London Fashion Designers – Yull Shoes

London Fashion Designers series – Wears London (Amanda Hancox and Theodora Alexandra Luca) chatting with Sarah Watkinson-Yull, founder and designer of Yull Shoes.
Filmed and edited by LondonVideoStories (Mihai Andrei).

The “London Fashion Designers” series brings you video interviews with the amazing fashion designers that joined our Wears London community. They’re talented, very creative and yes, absolutely fabulous! We truly believe the world should see their creations, as we know how hard it is for any emerging artists to breakthrough into the London fashion cluster.

Wears London plans to be more than an online marketplace, namely to provide a really strong community of designers who can work together and share resources. We’re also looking to help solving some of the issues around sourcing materials and encourage UK manufacturing, whilst help good trainees to grow their brand and hold fashion shows for up-and-coming London designers.

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I always want to start my own shoe company and when I was studying fashion in London I did or won't find a million products around students and then I worked for any X and your one-stop my shoe company saved up enough money start the business I got a loan from the Prince's Trust set up manufacturing in the UK and so you're all is one of the only independent manufacturing high heels and Britain so I sent online at West London and also at yoga / UK I don't like choose the sort of change with the fashion I think it's really good to have a staple pair of shoes so that's like the ethos behind the grounders like styling fashion so you can buy a pair of your machines and then you'll be able to wear none from season to season something that would last forever I guess dressing myself at home would love to that first step and I'm gonna went to study fashion in 2008 I guess that must like biggest and stuff then obviously working in shops as well for about 80 50 onwards I just see that's the worst thing not to have a home and I think that people need lots of house for that because imagine having a home from another your place to call home just local so I think it's a really great charity to support I've always loved London and the brand is very true to its roots it's very British so obviously love this place and be well they're all very quite plastic things you can keep wearing from seeing the season and I think these are quite 1918 65 people say this is to be an issue and it's got a block heel and then each of my so you've got a union flag on the bottom this is like a real signature to have nothing color to Eric at sea sort of like mixing different colors of the salad shooter like this is a win 2-1 and it's got a rubber sole which i think is really good for the winter stretch TV UK home photos from 8-11 of that I think rubber google rain we get what we really need and make assumption leather and extra padding signs well as well as she's at a made in England I source materials myself to live inside a dream you the main challenges are obviously light requires deaths at the moment so sales is always quite a challenge getting into boutiques is always a big challenge it's really difficult to exims take on the brand so new in Europe I've done quite well because they quite excited by a new think that any member of its down the commission that takes a while to come so that's always a massive challenge and also I quite a lot of Independence proposing which is really really sad so that's quite a challenge so you can get a stockist there's no there's no saying it might be around just much longer which is yet to be really upsetting but when you hear from customers cameras in love with shoes that's always really good because obviously line in business to please customers and without customers young boy business they also could have gotten a customer's always believe in yourself and don't give up and we would always say to need like if it was easy than everyone what we're doing it so it's not going to be I mean a lots of comfort into the fashion industry that's how it is it's survival of the fittest Judy my dreams

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