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why do you have a head wrap on why it was Lusaka July with the theme of the 21st century garden not 21st century coloring book hey guys welcome back to my channel welcome to my channel if you're new here hi my name's Natalja and I create YouTube content for your viewing pleasure okay so for today's video I am doing a best and worst just the suckage Alive video I know I'm like so late to the party like I'm super late I was literally thinking like is it even worth doing this video but then I figured why not we're still in July so it's kind of still relevant so yeah um all the second the sounds gonna say I don't know most of these people I just like saved photos and stuff so if I offend your fave my bad if I offend you watching my bad but I'm just judging based off of the fit and my perspective so yeah I said what I said period so yeah without further ado let's just get right into this don't forget to thumbs it up share it with somebody and subscribe enjoy okay so these photos are in no particular order I was just saving a bunch of them and yeah I probably missed out a few good ones or a few bad ones but I'll just judge based on what I have on my phone right now so yeah let's just start just to add something you guys the theme for Lusaka July this year was 21st century garden so that meant very floral colorful yeah garden whatever you find in a garden so yeah the first photo is this one and I actually didn't know who this was but from said Twitter I found out her name's Natasha and she's wearing this like really floral number I really liked her outfit I really liked it like I didn't fault it and she actually won best dress it was just really classy that's how I described it really classy definitely an A+ you go girl next I don't know how to pronounce her name so excuse me if I'm wrong but I always say Natasha Vendela I don't know if it's correct anyway sis came to kill okay sis came to slay I really really really love her outfit and just like her makeup she's just really pretty as well and she's that like really nice chocolate not I'm saying so this all just really went well for her and for me who was looking yeah she definitely got the theme on point moving on we have chef en his missus or his madam soon to be mrs. okay um I really loved their combo I love love loved her dress like the floral pattern the material looked really silky satiny I loved her hair her jewelry just her makeup like I loved everything and on him I loved the little accents like the little you know coordination like the bowtie the little flowers and they probably have a name I don't know the only thing that I wish was different was his suit I feel like his suit should have been tailored like to fit him properly that's it cuz it looked a bit baggy but besides that they looked really really good next photo is miss Shania this was not a 21st century garden sis like he looked good but it was not on theme so next Vanilla's daddy okay this man can do no wrong I think he looked so good like give us give us like he looked so good even though the print wasn't like floral and stuff the yellow is definitely you know garden like it went with it and it just looked so good on him and what else yeah like I love the kicks like Air Force Ones you can do no wrong it there for his lens like he just looked so good ten out of ten next I don't know who this chick give but she wore this white ball skirt I guess it is a skirt him but uh yeah this white skirt with like sunflowers on the back and a bra this war bra hold on I thought it was a bralette but no it's just actually wore a bra hold on I have a front-facing photo yeah she definitely wore bra okay love this outfit the only thing I would have changed is the bra like don't go wearing a bra like wear a bralette you know it would have been a bit more I want to say appropriate I don't know what the word is but I just feel like it would have been better cuz in this photo you even see the little label sticking out no no yeah okay next we have miss candy Matthews she is such a fashionista I always loved her outfits and I just love her sense of fashion her waist is QTE okay um she looked really good I just wish she would have done more cuz I I know she's capable you know like this was really like simple is really nice but I just feel like she should it you know like she can do so much and I just feel like she should have done more yeah but I loved what she wore next photo is Miss mahkum gala this she got Soros on Twitter like I saw means it was so funny but I loved the dress like when you crop it like this amazing when you look at the full photo it's like why do you have a head wrap on why tell me why sis why would you kill the outfit with the frickin head wrap I was so mad when I saw this I'm like the outfit like the dress was just so beautiful like it's actually so nice like I loved everything about it the one shoulder thing that like and then the freaking to tambala why would you put like she could have had like a cube bob wig or something just not the damn head wrap oh yeah the head wrap just killed the whole outfit all together so cancelled next we have Roberto and