Meet Radhika: Fashion Design Intern in Rome

Radhika is an intern in Fashion Design. She tells us about working with leather, crafting everything by hand and what it’s like to work in the fashion capital of the world. What she finds most endearing and beautiful about Italy, she says, is that which inspires and drives her to pursue a career in the industry. Radhika says she is grateful for the practical, hands-on experience and the abundance of newfound knowledge and worldly wisdom.

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ciao hi I'm Rebecca and I'm 25 years old came from India New Delhi and I put my technologist by profession I completed my master's in Footwear technology then I decided to look for an internship for myself sit some research a lot above all internships and eventually came to Rome I think the best part one of the best part about Italy apart from about the Magnificent buildings the beauty and akley alloted what makes at least special is the people you know actually the people get like it's just just so humble and so patient and they're always ready to help you why this city is just so inspiring everywhere you look there's beauty pattern Gigi designs you see the colors you know that's what that was actually one of my mean it needs to come to it you feel inspired motivated through world internships they got me to work undercover cheeky me he's the designer and he does everything like ionizes the time chooses the material and it's just just for me they make everything uses so high quality and everything is done by hand so that makes it even more special yeah I am actually thankful to throw my steak enough finding with this opportunity because I am working really close with the construction part of a sense it gives so I am working at the back each Bank each time I get to work with a lot of different types of leather materials and it's a very good experience because you know you when you get the hands-on experience like practical knowledge it makes a lot of difference because you know how to handle the material so you know I am actually learning so much that I I think I think I can you know go back home and make a bet with my father I feel that much confident now getting international exposure has become so important for you like me learning about different cultures it's not just working outside it's also about knowing about the etiquette at work etiquette and the style of work outside your own country I mean on my battles to come to Italy but with the reason and what better reason to come especially in the footwear field this is a very key a fashion country yeah it influences the entire world when it comes to fashion

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