L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance Review

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now say and welcome back to another video today I'll be reviewing a fragrance from the house off via sale it's known as lone parfum intense this fragrance was launched in the year 2013 as a flanker to the original loan which by the way was launched back in 2006 there are two perfumers for this fragrance the first is on Flippa the second is the beloved Dominique rupee on it's available in two main sizes 60 and 100 mil and you could buy this in your local Sephora macy's dillard's or if you want to save money online the moment you spray this fragrance on you get this really sweet fruity bubblegum type of a scent and those cannot expect it because quite honestly I was expecting it to be low but with a lot more depth and a lot more intensity nope the scent remains to be sweet and fruity and bubblegum ish for almost 45 minutes to an hour after which I see a small spark off loan DNA pop out into the open it's that amber real card mixed in with some florals and some woody notes in the background trying to put out that slightly spicy fresh ginger type of vibe that alone brings to the table do keep in mind that at this point the scent still retains that sweet fruity bubblegum nature but it's slowly starting to show the signs of the original it's almost like the sense trying to tell us hey I actually am a finder the good news is that almost two hours later is where the lone part of this fragrance slowly starts to stick its head out a little bit more and is a little bit better perceivable by the nose the bad news it is still sweet still fruity still bubblegummy ultimately the scent dries down into this sweet and fruity loam that's it end of story so when vile really named this fragrance part from intense they were really referring to the intense sweetness there's nothing wrong with the sweet fragrance really but the fact that they would call this a lone part from intense and then turn it into a totally different scent is it's a little disappointing I know I should probably already get used to these designers and their flankers which have nothing to do with the original oh you know what they should call this by the way they should actually call the scent leg our song not loan late Garcon the boy I'm gonna raid the scent of leg arson at a7 longevity gets a 6 out of 10 that's because this fragrance doesn't last a tick over 5 hours on my skin talk about power thumb protection gets a 4 out of 10 that's because this fragrance doesn't protect for more than an hour off my skin within the first hour it has about a moderate range of projection after which it gets really close to my skin and almost turns into a skin scent versatility with respect to seasons gets a 7 out of 10 and that's because this fragrance in my opinion is a cooler weather fragrance and so for that reason I would more likely reach out for this in the fall and winter that in the spring and summer so 7 is a good score versatility with respect to occasions I'm going to give this a 6 out of 10 that's because I can see myself wearing this fragrance casually definitely to the club's because the scent itself is just screaming clubbing the performance is definitely not clubbing worthy but the scent is very much clubbing worthy so all you have to do is take a small travel atomizer with you and spray yourself every couple of hours you know if you want to smell like this then you have to do that also I would sometimes wear this to work just because people won't be able to smell me as much I don't want people at work to smell me when I'm wearing this just because I don't want to smell like an intern out of high school this has a very boyish attitude to it call them a factor in my world I got zero compliments with this fragrance on and that's probably because people can hardly smell me when I have this on if you get compliments all the time you are really lucky I just did not get any so my overall rating of lone parfum intense from the House of bias Elle is a six point five out of ten in all honesty in my personal opinion I don't think the name parfum intense was apt for the scent itself and that's because if you take the original loan it had more of a formal vibe to it and then this fragrance comes along it's completely on the other side of the spectrum because it has a very playful very boyish kind of a vibe again the set itself is not all that bad it's only the name of the fragrance that's really bugging me but that's okay I'm gonna stop my rant right now because it's not gonna matter the designer houses will do what they please to do so guys that was my review of lone parfum intents from the house of fire cell if you like this review please like comment and subscribe also do let me know what your thoughts are about this fragrance in case you've used this in the past that's it for me for now show Korea for watching take care until next time adios

24 thoughts on “L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance Review”

  1. No sure I agree with your review Stewie. I think it is solid and bring more depth and longevity to l’homme. I have both and I can attest to it. Solid flanker it might even be a better choice for date night than the original.

  2. This is honestly a shocking review for me. This is one of my signature scents and I get the absolute most compliments when I wear it. One friend tells me I smell rich when I wear it lol. I don’t see the bubble gum part of the scent you keep referring to.m; however, I understand the sweet scent. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a “boy” scent. I would say it’s extremely versatile. Good for any and all occasions. It also lasts all day on me. I’ve never had a negative comment on the scent. I appreciate your review! Just wanted to inform other viewers my thought on how this does last for hours and is a great classy go-to that most others don’t have, which makes for a great signature

  3. Really nice review… I bought this a few years ago, I barely spray it but started to use it again this fall/winter. I didn't realize it was a winter scent when I first bought it… I like the scent, it's definitely bubblegum boozy amber smelling. I'll probably wear it a lot this winter just to use it up, I only bought the 2 travel sprays.

  4. couldn't disagree more with your review. smells amazing, gets tons of comliments (also acording to other reviews, and even comments here), and is a perfect office fragrance. what's wrong with your nose?? 😉

  5. Have to disagree. This is by far the best flanker since la nuit. While it doesn’t quite reach la nuit status, it’s still a worthy blind buy. An amped up version of lhomme that doesn’t scream in your face. Perfect for dates. Sits close to the skin and has to be discovered on you. I like this one.

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