Meet Marcia, BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Find out about Marcia’s experience of studying BA (Hons) Fashion Design at the University of Bedfordshire
marceia Messina and I study fashion design I love fashion and my family live in Bedfordshire so it was going to be easier for me to study with the support of my family so I chose to come to messaging I love to divide I love to create ideas in my head and stick them down on paper so I love designing well there are so many skills I've learned Photoshop Illustrator you know photography taking pictures with darkroom and I think that's going to help me a lot in my field because you know fashion is progressing and now we are designing on social shops were designing an illustrator is no longer just like flowing you know hand drawing but there are more skills to it now so I think I'm going to be able to use those skills in the future what I like the most is the fact that I can work on my own I like space so when I come here I always feel like I'm taken out it like it's like my comfort zone it is a different atmosphere altogether so when I come here I feel like I can explore my ideas I feel like I can grow because I think the creatures especially I think they are very helpful because my own take on I came to university as a mature student I know I look young but you know I didn't have any background of fashion at all but I came because I love fashion and I wanted to do something that I loved so when I came here I didn't know much about fashion but my tutors they were really helpful you know all of them so I would recommend Bedfordshire because of that they made me feel comfortable it made me feel like I could actually do it I wasn't you know sometimes if you don't know something you feel like you're stupid or you feel like they made me comfortable to learn in progress so I recommend good question to anybody because of my tutors even profession department

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