Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013

Music fans love knowing about bands that no one has ever heard of. So we went to Coachella and asked people what they thought about a bunch of bands that don’t exist. We made them all up but that didn’t stop people from pretending they knew them.

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Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013

one more thing the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival wrapped up yesterday it's a huge concert goes over two weekends down the middle of the California desert more than 60 bands played at Coachella this year some of the big bands some not so big some up-and-coming bands and music fans in general love knowing about bands that no one else has ever heard of so we decided to conduct in his experiment we sent a camera crew to Coachella we asked people walking into the venue what they thought of a bunch of bands whose names we made up okay these bands are so obscure that they do not exist except for one name you'll hear here we made all of them up but that didn't stop people from saying they knew them in tonight's special Coachella edition of lie witness news one of my favorite bands this year is dr. Shlomo and the GI clinic yeah they're amazing yeah they're always amazing yeah he's really good on the flexing yeah I'm really excited to see them live I think that's gonna be one of the bands it's gonna be a really great light highlight yeah did I see them when they played at Lollapalooza no I didn't I'm so mad I'm so mad have you heard of shorty gisle in the plumber' crud yep what do you like about them like how raw they are yeah they're I mean they're really unique for sure they feel a little bit like a combination between like Bob Dylan and like a polka band yeah um are you guys as excited as I am about the obesity epidemic I just I just like their whole style like their whole genre which is great they're kind of like very like innovative and they're new there's some smaller bands that are playing two door cinema Club yeah I'm looking forward to yeah yeah yeah do you like her their album DJ cornmeal yeah actually I had a radio show on a community radio station up in Canada and I used to spin them all the time oh wow okay great yeah one of my favorite bands this year is called get the out of my pool yeah actually that I've heard from my friends I don't know anything use ik wood I've heard my friends that it's not something amiss so I'm not gonna miss it one of my favorite things today straight out of Williamsburg the Chelsea Clinton's oh yeah I have heard of them actually no yeah I don't have a messy amor not but I do know of their music what did you hear about them there's fun what's fun about the Chelsea Clinton's I think they just give off good energy yeah you know and you can just tell that they're doing it from a good place and it's like it's and it could just feel energy I feel and there's very few acts that like give you that feeling did you know that Coachella is actually the American Indian word for dumb white guy really it's Coachella 2013 well uh are you guys excited to Regis and the Sylvan very excited

39 thoughts on “Lie Witness News – Coachella 2013”

  1. its fake guys. the reporter asks about a real band and the answers actually match, but in editing they mute the voice of the interviewer and put on a different question. she's not bringing the mic to her mouth to ask the question, yet her voice is perfectly loud and clear.

  2. Fake. Only the microphone is in the shot with the person being interviewed, so they can dub the question over in post production. In other cases, the person is in on the joke to be on national television.

  3. To the comment section:
    THE TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB ALBUM SHE SAID IS NOT REAL, damn, I’m not even a TDCC fan and I could tell by the way she said it it was a dumbass made up album title to see if he would be like β€œthat’s not an album of theirs.”

  4. Obesity epidemic ????? Good lord. DJ CORNMEAL. How does the reporter not laugh while these people lie and try to act like yeah, I heard about that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Proof that Coachella is an absolute joke and a place for people who feel they're musically cultured because they attended the event having very little clue as to who most of these bands are and rather fill their InstaCRAP with selfies while high on who knows what.

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  7. Too funny. Now thats what kimmel needs to stick with AND forget getting serious…its just not you. So abandon anything of political in nature . THIS WAS FUNNY! EVEN THOUGH IM CAN ALMOST BET THIS WAS A PLANNED OUT SKIT

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