just love the design I love the color it's like a super short like boxy or fitness sleeves are very long I love the print I love the color and then I love Jen chieh but what I actually think a lot of this collection is speaking to is like gender and whatnot it's like you know that whole movement that's going on in the world right now which to me is like I'm finally whatever be whatever you want to be I just think it's funny exactly think about before I bought it but I love this shirt I think I paid 170 for this which is one of the most expensive things I've ever bought outside of shoes I don't go too crazy I wait for the prices to go down I couldn't because it was it was starting to sell out and I love this so Jen chieh long sleeve Punk shit yeah all right so the next piece I'm going to be talking about is another t-shirt super big this one's actually pretty big on me and so a brand called faced I don't know like a whole ton about this brand but I've seen pieces floating around grilled and seeing like some of their collections I kept trying to find the name I couldn't I couldn't figure out who liked the exact like designer was but as a Japanese based brand they make like a lot of very like futuristic cuts cool prints like I love like this kind of like digital print that they mix where it's almost kind of like to be it almost I almost saw like the devil but I think it's actually supposed to be like a young person okay but I think this might have been for like a exhibition that they had somewhere in Japan but really love this it fit really well and for grail for face TASM because I like a lot of they have like a lot of cool like prints that they do for shirts that go I kind of can cover a whole sector like these different camouflages but this is only fifty dollars which again and then he sort of Japanese brand I'm sure I've talked about this before like nine and undercover anything anything like that I can totally wear because everything's cut so small so when you can find a good Japanese brand very high quality cotton thick but still has like a lot of like flow to it goodbye $50 thinking about this a few months ago don't wear it as much as I should almost because it is a little bit too big on me but face TASM Japan digital shit bro all right so the next now I'm gonna be getting into the pants which I got two pairs this first pair I bought a while ago it's by Vivienne Westwood I really hope that if you watch my videos you know Vivienne Westwood is but if not she is probably one of the most important designers she's a true historian she was probably one of the founders you know you could say she was the founder of the punk movement along with Melvin McClaren which was for her husband at the time they had started a shop in London where they're pretty much just doing like DIY making their own clothes and then that'd up since Malcolm McLaren if you know anything what the Sex Pistols Michael McLaren was the Sex Pistols manager who some will say the Sex Pistols are kind of the founding movement of punk music I mean there's definitely some like you know like Iggy Pop people like that but they were wearing their clothes and then it turned this huge thing they had their shop and there'd be people just all over the place London throughout that whole punk scene it was all Vivienne Westwood and now she's still designing still she's probably on those forward-thinking designs of all time but regardless this is from their Anglo mania collection they're actually like a weird fit so they're drop crotch trousers is just like a nice but a lot of stretch to this material they have a good drawstring waistband so you can pull this so even if you're like actually because this waist is pretty big it's big for me as well you pull it and it can fit you so these can almost fit anywhere between I say you might even build a squeeze of 34 if you pull it really tight but like for me it fits pretty well it has a back pocket I've only thing that is kind of weird since because it kind of gets tight towards the crotch area even with the drop crotch it can be kind of uncomfortable at times but it's also very cropped and these are actually very skinny as well they're very slim weight baggy or up here but then it's kind of like Rick trousers and they get skinny towards the bottom but these were a great purchase I got these first steal I think these were $70 I got these on eBay actually so vivienne westwood crop skinny drawstring trousers alright so the last piece of like clothing that I'm gonna be showing today it's actually funny so like my one video where I talked about my favorite websites and shit I was like geeks when I came back and with that bitch had like fucking like almost like 20,000 views that shit's insane but while I was recording that video I was on Barneys warehouse calm and I noticed they were selling faith connection which is my favorite brand right now it's super Punk inspired so much like DIY which is he knows a lot of what I'm doing right now so that's a huge inspiration for me I had saw these pants and on my holy shit these are lame at the time it was like $1,800 they were those 1900 retail and they were down to like 450 which is way out of my price range but I checked later cuz I don't remember like exactly what the price was and I looked and they had 20% off and then an additional 20% off which I was like okay this has to be a mistake but it wasn't I bought it and I paid two hundred and twenty dollars for these pants down from 1900 and the next morning Barney's had fixed itself and it was over but these are the pants these things are big on me keep in mind big on me because they're gonna look