his Madame so I couldn't see she was you know Lusaka July dressed but he just kind of looked like he was accompanying her this actually reminded me of Kim and Kanye at the Met Gala like Kanye just went dressed in all Dickies so Kim could stand out I don't know if that's what they were going for but that's what this game like it gave me those vibes you know he's just like oh I'm gonna dress down so that you can shine I hope that's what they were going for if I'm wrong that would suck but I really hope that's what they were going for because he just looked really just down like I mean I was still a bit class it was like smart casual to me while she was like you know all fancy but yeah they looked good together I just don't like that he dressed down because and I just feel like you should have done one they look good together so yeah I feel like they could have pulled something off together like a matching sort of matching couple outfit like Chevy and his lady did but hey you never know so yeah next we have miss Ruth Ronnie this came in this I don't know what color this is it's kind of like off-white I don't know greyish suntan going on this was actually really nice I didn't see this fit like the day of because I only saw what you wore when she posted her photos on Instagram and I loved how daring she was with her outfit like the whole headpiece thing like that was really nice the hair yeah what not like I just loved the whole vibe that was going on the only thing I would have changed Ruth and I know you watch my videos so was the colour of your eyebrows like they worked bye I don't know I just feel like they should have been another color I don't know what color don't ask me but something else maybe not black because I get you're trying to be you know different but not that color I just don't know what color would have worked out has to like come and like try different colors but kudos for effort and for going outside of the box because I really really really loved this outfit next we have yeah this looks like it looks like she just like got her mother's curtain and like wrapped it around and was like well I was like in July here I come I'm sorry for laughing so hard but like like no no oh yay no next we have mr. Massa Lonnie okay so max or this really floral bright jacket and all black at the bottom I like this outfit yes I liked it the only thing I would have changed about it is the white shirt that he wore inside I would have worn what I well if I were styling him I would have made him wear around NIC shirt and not a collared shirt because it was kind of clashing with like the roundish neck of the Blazer or the yeah jacket so yeah but he looked pretty good next we have this fit I'm not sure if this was like a proper runway outfit or if it was like an outfit outfit I'm not sure but I liked it a lot I liked the black with the accents of the flowers and moving on we have Mumbai Hachi yah-tchi I really really liked his outfit like yes he came with the pastels flowers like yes the only thing I would have changed about this outfit was the shoes I don't know what shoes I would have put on him but I just felt like the black was too black considering the color palette that was already going on I was like really soft and subtle and you just have like dark you know so I would have changed the shoes otherwise I give this echo like gonna 8 out of 10 you know yeah moving on we have Cooney I feel like Cooney wears the same things all the time like he has such a good fashion sense but I feel like when it comes to such like events and so he just wears the same things all the time just different color and yeah I just wish she would have done more honestly I know he's capable so yeah I was kind of bored next I know who these girls are but they definitely did something I mean they did something I don't know what they did but they did something just on the right side looking like she went to those like bridal shops and come while or something I was like ASAP help me out and then sits on the left is like oh I got this I've been planning this out you know so basically I like the left outfit better than the right outfit I don't know just too much ruffles going on yeah next I don't know who this is either but I really wasn't digging this outfit really like okay nice flower crown and stuff but the actual outfit is like oh I have Lusaka July at 4 p.m. and circus at 6 p.m. you know them drapey things they use of the circus yeah that's Ocean Beth what's looks like so yikes next we have bgz in the hizzy okay no all right I really like his outfit I actually really like it it's simple he had the flowers going on on the inside the Blazer is really nice can't fault him really it was simple he was deejaying so like why am I being abandoned this lady looked really nice I really really liked this outfit like she just looked so elegant so classy so chic yes coat give it to me yet alright this next one this looks like Natasha Vander Ma's outfit gone wrong like I don't even know if I see what this was trying to do but it just did not work so no next we have my good sis on the floor I don't know why shows on the floor but do you boo I don't have any