Meet the LCF MBA students – Melanie

LCF MBA student Melanie tells us why she chose to study at LCF.

The full-time MBA is focused on the wider global fashion industry and aimed at candidates who have three years experience in the industry, including internships, work experience or those running their own company who wish to upskill and challenge
hi Melanie oh hi how are you good how are you good I wanted to ask you a few questions you have some time yeah of course can you tell us where we are we are at the Oxford Circus campus of London College of Fashion and why is it that you here I am just finishing up a couple emails after class why did you choose to do an MBA I wanted to do an MBA because I wanted to study the fashion industry from a business perspective and why did you choose LCF I chose LCF because it's the best place to study fashion business and it's in London where are you from I'm from Chicago Illinois well MBA unit did you most look forward to I really looked forward to the operations unit because I wanted to learn more about sustainability what was your first job my first job out of college I was an assistant media strategist for McDonald's London or New York London pubs but New York bagels why fashion fashion because it's very exciting and dynamic industry but there are a lot of problems that I would like to help solve what are your top three fashion brands my top three fashion brands are Reformation Chanel and the old Selene what's the most useful fashion publication in the business of fashion pattern or texture texture who is the best designer who has ever lived Alexander McQueen how would you describe London I would describe London as historic but modern at the same time if you could snoop around someone's closet whose clothes it would it be Blake Lively how would you describe yourself I would describe myself as hard-working curious and open-minded what do you miss most about home my dog Pinterest or Instagram Instagram what's your dream brand to work for Stella McCartney who would you like to have a coffee with my best friend Kat in New York where are you off to now Camden Market have fun thanks so much bye

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