Meet Olivia from Ottawa, Canada

Meet Olivia Rubens from Ottawa, Canada currently studying MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear at London College of Fashion, UAL. Hear about her experience as a Canadian international student, how she found the move to London and her advice to anyone thinking about applying to UAL.
my name is Olivia Rubens I am a sustainable women's wear designer in the MA fashion design technology women's wear course at the London College of Fashion and I'm from Ottawa Canada through my University I was introduced to Jess kill who it's representative for you al in Canada and she facilitated the whole process so she let me know exactly what kind of forms I needed to send in what they were looking for she met with me to kind of give me some advice or feedback for my applications and then I was able to also sign up for an interview with an academic and he was close with the leader of our course and he was able to give me feedback that was really constructive so made the process much easier and everything much more secure in the sense that like I knew I was handing everything in that they needed even though I was living in Toronto for so long which is a quite a big city in Canada I moved from Canada to London was it was still kind of shocking I mean it's such an amazing city and there's just so much to see and so much to do all the time which can be said a little bit about Toronto but not to the extent obviously that London can offer it's just so rich in history and culture so honestly it was pretty easy to get settled in it was very supportive we had lots of inductions and learning about all the different kind of facilities that this the university offers and all the campuses all the staff that's available tutors here really believe in you everyone does and they do everything that they can to help you achieve your dreams take advantage of all that you al has to offer I've just been tapping all the networks in UIL and I've been able to do so much for myself and my future business so there's just already so many networks and opportunities that you can find just within the school to want you into the real world I I can't even explain how much I've developed as a designer since I've been here and just funny like what my work was before and I just it's um I've grown so much it's just insane and it's not even I'm not even done I'm not even like halfway done so

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