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me too okay back to my Channel today I'm gonna be babysitting Nicolette she's my little cousin she's 11 years old I feel like little kids nowadays are just like so grown up and so much more mature and technologically advanced than like when I was a kid when I was a kid I used to go inside and play with my friends you're a basketball a hopscotch is something now kids are just inside on their iPads playing for days it's know what you're doing right now though yeah no but seriously like they're not living the child life anyway I'm gonna pick a rather prison right now from school and don't forget to hit that like win if you are excited for this video let's do it from school how she gets out at 2:40 and it is three o'clock nice job Caleb we're late you know the reason why we're late is because of Caleb no we had it from the intro the bathroom ten minutes we're already late we might as well be morally we can't go get food so please not mad though you get bad she's gonna kill us forget time mom I'll be back I don't know 25 minutes late that was Caleb's fault Caleb was the one in the bath and for literally 10 minutes put a shotgun are you sitting up front sorry Caleb yeah I got to go back he called it I can't believe this man I love to the back nicholette shotgun how was school Nicolette all right well what do you want to do first thing well I've been craving Starbucks let's go to Starbucks you want to hold the vlog camera okay guys so we're heading to Starbuck and I'm going to get a mango dragon fruit refresher with coconut milk and last week and I when they put almond milk in it instead of coconut and I was really mad and I made them make me a new tree you made him make you a new drink yeah we'll see if they make it right this time if they don't what do you make it again make it again I get at all mango giant super friendly coconut milk okay all right they better get it right this time right Nicolette all right that we got our drink the Collette did they do it right no I was gonna turn around oh yes we are why is that I want to get that bomb bombs ha Caleb how you like my slippers um I don't know Nicolette what do you think Oh Collette look your favorite fidgets spinners oh my gosh that's like so lot here bread the glut but we should get this in pairs I could never do anything right I feel like I'm more childish than Nicollet just the guy you have crushed it the guys who have a crush on this guy i'ma tell him I'm his home hey uh my cousin has a crush on you Victor Lee I told him Caleb yeah so Nicolette you fell your bath bombs right perfect I think we should go like kind of clothes shopping for you what do you think you like this Caitlyn should we make to try this on I'll try it on okay here she all right what about this Oh Nicolette this one right here yeah she's saying no to everything Caleb wait this is cool come on looks good look look let's put on come on put on I don't think Brett understands like I don't shop here like that is oh I like that come on Nik electric no no with you laughs come on move this thing look it goes opposite way look at that you can draw on it so we spelled the club name in this shirt so now she has to buy it what are you doing it's so warm I look like Santa Claus over it is in that warm it's pretty Wars too hard to shop for I quit let just buy the bath bombs and get out of here okay so we are back we can just like go get some I could just drive Meghan lavender we into goober okay so we just parked and making let's see someone over there on the bench she doesn't like from the car oh my gosh she's actually go talk to her oh well she looks nervous oh my god she's leaving yeah I go back together stole her man back okay well it's your last another two days that's yeah guys let's go get some food I said we're getting lunch now Nicolette is no longer single it's like that easy for me to get a girlfriend me too so we just finished lunch and now we're at the park we're gonna go and have some fun right Nicolette ready Caleb I'm ready let's do it I call the right swing wait Nicolette what are you doing over there dick wet come play with this in the sleep part time all right so now we're leaving the park wasn't really into that so we're going to this video I hope you enjoyed it if you think I'm a good babysitter hit that like button or I do you think he's a bad babysitter hit that like wait now they're gonna know what the route is they hit that like funny what you think let me jump on the bed I actually did it's a grinding leg press make sure you subscribe to my channel if you haven't already so you can see more videos I post every single week all my social meetings are gonna be down below and thank you so much for watching I will see you guys next week adios amigos I love birds how are you guys oh are you gonna share it with your little milkshake there

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