more words so yeah now my other good sis over here came dressed as a watermelon I think this is we got the ruffles and the black in there or maybe that was a black inside like her in her top and then we have the outer shell the green going on and the guardian's all watermelon in my garden next we have now we have my good sis monkey queen beep ahh this woman can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to fashion I don't care if you were talking about like she she killed the whole a 21st century garden like she was all dark but like do you see there spiders in the garden is there not their soil in the garden is there not this this came to slay okay she was not playing against a child she wasn't she just looked so damn good I was like yes go off yes I loved her outfit so much you guys like yes the only thing actually would have preferred the dress without the lace oh excuse me without the lace underneath but then I know that when she sits yeah I was gonna be too short and fright but still slayed it she freaking slayed next is the celebrity guest actually don't know who the celebrity guest it like I don't know her name don't don't come for me I don't know who she is but I loved her outfit but it wasn't on theme like it really just it's not the Grammys as Lusaka July with the garden theme it's not the Grammys so yeah alright so next up we have another couple I really like her dress I love how elegant it is simple I don't like his fit I don't know what it is it just looks a bit I don't you know I don't know what it looks like it just just doesn't tickle my fancy okay yeah next we have I think her name's Ferrari I'm not sure but her blog is according to flow and she slayed like she honestly looked so good I love the leg out the melon and popping yes this you did the thing next we have this couple I guess again this was an orange man's was them black and white um I really didn't know how to feel about okay I'll focus on her he okay I don't really know how to feel about how outfit but I love that she was so daring with her hair like this was really nice like the hair I was like kudos you know like yeah cool then the outfit I'm really not sure how I felt about it I'm still not sure how I feel about it so y'all let me know in the comments what y'all think about it yeah next we have miss mercy MOOC Ouisa she looked really cute yeah like she looked cute but I just wish the dress was like longer I wish it had like a train you know they would have just given me like these like I don't know fairytales sexy I don't know vibes so yeah I just wish the dress was longer in a head of tail otherwise she looked good next we have the evil stepsisters from Cinderella because this is giving me really Cinderella Disney mystical vibes which I did not like so yeah sorry next we have the guys again I don't know what the guy on the right is but I know the guy on the left is a stylist his name's Harris I believe I'm not sure I think named Harris and I was really disappointed when I saw this because I'm like he's a whole stylist he coulda stabbed himself but he did it like it's just I love the blue but like where's the sauce no juice no sauce no nothing like I was like bored like literally bored like come on anyway we move over here my good sis was ready for marriage you know I'm saying like she was ready to get married it wasn't a soccer July it was her wedding ceremony like she was practicing she was probably ready to find a husband there and just like practice you know cuz she was not playing games like this was like oh my crush is gonna be there I'm showing up in a wedding dress let him know what I'm about hey kudos to you girl show them next I have a photo of masu again and when go who's a blogger and they looked good I already gave you guys my opinions on masters outfit when go on the other hand looked good he looked clean but I just feel like he didn't um go with the theme like it's just like any other regular you know outfit I wasn't really giving me Garden vibes so yeah next we have this I guess they're a couple in this cheating game mess going on I want to say it was Lusaka July with the theme of the 21st century garden not 21st century coloring book I rest my case and the very last one I'm going to show y'all is mr. Peter ones how gay he came in the name of slay he came in the name of dapper he came in the name of I am playing with y'all okay he looked so good like he looked so dapper and I have nothing bad to say about this outfit it was 11 out of 10 amazing alright so that's pretty much it for this video I think my best dressed female was Chevy's girlfriend I don't know her name I will try to do my research but yeah Chevy's girlfriend see right here was definitely my best dressed female and my best just male has to be Bobby East vanilla daddy yeah so that's all thank you so much for watching I hope you like this video even though yeah it's come so late but yeah I'm no fashion guru I'm no fashion stylist just my opinions okay I said what I said and whatever it does Odion says I said what I said period don't come for me alright I'm being annoying now see you guys next time

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