fucking massive right now but to go even into detail of how amazingly made these pants are I don't even think I could do it enough time but they have these huge pockets as you can see right here that you can zip around I'll show you those unzip them because I had them cuz they're a little loose on me now but like you can unzip them too the pocket to be even wider they have buttons that go around it's almost like an apron in which this piece connects around and then if you want you can fold it up like this which is where it can get a little tighter you can bring it up high like this but like I always wear it folded down because then you can connect if you fold these down so then they can hang over like this and then it has another layer of apron ink or on the front that actually tightens the pants and then a drawstring as well and then the ankle has more patchwork and cornets sort of like a sandblasted wash and I think the ankle you have a button you can make it tighter because these are super tight around the ankle so they're huge up high or getting massive and then at the ankle they're like the tightest pair of pants I have but these right here are the coolest things the coolest anything I've ever bought and by far even if you go to retail which I obviously didn't pay for it the most expensive piece of clothing I own but faith connection is a brand if you don't know anything about please go check it out the prices are really high but with that being said they do get marked down a lot cos being a kind of a newer ish brand it's kind of hard to sell clothes at such a high price point right away so faith connection just the most beautiful just the most beautiful pants ever all right so last but most certainly not least it's a sad moment for me it's not that sad but I don't know if I got talked to like buy one pair of black Marcel boots I have I pretty much shoe wise I'm either rick owens and emile ma soeur Margiela that's pretty much all I wear so I've had a pair of Margiela boots not for two years and they're just beaten up they're kind of starting to get uncomfortable because how much I wear them I mean I wear them five five days a week I'd say if not more and you know I've wanted to get them repaired and whatnot but I just happened to be on eBay again and I saw these bad boys right here another pair of Mars yellow boots and they were only I think I paid 110 now I'm still the fucking dope bro I find the best bag not even to fucking put myself on the spot but I find the best fucking present so 110 dollars these are definitely different than the ones I have the other pair I have are way more narrow at the ankle so these are gonna be a lot more wide almost like a cowboy boot ass but not quite is why this because they don't go as high but if they did they would be they have a strap towards the back heel but it doesn't really feel like it does anything but it looks like there's just the leather that Margiela uses for their boots is fantastic they mold to your feet really well like the first few days I wore these I was dying they hurt and now they just they fit flawlessly I always wear like a 45 when it comes to boots which is like kind of like a US 12 maybe a 46 sometimes if they're a little tighter but these Margiela boots are gorgeous and they're not gonna replace my other ones I still think I'm going to get those repaired because those are like I'm getting older now and like the shit I buy is like the type of stuff I kind of want to wear forever so but added another pair I mean 110 dollars I mean like these were probably like at least twelve thirteen hundred retail these are old – for sure by at least like I say at least pre 2010 maybe around ten years old so Mason Martin Margiela side-zip wide opening boots well that's gonna do it for today's video glad you guys whoever's gonna be watching today thank you for sticking around I know I've been a very inconsistent attempting youtuber but I really enjoy getting to do this it's very cool and you know just to see like that even the response to that one video getting that many views it's like I have like a an audience here that I should be taking advantage of especially trying to start a business and you know as time goes on I'll show you guys more and more what I'm doing but definitely follow me on Instagram make sure you check my Instagram out it's mask underscore Dave where I'm gonna be posting a lot of like the stuff that I'm working on making you know I'm going to start posting we're out fifth pick something super lacking on that don't really know why just I guess haven't felt like having my picture taken but um it's definitely gonna be making more videos and like I don't know if I spoke on it before about what I'm gonna try and do is record multiple videos like on one day so I can kind of just not have to worry about it throughout the week or sometimes I just get stressed like a behind you can make videos but then it's like well I got to make these pants I gotta make this jacket I got to go to work I got to see this person so I'm gonna try and be more consistent I'm not making like crazy promises because it's it's definitely I have a lot on my plate right now but I think I'm gonna try and show some of the stuff I've drifted and I'm gonna almost make bad a thing and maybe even give some more like history lessons and if you guys have any ideas for videos you want to hear from me because I mean I do have a decent knowledge of fashion fashion history and I would love to speak and teach you guys anything so that's it for today we'll be back soon thank you guys for tuning in please


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