This was so fun to do i feel relaxed painting is kewl. Also i hope you enjoy witnessing one of my most embarrassing moments lol. Comment some fashun type video ideas you guys would want to see!

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Intro by: Alex Koot (Instagram – @alexkootie) HER PORTFOLIO LINK WILL BE HERE SOON!

what's up guys welcome back to my channel you probably are noticing a couple things one I have a new intro my lovely friend Alex made it she's so amazing I will link her down below she's like literally the most creative person so thank you Alex so much I hope you guys liked it and secondly your problem you're probably wondering why I'm in a hotel I just like staycations however today I'm going to be remaking some designer clothes that we've all seen maybe the thing with designer clothes is they're so cute they're just like so overly priced I mean in the end it's all made on the same like hundred percent cotton shirt like for example I have this Gildan shirt right here and I got this for $2.99 from Michaels and this is literally the same brand that Yeezy makes his like what like 900 to 1200 dollars shirts on it's it's ridiculous so I thought why not just make my own designer shirts aside from shirts I'm also gonna be making some shoes I'm gonna make three things two shirts one pair of shoes I'm gonna do Tom Ford Gucci and Fendi so three brands that we've probably heard of before they have amazing designs but they're just not affordable I respect high fashion I really do I see the beauty in it I see the quality behind it I love how every designer has so much history and just so much like personality to it I see it for what it is but let's be real majority of us do not have that paycheck to buy those really expensive shirts so guess I should just get into it so first I'm going to be making this design all seamless shirt before it's probably one of Gucci's like most staple pieces in my eyes especially for like our generation it's probably a cheaper piece so people are still like rocking the Gucci this doesn't go with you at all but like rocking Gucci just like not spending cutbacks you know what I mean so I got some paints and I have probably the same shirt that and I'm just going to try and make this let me pull up my inspo definitely is gonna be more complicated than it looks but like I'm gonna be like to focus I feel like if I really tried I probably could do a lot better at this but the reason I'm not an artist is because I just don't have patience like I have so much respect for artists the fact that you just have to let your paint dry like that's so much patience to me alone fun fact did you guys know that Gucci was around during World War two I thought that was cool too like the brand that's like still so relevant and so successful now it was like big and World War two there's the Gucci who x doing a little are a little too far out but it adds character cool now I'm gonna do like the ribbon with like the little crescent thing now I kind of feel like I should probably do the crescent first just to get it centered and then do the ribbons that's what I'm gonna do oh my gosh this is terrible oh these crescents are gonna be so bad I didn't plan this out a big thing about this that would like make it look so much better so I could do like cleaner lines but these brushes just like aren't good for clean lines now I have to make the big stripes that go on the side this brush should be like the red stripe here you go that went better than I thought no one I just thought of a lot of people think you can only have a good fashion sense if you have money sadly that can be true in some cases if your fashion sense is a expensive taste now I bring that up because I wish we all had to make our own clothes so that the people that had all the money it didn't mean anything it was all about like what you can do your like artistic gift do you know what I mean so then like fashion would become about that rather than like oh yeah like I just have a lot of money I don't think that made any sense but I admire about Gucci so much is that same like totally taken control of this color combo like for example I painted my nails green the other day and they were like this color green I was like this is like Gucci cream okay I think I'm done I'm not mad so this next one isn't like a real shirt that big Gucci one you can actually like buy legitimately but this one I've actually just been wanting to make for a long time so I thought I would make it but it's Tom Ford so on all of Tom's add first name basis yes it's beautiful fun this is so simplistic modern font just like big bold black writing I love font so much yeah I don't think you've ever put it on just like a t-shirt like this I've always looked up to that like font so much and I've always just wanted to paint it on a shirt or put it or print it somehow get it on a shirt and I think it just looks so cool and I'm loving this color yellow lately so thought put two and two together and put Tom Ford on a shirt top floor is really cool too because he like does like movies and stuff like he seriously does it all and Tom Ford is so like like so like sexy with the stuff not him my boyfriend but like like his ads and stuff there were just like sexy all puts them up alike they have so much sex appeal but there's still so classy at the same time I love it finally I don't know what happened forward it got kinda messy could have been worse I was strong with the Tom and then the beginning s was like probably one of my best letters and then the Ord I don't know if I got impatient or my muscles got tired but man okie-doke last and final one we're making some Fendi shoes these are Steve Madden I've had these for probably about a little over a year now they're they're gross I've worn them to festivals they're just it's time for a new pair I do really like them and I'm kind of sad to ruin them I didn't just didn't see the point in buying a pair that I was just gonna ruin anyway cuz I probably wouldn't wear these again after what I'm about to do to them I thought I would just ruin up here that Eddie had so the money that I would have put into the ones that I would have ruined in the first place I'll put those into new ones that I'll actually wear that are just black you know what I mean okay Fendi shoes let's do it the Fendi Monster super iconic for them at least in my world it had more of a boom like about a year ago but it's still really cool and absolutely iconic they have like their backpacks their shirts and hoodies they have so many things with the monster on it these seem pretty simple I mean I also thought Tom 4 would be the simplest one however I don't have yellow I have gold I didn't think about this but maybe if I mix gold would like some white how do you make yellow red and white I have those colors only what was I doing mixing with a gold oh I'm so upset with myself right now I feel like such a weight that makes pink yellow is a primary color oh my I'm so sorry everybody you can unsubscribe now it's kind of cool with the gold instead of the Illume but the yellow definitely pops this is totally giving me OCD I kind of want to like go run to an art store and get a yellow but I'm losing some like baby this just looks like Dijon mustard okay voila could be worse could be better everything is done I did all three I did gucci tom ford and Fendi I'm gonna try them on and show you guys a little old fashion show all right this is cute I don't hate it the Gucci's a little off-center saidar that's not a word center but could have been worse I definitely did not nail their follow up so ever I would say the thing I'm most proud of is the lines pretty even pretty clean I don't hate it could be worse could be better this one I'm really happy about I definitely could have done better but once it's like perfectly dry if I clean up the letters it would be a little bit better go from far away like I'm just like walking down the street or like doing this I think it's kind of cool okay these are terrible I don't know bad choice I did awful they don't even look good I don't know what I can the camera I don't need them on my foot this is uh you know like I tried that was the first super water I had all day I was able to salvage these I wiped it off is still wet here the finished products besides this one I'm pretty proud probably would say that good cheese my favorite just because it's like an actual shirt and I'm like proud of myself for remaking it I mean each paint thing was I think they were like 250 and then each shirt was like $3 so this is also just like a fun thing to do and it was really relaxing mat respect to designers not that they hand create each and every piece like especially like the real shirt of this it's just like mass-produced but if you guys want to see more of these type of videos comment down below what you'd like to see as far as like fashion II kind of things I love this stuff so much it makes me so happy and thumbs up this video if you liked the video and do not forget to subscribe thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next Thursday

28 thoughts on “MAKING DESIGNER CLOTHES! (under $20)”

  1. First of all you draw well but I have slight doubts that you have the right to do this to replicate a product with all rights reserved and if you don't I wouldn't suggest you to show it on YouTube but if it's not so good luck

  2. Pro tip: If you need to write letters or draw a simple design, but don't have transfer paper or steady hands — print it out (with ink on 40% opacity), stick the printout to a piece of cardboard, and cut out the darker parts with an exacto knife. Now you have a stencil that you can use to make clothes quicker and more precise.

  3. Are you having a laugh? from far away this looks cool? hahahahahaha!!!! you could not even be bothered to stencil it….or even spray paint the lettering….shit an iron on self made label would have worked!!

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