Luxury Birthday Haul! Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Givenchy, Prada, Versace, Giuseppe Zanotti

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hey what's up guys so my birthday was last week and I wanted to make a quick video showing you some of the highlights of what I got this is my first haul type video so you're gonna see an unboxing from December Sonata Versace Givenchy Prada findi and Louboutin I'm going to try not to make it too long so let's jump in and get started I have two things from Fendi so let's get started with the big one first inside we have a finis envelope inside that we have the Fendi information card we also have another envelope that has the authenticity cards this product does have real fur in it so it tells you the kind of fur and the source origin here is our finis tusk bag open that up to reveal the black fox for a monster bag charm this is real black bag fox fur it is a leather body it's pretty squishy it feels like it's got cotton inside it is a textured black leather face with yellow leather eyes it's on maybe a two or three inch long calf leather strap there is silver hardware here it reads findi it has a key clasp it has a bar with a blue protective film on it that also reads Fendi on the back if you can see it says Made in Italy it has the tag attached it says Fendi Roma on the inside it's got the authenticity tag with the foil sticker there are tons of reviews of these things they come in all different shapes colors and styles they're great for decorating handbag a piece of luggage I'm probably gonna throw mine on a backpack you can also just use it as a really big obnoxious keychain and I believe these retail for either 600 or 650 depending on where you get it from so we're going to put that back and move on to our second finding box this one has a magnetic closure you just pop it up inside we have a suede feeling cloth that reads Fendi Roma we open both sides here is our tag it is pretty much the same as the one from the monster bag charm there is our foil authenticity sticker and this is the leather wraparound reversible monster bracelet it is a long piece of leather as you can see there it has to push button clasps you wrap it around your wrist twice and snap it here with the buttons it has the monster eyes on two metal sliders that you can move any way you want it's a simple silver charm that has a black and yellow lay in it here is the white and black and also on the side it reads Fendi Roma there are two sizes so it is adjustable here is the outside box for the bracelet it comes from essence calm and it retails for 450 all right now that we've got our finding out of the way let's move on to Louie Vuitton this is the first piece I've got with the new packaging the orange bag with the blue cotton handles inside is the tiny drawer box or de lavit on and black open that up here's our duster and inside is our roll tour bag charm and keychain they have a lot of pieces in this limited edition collection they have bags key paws luggage suitcases there's only three bag charms this is one of them it reads Louboutin on top Miami on the bottom where I'm from it's got a pinky red leather background on the bottom it says Louboutin Paris made in Italy it's all black leather on the front all glazed in black on the side it has all gold hardware including the signature Louboutin clasp and then it has the keyring the item code for this is m6 three two zero zero and the date code looks like it says CX zero one nine six so this piece was made in the ninth week of 2016 it measures three inches across and it's 290 dollars in the US so putting that away let's move on to this from Versace it's a simple purse a chi scarf the Medusa head and black and gold on one side on the other side it's basically just flipped like this it's sort of like a goldish tan color so it's pretty neutral which I really like checking out the tag it simply says Versace here Gianni Versace I believe it's made in Italy here is the Hang tag I've actually never owned a scarf because I've lived in Florida all my life but I saw this on the website a couple of months ago I really wanted it so I'm glad I got it it feels really warm it's a cashmere blend it's super long and I believe it retailed for around 300 ok moving on to our final three pieces first let's start with this one from Barneys it is a product medium zip nylon pouch in camouflage it's about 9 inches long and 5 inches high it has the Prada tag on the front with a leather backing here's our Barney's tag taking the paper off the zipper it says product Milano there if we go inside take out the tissue Prada a lotto tag on the back here is our Prada envelope it comes with the authenticity card it has a made in Italy tag on the seam I believe it was 350 and I think it also comes in other colors but it actually matches something that we have in this box which I'll show you at the very end my next gift came from Luisa Via Roma calm which is one of my favourite websites they are an Italian based company that sells all kinds of luxury goods it came in the white tissue paper with a bow of their ribbon on it and inside is the Givenchy army skullcap this line has been part of Giovanni's collection for a while now I'm really a huge fan of the Givenchy font up there I think that looks on a futuristic and cool I like the skull with the army military theme I like the colours on it it is fully adjustable in the back the inside tag reads Givenchy Paris I'm not sure if it's a large or if it's a one size fits all because it is a snapback here's the little Givenchy tag that comes with most of their things inside you can open it I think it's got like the authenticity card some care information here is the product information card I believe this piece retailed for 399 when it first came out and that takes care of that right now this last gift was probably my favorite it matches back to the product outs we just saw a minute ago it's from Giuseppe Zanotti which is my favorite shoe designer inside the box is the signature dust bag here is the tissue and inside we have the Giuseppe Zanotti camouflage double zipper high-top I am obsessed with these shoes they are a Neiman Marcus exclusive I typically wear an Italian 46 which is a 13 in the US but whenever I wear these double zippers because they have these extra sheets of leather that sort of close inside it ends up making the shoe snugger so I have to go for a 47 which is a US 14 the laces on these shoes are just for looks so you do have to make sure you get your size you can't tighten or loosen them at all they have the signature sawtooth on the sole on the bottom there's just sepia signature as well as the 47 made in Italy on the inside again is the signature and silver metallic they're super easy to get in and out of all you have to do is unzip the inside zipper zip them up on you're all set if we're going to go for a style of giuseppe's that have the double zipper I would recommend maybe going a size or a half size down but I do like that they're comfortable they are neutral and they also match back to the product camouflage here is the size here is the item information the item number they do retail for 695 and as I said they are a Neiman's exclusive so that does it for this video guys I hope you had fun I can't wait till Christmas I will be doing an unboxing haul video for that as well make sure you click here to subscribe so you don't miss that video follow me on Facebook Instagram Twitter and snapchat at Mitchell wigs and until my next video I'll see you next time

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  1. Im not trying to be a hater with this comment, I love looking fresh copping designer shit too… When i can afford it. But why make a video showing it all to the world, it just seems vein and pretentious. But thats just me.I was going to say who really gives a shit about this type of thing but i guess 29,221 views shows at least that many people do lol, I somehow started with drag racing and tuner car videos and ended up here… At least you have good taste

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